Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Did You Miss Me?

Hello! I have been out of town on a business trip. The travel wasn't that hard, the work we did on the trip wasn't that difficult, but spending 18 hours a day with coworkers gets old quickly. Even though they were nice coworkers and the trip was relatively fun, I am not used to being on my best behavior for 48+ straight hours.

So where did we go? I think this picture really explains it all.

What? That doesn't help? According to the reception people at the hotel, that is a view of the Arch. I went out onto the balcony and leaned precariously in all different directions, but I am pretty sure that the Arch cannot be seen from my room. Yes, even in the daylight.

And yet, I was able to survive a room with an Arch-less view. Our hotel was pretty swanky.

Growing up, my parents actually had a phone like this in the master bathroom. I hope they never used it though.

Anyway, it was actually a swanky hotel.

So swanky that the directions to use the freaking alarm clock were a whole page long.

I was able to set the alarm clock the first day, but after that, I had to get a wake up call because it was really too complicated for me.

And I will leave you with a swanky picture of myself in the swanky hotel room in my swanky pajamas.

(Blurry is the new swanky.)


digital janitor said...

That is quite swank. The true test of a swanky hotel is the bedsheets. How were they? I prefer Frette sheets myself.

Have fun at the game on Friday!

Sarah said...

I wish I got to stay in such a swanky hotel when I traveled from work. My hotel is so UN-swank that the directions to set the alarm are actually printed on the alarm clock. I will have to talk to work about this.

3carnations said...

For those calls that can't wait until you're done on the potty. I've heard coworkers on their cell phones in the bathroom here...

Sparkling Cipher said...

Gosh, I hope they use antibacterial spray and clean those phones very carefully very often. They say that flushing with the lid up sends tiny particles of...matter...shooting into the air to rest on objects up to six feet away. And this is something you're supposed to put against your face....

Is there something I don't know? Yours is the third blog this week where I've read of a trip to St. Louis.

Galoot said...

Next time you hit St. Louis, catch a show at Mississippi Nights. Great venue for very good music.

Lawyerish said...

That photo of the "view" is hilarious.

Don't you love staying in nice hotels as an adult? You can order room service and raid the minibar, both of which were verboten whenever my family traveled as I was growing up. Now, I'm all, $12 cashews? Why not!

PreppyGirl said...

Love it. Did you get to go to Blueberry Hill?

Hotels are fun as long as you don't have to share with a co-worker. That can get interesting.

Welcome back!

Stinkypaw said...

Of course I missed you! So we were off having fun and playing swank? Nice! Glad to read that despite the nice coworkers you did enjoy your swank stay at the hotel. Hotels are fun! Especially the swanky ones!

schneids said...

I think the hotel meant that it has a view of the "arches" meaning McDonald's. Nothing says swanky like McD's!

Good to have you back where you belong!

LC said...

Ahh the RC. I agree regarding Frette sheets. They are fabulous.

And it is a swanky hotel. I got to stay in the Washington, DC once and got to see Jackie Kennedy's wedding dress!


Yez said...

I loved the Swank Suites vista so much tha I clicked on it to enlarge it, and after admiring the multiple transparent moons in assorted sizes, I attempted to connect the dots.

Archlike, in an abstract (swank!) kind of way :>

Yez said...

I loved the Swank Suites vista so much tha...T I started dropping my Ts.

-R- said...

DJ, the sheets were kind of weird because there was not top sheet, just a fitted sheet. Comfy though.

Sarah, if an alarm requires instructions at all, I think it is somewhat swanky,

3car, I have been in public restrooms with people on phones. I don't care if your friends hear you pee, but do they really need to hear me pee too?

Cipher, maybe there was a secret blog convention to which I was not invited?

Galoot, I didn't have time to catch anything. Hmm, that sounds kind of bad.

Lawyerish, I especially like it when I am not the one paying for it!

Prep, I didn't get anywhere besides the hotel, the conference room where I had to work, and the client-chosen restaurants, unfortunately.

Spaw, yay for swank!

Schneids, I didn't even see those arches, just a parking garage. I am sure if there were a McD's next to the Ritz though it would be very swanky.

LC, Jackie-O's wedding dress? I would love to see that!

Yez, you crack me up.

Libragirl said...

I missed you so much. My life was not complete. Now I am jealous that you had a swanky hotel room with a fake view. I loved the Arch. My sister went to college/Med school in St. Louis Went to the top of the arch..beautiful view.
Too bad you couldn't see it.

stefanie said...

I did miss you, actually! I kept thinking, "Hmmm. R usually posts more often than this. I hope nothing's wrong." Then I remembered that I very often go a full damn week without posting, too, and hello, you have a right to take a break.

I totally know what you mean about having to be on best behavior and being exhausted from that much time with coworkers. I always hated that part of work travel (when I actually did work travel, which I haven't in a while).

Nat said...

I remember when we stayed in a Motel 6 in Dallas, and my sisters and I were all, "Sweet! A hotel!" and my parents were all, "No, it's a motel, and not a great one either" but we were happy! And when we were growing up in England and stayed in a little family-run hotel, as we were checking out, my sister said, "Thanks for having us" like they just had us there out of the goodness of their hearts. So you see, I am not good at hotel stuff. Which is why when my MIL paid for us to stay in the ULTRA ULTRA swanky Hilton in Rome, I just about died and went to Heaven. And then used up all the complimentary stuff and I still have the slippers. :)