Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Don't Be Scared Away by the Title

Thirteen Things About Being Sick

1. Yesterday, I took four packets of these. Two pills per packet = me loopy on drugs.

While loopy, I determined that this product should really be called Pseudo-Sudafed. Get it? Pseudo and Suda? I am a genius.

2. I also drank four mugs of this.

Please let it be noted that I don't like tea, nor do I Love Lemon. But when that is what is free at work, that is what I will try to make myself feel better. (It didn't work, but I did survive until I left early at 4.)

3. I came up with a brilliant marketing idea for the I Love Lemon tea.

I think it should say "I Love Lemon" with an exclamation point, and the bottom part of the exclamation point should be a heart. Don't you agree? Wouldn't you much rather buy the product with my label?

4. Seriously, you guys, I am a marketing genius.

5. Here is a product that my marketing genius cannot help.

You walk by some lady's desk and see peanut butter cups in the bowl, so you think, "Score! I love peanut butter cups! Look, they have white packaging for Halloween!" And then you open the wrapper and are horrified to see white chocolate on your peanut butter cup. "This is a travesty!" you think. But you eat it anyway. And it is not good.

6. Today I was still sick so I stayed home.

7. I happened to tune into the last 15 minutes of that celebrity poker showdown show, and guess who was on it and was totally beating everyone? Dule Hill. (I don't know how to make the accent above the e.)

8. Then guess what was on Bravo? A marathon of Season 2 of Project Runway. Yes! I had already seen it, but I watched it again anyway.

9. Oh, I almost forgot that I saw some of The View! I thought Rosie O'Donnell did a really good job. I know you were curious about my opinion on The View.

10. That pretty much summarizes my entire day.

11. I didn't get any sleep last night, but I am not tired today. It is kind of freaking me out that I am not tired because I always need at least 8 hours of sleep to feel normal. (So basically I never feel normal.)

12. Did you guys watch Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip on Monday night? What did you think of it? I am annoyed that some people watched it just because Matthew Perry was in it. Yet I would watch anything that had Dule Hill, Allison Janney, or Zach Braff in it. So I am a huge hypocrite. And my husband's hatred for Friends has apparently worn off on me. So anyway, I thought Studio 60 was decent. I will definitely keep watching. I almost just went off on a big tangent comparing Studio 60 to West Wing, but then I decided to calm myself the heck down.

13. Did you notice that 12 wasn't about me being sick? Well, when you are home by yourself all day and then your husband only comes home to get his jiu jitsu outfit, there is not a lot to talk about.


Anonymous said...

And wasn't Dule just a LITTLE BIT obnoxious about the poker? If I remember, he wasn't really that great a player. He played every hand and called every bet.

And, yes, the white chocolate cups are among the most useless products around. What's the point? I want chocolate and peanut butter. The only marketing that could help it is if they put money in the package - then, maybe.

digital janitor said...

Wouldn't Pseudo-Sudafed be even snappier as "Pseudofed"?

Carmen said...

i'm sorry you're under the weather. I hope the tea and the pseudo-sudafed helped.

I kinda liked Studio 60. It was a little West-Wingish, but written by the same guy, so understandable. :)

3carnations said...

5. I accidentally bought a big bag of those at Easter. Again, thought it was special holiday packaging. My son refused to eat them. Hubby and I weren't crazy about them (why mess with a good thing?), but by the end of the bag we had grown accustomed to them. I'd still buy regular next time.

6. Feel better soon!

Knitting Maniac said...

Hope you feel better soon!

And I like that exclamation point with a heart at the bottom!

stefanie said...

I like Digital Janitor's suggestion on the not-sudafed. Not that yours wasn't fabulous as well.

And white chocolate? Ugh; I am definitely with you on that. I made the same mistake last year with some Hershey's ghosts that I just assumed were little Hershey bars but ended up being WHITE chocolate Hershey bars. Words cannot describe my horror and disappointment. White chocolate has no place in my world.

boozie said...

I came in second place in my poker game last night and won $15! Also, those white peanut butter cups are SICK. I was hoping you were going to say that you didn't like them because if you did like them, I would question your judgement from here on out.

schneids said...

hope you feel better soon.....

princess slea said...

i like white chocolate (please don't hate me) but have not had the white chocolate peanut butter cups. i really like white peppermint chocolate. yummy.

TheMick said...

I was pleasently surprised by Studio 60. I think it'll be a nice break from all the ten o'clock cop dramas

PreppyGirl said...

I don't mind white chocolate but do think it sounds a bit odd for a peanut butter cup.

We tivoed Studio 60 because I was falling asleep. This cold/sinus infection/crud is kicking my ass.

The "é" in Dulé can be achieved by holding down the ALT key and typing 0233. Try it... kinda freaky eh?

Stinkypaw said...

OK I'll be the French pusher or something. Here's a link I've sent Preppygirl for the French accents:

White chocolate is just wrong and not part of nature! It's a freak!!!

Only saw Rosie on the View yesterday as well, and also enjoyed it.

You would be really bored if you were in my place - I work from home, all alone with my mooches (cat & dog) and I love it! And at times, I feel "disturbed" when the husband comes home, he makes so much noise!

Take care of that cold!

Incog & Nito said...

Hope you're feeling better soon - and yes you are a marketing genius!!

Jennifer said...

Sorry you were sick. I hate being sick.

Lawyerish said...

Feel better!

(I secretly like the white chocolate Reese's cups.)

Yez said...

Yabbut I'm pretty sure it's named Sudafed because of some Pfizer wag who noticed that the active ingredient is pseudoephedrine hydrochloride.

Anyway, get well soon!

-R- said...

Anthony, I only saw the last 15 minutes of the poker show, so I'm not sure whether Dule was obnoxious or not. But it doesn't matter b/c of my love for him.

DJ, you can totally be on my marketing team (when I get one)!

Carmen, thanks. I am feeling much better today.

3carnations, I wonder if the lady at work was tricked into buying the pb cups and that is why she brought them to work.

knitting maniac, thanks. My paint skills still need some work.

Stefanie, a white chocolate candy bar? Yuck.

Boozie, I am glad you still have some faith in me.

Schneids, thanks.

Princess, it's ok if you like white chocolate. Someone has to eat it.

Themick, there are a lot of 10 o'clock (9 o'clock here) police dramas. I never really noticed.

Prep, é! That is awesome. Thanks.

Spaw, if I worked from home, I don't think I would get anything done. I would just goof around all day.

Incog, I appreciate the recognition of my genius.

Jennifer, being sick is not fun, but not having to go to work for one day was nice.

Lawyerish, your secret is not safe with me.

Yez, I know, I know. Those sudafed people are clever. But I refer to all allergy medicine as sudafed. I am crazy like that.

Guinness_Girl said...

Gasp! Bite your tongue, R! The white chocolate reese's cups are divine!