Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Fashion Show, Fashion Show, Fashion Show at My Blog*

*This is from The Office and also from 3carnations' blog. Except, in the title, replace "My Blog" with "Lunch."

Since I bragged about my new fashionable ways, I thought I owed you some pictures. (Plus, you asked for them.)

Monday, I wore this. The khaki jacket was one of my new purchases.

Then today, I wore the exact opposite of yesterday's outfit. Is that a fashion faux pas?

Sorry, this is almost as bad as my picture of the Arch in St. Louis. You will just have to trust my labelling.

You will also have to imagine my "new" haircut since I have no head in these photos.

I have not worn this outfit yet, but here are the other new items I bought. The pants need to be hemmed, but that is to be expected when I buy pants. The shirt makes my eyes look bluer than usual, which again, you will have to imagine.

Please also imagine that "bluer" is a word.

Finally, and randomly, a photo of my fridge, a la Stefanie.

I have attempted to label the items on my fridge.

1. In the top left corner, is the local high school football schedule. We got this magnet when we bought something from a high school player going door to door to raise money for the team. Seriously, how many more people are going to knock on our door!

2. Vikings and Gophers football schedules on one magnet

3. Magnet with the city's important phone numbers

4. Magnets I made - Stefanie had these too. I was going to make a ton and give them as gifts, but mine are kind of ugly, and also, I got tired of making them after six or however many are on my fridge.

5. A realtor magnet for a realtor and realty company we have never used

6. A business card for someone we will never call

7. A service phone number for something, but I am not sure what

8. Glow-in-the dark magnet from the electric company

9. Nieces and nephews

10. The city's recycling info

11. A fake American Express card - notice how I specify that it is fake in case you think we glue our real credit cards to the fridge.

12. A picture of H and Justice Clarence Thomas

13. Wedding invitation from the Texas bride - this is the wedding I was in this May. I hate to throw it away because it was expensive and is really pretty, but I really don't need directions to this church in Houston anymore.

I have noticed a theme here; I really need to get rid of some junk on my fridge!


Jenny said...

Love. love, love the blue shirt. I want one.

Also, I'm not sure about the fashion faux pas because my coworker told me I committed one but wearing the same outfit on Monday that I wore on Friday.

It was two days later! It had been dry-cleaned! Why is that so tacky?

3carnations said...

First, to Jenny - I think what's really tacky is that your coworker noticed, and SAID SOMETHING! Who keeps track of those things? If they do, who SAYS something? And, you're right - Nothing wrong with wearing it again if it's clean. Hubby will say sometimes "Can I wear this today (when it's Friday)? I wore it Monday." I've always told him no one would notice...Apparently I am wrong.

I also love the blue shirt. I am a big fan of the 3/4 length sleeves. Long sleeves tend to be a little too long on me, and I just push them up.

Nothing wrong with reverse color outfits. I was surprised to see that your head is a glowing ball...Oh, that's a flash, nevermind.

Stinkypaw said...

Simply love that blue shirt - really pretty!

Lots of "useless info" things on your fridge, it almost makes it funny that you would keep cards, etc, that you know that you'll never use... why is that? I'm interested!

PreppyGirl said...

Love the new clothes.
Love the fashion show at your blog.
Love the fridge pic (ours has so much crap on it, you can't even see the fridge). An AMEX card magnet? Kind of an oxymoron since that magnet will actually demagnetize the magnetic strip on the back of a real AMEX. (Ya, I was just trying to see how many times I could use some form of the word magnet in the same sentence.)

Lawyerish said...

I love that blue top. LOVE it. I am a blue fanatic, and that is a perfect shade.

Your work clothes look a LOT like mine. And I see nothing wrong with wearing a reverse-color scheme on sequential days. If anyone were to notice, it would be their problem, not yours.

schneids said...

Nice pics. Your lack of a head is a little scary to me though. I had to keep picturing your face in the pics.

Love the fridge pics with the labels. My fridge has so much more crap on it.

thanks for posting the pics!

shpprgrl said...

I think bluer is a word. Bluest is, so why shouldn't it be. And yes, your eyes are bluer.

I enjoyed your fashion show. I do your trick with the topsy turvy thing quite often. I sometimes over-use black slacks in the fall/winter. I say....I'm not buying ANY more. And then I do.

The same with black shoes applies!

-R- said...

Thanks for the compliments on my clothes. But no one is going to question why I have a picture of H and Clarence Thomas?

Marmite Breath said...

I thought somebody DID question that!? Did I imagine it?

Anyway, I just got around to watching the latest ep of The Office, and when Mindy Kaling started singing Fashion Show, I was like, "Aaaargh, it's from R's blog!"