Thursday, November 16, 2006

Boots, Bags, Ridiculous Make-Up-Induced Paranoia, and Beergaritas

Since you asked, I shall provide a link to the boots I bought in black. I also bought the matching bag in black. Then I can wear the boots when I walk to the bus, while carrying my dress shoes in my matching bag. It is going to be so sweet! Umm, ok, it is not really not that exciting, but it will be better than last year when I had to shovel my driveway in sneakers or in my nice dressy boots. So the nice dressy boots are actually from Target and only cost $20; let's not get so picky here.

In other product news, I bought the Bare Escentuals foundation this weekend, based on a recommendation from Red. I think it is pretty good, but since I haven't worn any foundation since I was probably 15 years old, I am not really an expert on these things. I will say that I think it evens out my skin tone and the blush makes me look less zombie-like. I bought the makeup at Sephora, but did you know the Mall of America has a store that sells nothing but Bare Escentuals? It does; it is called Face. And there was a huge freaking line all the way out the door of the store.

So speaking of makeup, there was a girl I went to junior high school and high school with who looked like this for all of 8th grade through 10th grade.

For some reason you have to click on the picture to see it, and then hit back to get back to my blog.

Note the different colored neck and face as well as the perfectly circular areas of extremely bright blush. My friend who is the last person to ever say anything bad about anyone used to call this girl Clown Girl. I would realize if I looked like that, right? Because this girl looked like a clown for THREE YEARS without realizing it. Stefanie, you have to tell me if I look like that girl, ok?

Finally, in other news, we are having a Guitar Hero party tomorrow night. H has invited his friends over to rock out with Guitar Hero II, which we do not own, but I assume someone else is bringing. This time, I will be supplementing the Guitar Hero with some beergaritas!


stefanie said...

Your mad skillz with MS Paint never cease to amaze me. Also, I am sure you do not look like that girl, but I will be able to confirm soon enough. :-)

Does anyone have a good mascara recommendation? (Perhaps I should post this question over at the Tent instead...)

3carnations said...

I went to high school with a girl that wore a ridiculous amount of foundation...and it pretty much went down her neck. Sometimes she would have a stain of it on her collar. A friend of mine was close friends with her, and said she had NEVER seen her without make up. She was pretty...I can't imagine what she thought was so bad under all that foundation. She didn't wear much other makeup at all.

Stinkypaw said...

Cute boot and love the bag! You're going to look sooo purdy walking to the bus!

That Beergaritas' recipe sounds interesting, just might try that! Have fun tomorrow night, guitar hero you!

jes said...

What is Guitar Hero? A movie? Or just something you made up where people come dressed as their favorite Guitar Player Hero Guy (or girl)?

I am utterly lost. LOST. Quick! Hide! The others are coming!

Jenny said...


Okay, I forgive you for not inviting me to the Nat Martin/R party.

You are so my friend. (Don't forget to pour out a little bit of the beergaritas in honor of the homeys that couldn't be there. I.e. me.)

don't call me MA'AM said...

I love Bare Escentuals sooooo much.... I can't even tell you. Is the Face store new? I was at M of A about a year and a half ago... they just had the Bare Escentuals store. Maybe they just renamed it? Hmmm. I like that store, because you can go in and get samples to try on your skin. No lame ass one-use samples, either!

Have fun with Guitar Hero and the beergaritas. Oh, and I'm sure you won't look like a clown.