Sunday, November 26, 2006

I Was In A Car With H For Twelve Hours And We Both Survived

We have done a lot of driving since Wednesday evening.

First, we got to meet Grumpy Frump at a secret location. Maybe it was on our way to my family's house. Maybe we had to drive hours out of our way, but we think Grumpy Frump is worth it. Wouldn't you like to know? I won't tell. But I will reveal one secret. Grumpy Frump's real name is Gertrude Frumpensteen. Here is a picture of GF and me:

Click on the picture to see it, and then use the back button to get back to my riveting stories.

You can't really tell from the picture, but GF is very cute. She also has amazing hair (which was so amazing, apparently, it could not be depicted in my picture). She is also really funny and very friendly, and I really liked her. I didn't think she was grumpy or frumpy at all! GF also had to meet H since he was driving with me, and she was very nice about it and didn't say, "Why did you bring that super tall man with you?" H liked GF as much as I did.

We had a great Thanksgiving meal with my family. My mom is such a terrific cook, and she really enjoys cooking. I wish I had inherited some of that, but instead, I make a lot of spaghetti. Not on Thanksgiving Day. Just in general.

I went shopping with my mom and sister, and later with my mom and H. We had a good time, but I still don't know what to get my mom and sister for Christmas. I finally gave my sister her birthday present (only two months late- gah!), and she seemed to really like it. I gave her two cd collections of stories from This American Life. My sister has a lot of driving coming up, so the cds will give her something to entertain herself while driving through the middle of nowhere, on her way to take her boards to become a veterinarian. I can't even spell vet, and my sister is smart enough to pass the boards. Geez.

H and I also got to go to a college basketball game. I LOVE LOVE LOVE college basketball, so I was excited to see the game.

I loved being a part of the sea of blue.

Obviously, I am not much of a sportswriter. So my summary is: the game was awesome. My team won, which made the game even more awesome. The end.

After the game, H and I met up with Nat. Once again, H came along with me. After he met GF and really liked her, he was excited to meet another blogger. Warning to any bloggers I may meet up with in the future: I suck at arranging meet-ups. I changed the time on Nat several times, and then I showed up at the wrong place. Excellent! After I called Nat and she realized that I am mentally challenged, she drove over to where I was, and I am so glad she did. She is hilarious. And very cute. I had a really fun time. H also really liked her. Nat's account of our meeting is here. There is also a picture that proves how cute she is and that neither of us are pervy old men.

So everything was really fun, but the most surprising part of the weekend was that H and I made it back to Minnesota in one piece. Twelve hours is a long time to spend in the car with someone. Especially with someone like me who takes pictures to entertain herself.

I kind of want to live in Beebeetown, just so I can say that I live in Beebeetown.

[picture has been removed]
H pondering some deep thoughts.

[picture has been removed]
Aren't you glad you don't have to take car trips with me?

[picture has been removed]


stefanie said...

I think the This American Life CDs are an excellent gift, particularly for someone with a lot of driving in her future. Well done.

What I would really like to ask you, though, is why there appears to be a South American freedom fighter in your back seat in that last photo. (Seriously... what IS that?)

-R- said...

It is a giant snowblower; my mom gave us her hold one. Which is easily confused with a South American freedom fighter, I suppose.

Lawyerish said...

I am SO moving to Beebeetown.

Galoot said...

My stepdad gave us one of his old snowblowers a couple of weeks ago. Haven't used it yet and it doesn't resemble a freedom fighter. Maybe it will humiliate the snow into melting by insulting it.

schneids said...

LOL!! I am laughing my head off because my brother in law is from BeeBeetown. I have BEEN to BeeBeetown. 1 stoplight and 2 bars. That is the whole town.


glad you had fun though...

3carnations said...

I looked at the "picture that proves how cute she is and that neither of us are pervy old men". Very nice picture, but in all fairness, it really only proves that you have access to photos of two normal looking gals. ;)

Glad you had fun!

jes said...

I love taking pics in the car to entertain myself, too. AND VIDEOS. Maybe we should start a new site full of roadtrips we've documented.

Though I suspect that wouldn't be nearly as entertaining for others as it would be for us.

Jenny said...

Personally I'm rather fond of pervy old men. For instance, Pee Wee HErman? Love him.

boozie said...

Man, your husband looks highly pissed.

guinness girl said...

Hee! You were a blogger-meeting maniac this weekend - so awesome! I'm glad you survived the car trip and had a lovely holiday! :)

Yez said...

Most excellent signage photography! I'm so proud of you :>

I'm also in love with the transcendent sports shot: The Invisible Basketball. Dude, the game is tied and they have less than 7½ minutes to make the ball rematerialize!

Laura B. said...

Ooo, I love college basketball! I really hate sports, but I do watch college basketball. Just for March Madness really. But still. I do watch it!

A Beebeetown address would be awesome.

PreppyGirl said...

Next time you're in our neck of the woods you'd better look us up. I suspect that might never happen as we live in the middle of nowhere but you never know when you might have the sudden urge to visit Lucy's grave or something. I'm just sayin'...

lizgwiz said...

I think basketball is the most fun sport to watch live. It moves so fast! And the guys are wearing fewer clothes than some other sports. Hee.

-R- said...

Stefanie, I hope she likes them. Maybe I can get her something along the same lines for Christmas? We shall see.

Myself, way to always have a typo in your comments.

Lawyerish, I will come visit you in Beebeetown.

Galoot, is your stepdad's old snowblower also a ninja?

Schneids, I can't believe you have never told me about Beebeetown before.

3carnations, I realize that too. But we both have a lot of pictures of those strange girls for pervy old men. Wait, that just makes us pervier. Never mind.

Jes, I would love that website. But I think you are right that no one else would.

Jenny, I do like Pee Wee. I don't think of him as old though. Just pervy.

Boozie, he was just hamming it up for the camera. I captured a wide range of his emotions in the car.

GG, I know, I think I went a little crazy with the blogging meet-ups.

Yez, thanks. And the ref had the ball!

Laura, March Madness is my favorite time of the year. I go a little bit crazy.

Preppygirl, I will, yo.

Liz, they wear less clothes, but they are so baggy, that you can probably see more of a fully-dressed football player.

Yez said...

Oh, okay! I thought #44 was bouncing it and it blurred out of existence (like the ref's left leg is trying to)!

stefanie said...

I love that you commented back to yourself.

Also, just to check here, am I the only one who sees a face in that last photo? Because now that you told me it's a snowblower, I can totally see that and I feel like a fool. But originally? Originally it really looked like a face to me (when you click to view full sized).

Paisley said...

1. I think I have the same glasses as you.

2. Hilar pic of you and DCMM. Tee hee hee.