Monday, November 27, 2006

The Blog Tour Continues

Meeting two bloggers in the last five days was not enough. So tonight I met Stefanie. She actually lives in the Twin Cities and was kind of enough to meet me at a restaurant close to my work and bus stop, so I didn't even have to drive to see her. I was tired from working all day, and my hair was doing some wacky things (i.e. sticking out yet also laying totally flat against my head- a complicated hair maneuver), but I think it was fun. I was kind of boring, but I am more fun on the weekends, I swear. I will definitely invite Stefanie out to try some Guitar Hero. Or perhaps something more normal. I do have other interests besides Guitar Hero. Such as... ummm... drinking? Eating? Reading books? Oil painting?

Stefanie mentioned tonight that posting every day this month has been interesting because normally she makes sure a post is perfect (aka decent and interesting) before she publishes it on her blog. I don't usually even proofread a post before I put it on my blog. But usually the posts that I think about not publishing (usually the dorkiest and most embarrassing ones) are the ones that get the most comments. I just write whatever I am thinking, and then let the whole world see it. So there you go. Kind of weird, now that I think about it.


stefanie said...

I feel the need to clarify... I did not say I normally make sure a post is PERFECT (because surely, NONE of my posts are); I just meant I feel less pressure about each post... If I put up a crappy post and it sits on the top for five days, that's not good. But if I put up a crappy post this month, another possibly crappy post replaces it in less than a day. And that I find liberating, in some bizarro way. ;-)

Also, I did not notice anything weird about your hair, but it's funny you should say that, because as I was traipsing around in the misty almost-rain trying to figure out why the restaurant wasn't where Citysearch said it was supposed to be, I thought about how crappy my hair looked at that point as well!

OK, this comment is now officially longer than your post, so I will stop now. It was fun meeting you!

3carnations said...

You've had such successful blogger meetings! I have yet to read about anyone's blogger meeting that was "Well...She really wasn't what I expected. I thought she'd be taller..." That might be the difference between a blind blogger meeting and a blind date.

...and I might add, I haven't read anyone saying "Turns out she was really a pervy old man."

-R- said...

Stefanie, good clarification. When I wrote that you want your posts to be perfect, I really just meant that you actually want them to be good, whereas I expect my posts to suck most of the time.

3cars, when we met, Stefanie actually said that she was surprised at how short I am. Not in a rude way. I guess I just seem taller than 5'2" on my blog. =)

3carnations said...

Your blog does read much taller than that...:p

I'm 5'2" also have a very tall husband, right? Mine is 6'4". Very handy for getting things from the tall shelves. :)

Lawyerish said...

I never would have guessed you're 5'2". I probably would have hazarded around 5'7. But I'm almost six feet tall, so it's really hard to gauge people's height, even in person. Because, you know, all the thin air up here.

The unexpected relationship of one's feeling about a post vs. the number of comments it receives is baffling to me. Baffling! But in kind of a good way, because it means you really can't go wrong. And also, that we're neurotic for worrying about whether our writing/stories/ponderings are readable or whatever.

Anyway. That made no sense.

LC said...

Aww, how fun!

I love meeting people from blogs I read. I have met a few already and yes, it's rarely the case when you would be like 'Meh, I wish I had stayed at home and watched Heroes'. Usually it's a lot of fun.

OK. I need a favor.

I read about some cool headphones in a blog that -R- has linked in her blog, but I cannot remember where for the life of me, and I really want to get them for a Christmas gift.

Could someone please let me know? You can leave a comment on my blog if you like.

p.s. People from Minneapolis are fabulous. I want to move there one day.

PreppyGirl said...

I'm feeling neglected *sniffle.* Come on now, I'm only about a 14 hours and 22 minutes from Minneapolis. That's just a quick jaunt really. Perhaps I could stage some sort of mishap then hire you to "represent." Word.

chirky said...

Are you going to be in Dallas anytime soon? BECAUSE THAT? Would be FUN.

Also: I saw a commercial this past weekend for Guitar Hero. And now I know what it is. Sorry I was so ignorant a couple weeks ago.

Red said...

Aww. I love meeting blogfriends. Well, actually, I guess I only did it once. I came out of my bloggin' basement of seclusion and emerged into the sunlight long enough to meet Darren and Miss Peach.

Glad you guys had fun, hair issues or no.

don't call me MA'AM said...

You're going to be the most famous blogger because of your blog tour. ;-)

Yay for those of us under 5'5". I'm only 5'3", but I had hideously high boots on when I met you. hee hee

Jenny said...

So when exactly is the tour coming to Texas?

Christine said...

-R- I'm jealous of your blog touring.

Although I have met the fantastic GuinessGirl, and I think you should hazard into the city of brotherly love for drinks, cheap BYOs and good company.

lizgwiz said...

I'm so jealous of all the bloggy meetings. I will never meet anyone--who the heck ever comes to Oklahoma? Maybe someone on the way to Texas? And I never go anywhere, so...sigh.

LC said...


One of my favorite non-line friends is from the Ok-land! And she is so funny.

You could totally meet her.

kerrianne said...

Blogger meetings can be a blast! indeed. Glad it's been awesome. :) I need to * meet * some bloggers in Australia or something, so I can go visist. And, you know, take a vacation. ;)

-R- said...

3cars, yes, H is tall too. It is nice most of the time, but annoying when he "puts things away" and they are too high for me to even see!

lawyerish, I don't have much concept of how tall people are. I just know they're all taller than me.

lc, did you find the headphones? I don't remember reading about any.

Preppy, I am waiting for you and Galoot to pack up the kids and make the quick jaunt west to MSP.

Chirky, I'm glad you saw the commercial. The game is so fun. And I am not sure when I'll be in Dallas, but one of my best friends lives there, so I'll be there at some point.

Red, glad you got out of the basement for once. I never expected to meet other bloggers, but it was fun.

DCMM, I was wearing tall boots too!

Jenny, see above comment to Chirky. I probably won't be in Houston soon though. Maybe Austin. We'll see. When are you coming to MN?

Christine, you and GG do seem like you would be a lot of fun to have some wine with.

Liz, well then, you should start traveling!

Kerrianne, having friends in fun places is definitely a bonus!

LC said...

No, and it's driving me insane, because I really want them.