Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It's Still Thursday

I am so embarrassed. Someone (in Germany) googled "queen of the dorks" and found my blog. My blog is in the top 5 for that search. Why can't I be in the top 5 for something much cooler? For my Thursday Thirteen, I am listing thirteen search terms I wish would lead people to my blog.

1. -R- is awesome
2. hilarious blog
3. OMG she should totally be an author or something because she is such a good writer
4. What up bizatch
5. Taylor Pancake (I actually am #5 in this search, and I know so because I get several searches per week looking for ol' Mr. Pancake)
6. I wish H were my husband
7. husband powers activate (I am #10 in this search!)
8. u r so hott (just to mix it up a bit)
9. perfect shoes
10. having Veterans Day off is for suckas and government employees
11. non-gangsta awards (I am #1, baby!)
12. seven inch zipper
13. my anaconda don't want none unless you got buns, hon


Haley-O said...

Lol! That's hilarious!!! I get the craziest "monkey" searches for my blog. You DON'T want to know! ;)

-R- said...

Ew. I definitely do not want to know. Monkey-pervs!

stefanie said...

R, you crack me up. I forgot all about Taylor Pancake, and I cannot believe you are only #10 and not higher for "husband powers activate." Maybe if I type it a few more times, it will improve your results. Husband powers activate. Husband powers activate. Husband powers activate.

There. Do you think that helped?

Someone ended up at my blog today by searching for "Stefanie needs a shower." I definitely think that's worse than "Queen of the dorks."

Nat said...

This is bar-none the funniest thing I have read all day. Even funnier than K-Fed asking for custody. For reals doh.

I was doing okay until #4, and then I just cracked up, all out loud and everything.

Carmen said...

well then change your meta tags to include those things. ;)

Jenny said...

You should totally be number one for seven inch zipper.

And think how many guys would kill to be known for that.

PS. I'm still holding down "antiquated vagina" and "collecting bobcat urine". We've all gotta have a room of our own on the internet, right?

PPS. Linked to you today blaming you for my post. Someone has to take responsibility for it.

guinness girl said...

HA! With all these mentions of Taylor Pancake, I bet you end up higher than #5. Taylor Pancake Taylor Pancake Taylor Pancake Taylor Pancake! (That is beginning to sound like magic words of some sort, like "Open Sesame".)

Stinkypaw said...

Great list and good luck with it - may it bring you lots of searches.

Can't believe your're #10 about the the husband powers - c'mon! They have to know that you're with The Incredible H!!

maura said...

hehe, that is great. i also just about died when i saw your lengthy zipper.

jes said...

Queen of the Dorks? AT LEAST THAT'S THE QUEEN OF SOMETHING. It's better than someone searching: "dork" and ending up at your blog.

Because that? That would suck.

LC said...


Number 7 is how I ended up finding your blog. I was doing blog jumping one day and when I tried to read you again, I did not remember your blog URL.

And I did a google search.

Ahh google. So stalky!

princess slea said...

Prep finally helped me figure out stat counter for my blog. If indeed people read my blog *sniffle*