Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I voted. And I even got a sticker.

H and I have stayed up late to watch election results. But I can only watch the pundits say the same things so many times, so now I am going to bed.

H's mom wants us to go on an H family trip next summer. I am anti-H-family-trip, whereas H likes to remain silent when the topic comes up. So it is left to me to come up with excuses as to why we can't go. Fun times. Maybe I will tell H's mom that I am too busy with my oil painting and studying of the American revolution.

And now a message from H himself:
this is h, i rule, repubs suck, that is all

He is so eloquent. Swoon.


maliavale said...

You got a sticker?! Color me JEALOUS!

Marmite Breath said...

I just got a phonecall from my hubby saying basically the same thing as H. I was all, "Mumble, mumble, it's early, what are you talking about?" and he was all "Democrats are winning" and I had to hang up because the dog was eating the trash.

I must put in my two million dollars worth of opinion. Family trip with inlaws probably = bad idea. Not saying it will be. Just saying probably will be.

guinness girl said...

Your title for this post has me even more convinced that you are a true gangsta. Oh, and PS, I bet I could talk Wilman into letting you come over for dinner. As I told Stefanie, I'll kick his ass if not.

Galoot said...

No stickers on the West Side of J-Town. The officials didn't ask for my I.D. either...

When I bought the paper at the grocery this morning, the clerk told me a lot of folks were complaining about the front page.

It's not the paper's fault we're heavy on the democrats!

I'm independent, by the way...

Galoot said...

Allow me to rephrase so as to be more "street"

"...the westside of the J-Tizzy!"

stefanie said...

I am still sad that we are subject to another four years with our Republican governor, but overall, the nation-wide results are making me happy.

You stayed up later than I did. I called it a night around 11:25.

don't call me MA'AM said...

I got a sticker, too. Woot!

As for me, I'm very non-partisan. I like to vote for the person, not the party. And all the people I voted for won. That makes me the shiz-nit, no? ;-)

schneids said...

i got a sticker too...

Your h rocks. when is he running for office?

Just sayin.

Yez said...

We got a new governor :-) but we can't buy wine in food stores :-( The wine thing is ridiculous, IMO, unless it was going to be special wine with the "drink, drive and mow down pedestrians" additive :>

3carnations said...

I got a sticker. My son confiscated it and put it in his sticker book. He has quite a collection of "I voted" stickers along with the dinosaurs and trucks.

PreppyGirl said...

When I bought the paper this morning I set it down on the counter at the convenience store for a moment. The headline reads, "Call for Change." A lady in line decided to make conversation:

Lady: "What's that all about? Did somethin' happen in the war or somethin'?"

Me: "um, I think they're talking about the democrats."

Lady: *stares blankly*

Me: "You know, how they did well in the elections?"

Very long pause...

Lady: "Alls I knows is I ain't never votin' fer that sherriff!" (pointing to his victory picture on the front page).

I'm sure he's all broken up about it too. WOW.

ePixie29 said...

Yeah, got my sticker yesterday.

But they didn't ask me for ID and so you have to wonder about that.

Gotta be happy with the overall national results (even if its from a bunch of people who just went out to vote at the last minute with no ID and apparently they just let us in because the election officials secretly knew who we'd be votin for)!

3carnations said...

Preppygirl, that's hilarious...and sad.

-R- said...

Malia, yep, it was red and said "I VOTED"

Marmite/Nat, I know! I am going to do everything I can to get out of this trip. All I can say is NOOOOOOOOOO.

GG, Whatever! Wilman still isn't invited to my house! No playa haters!

Galoot, thanks for the "street" talk.

Stefanie, I know. But I wasn't too fond of any of the gubernatorial candidates.

DCMM, ha! I know exactly who you voted for. I thought LT was going to lose when I saw the first returns.

Schneids, don't encourage him.

Yez, no wine in food stores? Locally or state-wide? Sounds like Texas.

3cars, cute!

Prep, sad but funny. Or funny but sad.

epixie, voter id isn't required in a lot of states. Including Minnesota. Which I think is good.