Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Interrogation

My six-year-old niece has become quite the little interrogator in the three months since I had seen her last.

Niece: Are you and H going to sleep in the same bed?
Me: Yes.
Niece: Why?
Me: Because we're married.
Niece: Did you sleep in the same bed before you were married?
Me: So I heard you got a new guinea pig?
Niece: Did you sleep together before you got married?
Me: What is the guinea pig's name? Can I see him?

Later, I taught my 11-year-old niece how to knit, using some extra yarn and a set of needles I wasn't using. It was fun, and she learned really quickly. It was especially cool because I knew that her grandma (H's mom) was giving her knitting needles, yarn, and a how-to book for Christmas. She was so excited when she opened up the gift and saw all the yarn. She already had about half a scarf made when we left this afternoon. But anyway, as I was teaching the 11-year-old to knit, the six-year-old found me again.

Niece: You cried at your wedding.
Me: Yes, I did.
Niece: I saw you.
Me: I know. You were the flower girl.
Niece: When are you going to have babies?
Me: ...

Then the niece went off to ask my sister-in-law why she doesn't have a boyfriend.


Libragirl said...

Out of the mouth of babes. Too bad we love them otherwise we could beat them. My 5 y/o nephew asked me if I was ever going to get a boyfriend, or girlfriend if I wanted (his words) NYC living has made him very adult like.

Sarah said...

In totally unrelated news, my brother got guitar hero II for Christmas and OH MY FREAKING GOODNESS! I am addicted!!! And all I could think about is "this girl on the internet...and her husband...and she's a lawyer...and when is she having babies???"

digital janitor said...

Sheesh... that kid's about as subtle as a sledgehammer. I wonder how raw her follow-up would have been if you'd continued answering the first line of questioning.

Laura B. said...

So funny. Looks like you have another budding attorney in the family!

Claire said...

that is hysterical. Nice avoidance techniques, by the way - good job with the hamster.

does she get this from her mother, perhaps? hmmm...

Holly Burnham said...

You are going to make a wonderful Mom some day.....your answers are just how we handle those questions.

metalia said...

Ha! I love kids' questions. DId your attempts at diversion work?

-R- said...

Libragirl, that is so funny. What did you say to your nephew?

Sarah, I am so glad you have discovered the joys of Guitar Hero! It rocks.

Digital J, I was a little scared myself. Luckily, I persuaded her to discuss the guinea pig.

Laura, I didn't think of that, but you are right!

Claire, I have no idea where she gets it from. She is lucky she is so cute.

Holly, thanks. Avoidance is key. Good to know.

Metalia, yes, luckily my diversion attempts were successful. She was really excited about the guinea pig, so I knew it would work. Way to outsmart a 6-year-old, self!

lizgwiz said...

That is hilarious! As long as I'm not the one being grilled, of course. ;)

guinness girl said...

Ha! Hilarious. Oh, and I totally cried at my wedding, too.