Friday, December 22, 2006

To the Farm!

We were supposed to pick up H's sister at the airport and take her to H's parents' house, where we would all spend the weekend. But H's sister's flight got cancelled, so we are sitting at home when we should already be at the family farm. Aargh. She must be frustrated too. Waiting at the airport SUCKS.

But we are headed out soon, after a quick trip to the liquor store for my "supplies." I will be back Monday night with tales of my adventures on the family farm. I hope you all have a merry Christmas or at least a good long weekend!

PS I like my hair now. At least, I don't hate it. So that is progress!

PPS I saw a pimp today. He was wearing baggy lime green pants and a white fur coat. And he was yelling at some thug-type guy on the street. Good times.


digital janitor said...

I saw a pimp in a white fur coat today too - we were stopped at a stoplight on the corner of Nicollet and 2nd, right near the Hyatt. This pimp wasn't yelling though - there was a cop car right behind us.

-R- said...

It could have been the same guy! I saw him at about 6th and Hennepin.

Katrina the Ballerina said...

I'm glad you like your hair cut now! I don't think I've ever seen a pimp--or at least an obvious one. I did see what we refer to as 'the pimp mobile' in St. Louis, though.