Thursday, December 14, 2006

Drinkin' It Up

I loved law school. I met some really great people (including H) and had a lot of fun, even though it was a lot of work. Do you know what I did not love about law school? Finals. During the entire three-year period of law school, I only had three classes in which my entire grade was not based on the final. It was a little bit stressful. But after the two week finals period was over, the entire law school would go to this one dive bar and proceed to drink. It was marvelous.

The December parties that I have to go to now are not nearly as fun. In fact, several of them are quite painful. We went to a fun one last week at the house of a judge for whom I used to work though. Every year, he invites all his former clerks and their significant others over to partake of wine and crazy Norwegian food. H made a new friend (some guy with a job similar to H's), and I got to catch up with the awesome people with whom I clerked.

I don't have that much else going on right now, besides work. We don't have any plans for the weekend, so hopefully we will finally clean our house. We will go to the family farm to spend Christmas with H's family, and then we will go to see my family the following weekend.

I really just want to go find a dive bar and drink it up with friends right now. Well, not right now, but soon. Maybe I will just bring lots of alcohol to the farm.


JayAre said...

FINALS SUCK. Of course, I can not even IMAGINE the horror that finals week must be during law school. I'm just an undergrad (because doesn't everyone finish their BA at the tender, young age of 28?) and it has sucked the heart and soul out of me this week. I finished yesterday and still have the overwhelming feeling that I MUST READ SOMETHING AND OHMYGOD SHOULND'T I BE TAKING NOTES!?!?!

Anyway, I do hope you have a great weekend. And thanks for adding me to your sidebar, you rock!

metalia said...

Ah, the drinking days; I remember them so fondly...You KNOW I'm loving the title of this post, right? ;)

Christine said...

Weirdo. Law school here sucks. Indeed I find the people who *love* law school with starry eyes are bizarre, or clique-ish or just not for me. Sigh, really I'm just jealous of your good times.

And finals do suck, which is why I often go out drinking to boozy dive bars with my non-lawschool friends. Love a dive.

lizgwiz said...

The one thing I truly miss about my 20s is the ability to get good and sloshed on a regular basis without paying some horrible price the next day. Ah, binge I miss you. Sigh. Now I have to be all grown up and pretend it's about appreciating the qualities of a good bottle of wine or a fine, imported beer. ;)

Lawyerish said...

Ah, yes. The post-finals drinking fests. I remember them well... I also remember sleeping for about three days straight after finishing 1L exams. I felt like my whole brain had been scrubbed with a Brillo pad and bleach.

Now I have no finals, a two-beer tolerance and no time to sleep for three days straight. Come to think of it, I kind of miss school...