Saturday, December 16, 2006

Advice Needed

First: the good news. I have been working out for two weeks. In a row.
Second: the bad news. This week, it really helped me to watch the first season of Project Runway on DVD as I worked out. But I have finished the first season, and I have already seen seasons two and three.

Where you come in: Please recommend a new show that I can rent on DVD that will keep me (figuratively) glued to the seat of my bike.

Shows that I like: Arrested Development, House, The Office, Grey's Anatomy (although I haven't watched the last 4 or 5 episodes), and Gilmore Girls (except I stopped watching it last season).


darling24_7 said...

Good stuff on working out consistently!

Sadly I cant rec any shows for you as I dont watch too much of anything.

All the best!

Janet said...

six feet under? scrubs?

Marmite Breath said...

Alias!! It will make you want to have a bod like Jennifer Garner's!!


digital janitor said...

Entourage. One of the best shows on TV.

Keep up the hard work. I really need to get into a workout routine myself (New Years resolution, perhaps).

stefanie said...

Good work, R. I have been slacking with the workouts lately myself (but not, unfortunately, been letting up on the snacking at all).

I would recommend Wonderfalls or Freaks & Geeks. Both are entertaining, and both ran for less than a season before being canceled, so there are only about 13 episodes of each on DVD. This means there's no massive commitment or fear of getting hooked and having to watch six years' worth of episodes. (This is my fear with Six Feet Under and a few other shows.)

maliavale said...

I've always meant to go back and watch "Lost" from the beginning. I bet that'll be entrancing.

My favorite show, however, is "The Wire," which is enthralling and outstanding and a whole host of other adjectives.

metalia said...

Good for you on the working out!

As for some new shows, I recommend Scrubs, and my new obsession, Nip/Tuck. HIGHLY addictive. Also, if it lends any credence to my recommendations, with the exception of Gilmore Girls, I watch(ed) every one of the shows you've listed. (RIP, Arrested Development!)

princess slea said...

six feet under is completely addicting. i would get the new discs in the mail (netflix) and stay up all night watching them because i could not turn it off.
watching it on bravo is not the same either, they cut out so much.

Beth said...

You are going to scoff, but Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, which is nice as there are many seasons to keep you occupied.

Stinkypaw said...

Keep it up with the training!

I'd say "24", "Six Feet Under", "Alias" and "Supernatural" to start!

don't call me MA'AM said...

I also love Six Feet Under.

Others in my "tops" list:

The Office-BBC Version
SNL: The Best of Chris Farley
SNL: The Best of Will Farrell
Saved By The Bell... okay, just kidding on that one. ;-)

-R- said...

Darling, thanks.
Janet, I love Scrubs. Good idea!
Marmite, you are right. I think that might totally motivate me. Plus, MICHAEL VARTAN!
Digital, I have wanted to see Entourage, but I always forget about those HBO shows.
Stefanie, I've never heard of Wonderfalls. I will check it out.
Maliavale, The Wire sounds really good. I have gone back and watched Lost from the beginning. So good.
Metalia, ooo, Nip/Tuck has been recommended to be before but I haven't checked it out yet.
Princess, I think I saw Six Feet Under the one month I had HBO. It looks confusing, but maybe that would provide good reason for be to keep biking.
Beth, I only scoffed a little bit. =)
Spaw, oh those are more good suggestions!
DCMM, heh. Saved by the Bell. I have probably already seen all of those.

Galoot said...

Gotta agree with DJanitor on Entourage. Perfect for when you're doing a 30 minute cardio work out. Story arcs all over the place, yet each episode comes to a somewhat satisfying conclusion while leaving you wanting more.

sotagal said...

i would go with Alias. Or 24....

lizgwiz said...

How about Strangers with Candy? Amy Sedaris and Stephen Colbert--how can you go wrong?

Galoot said...

I concur with Ligwiz. SWC will bust your guts. Proceed with caution if you're hard core PC.

Galoot said...
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PreppyGirl said...

How about Kids in the Hall? I think all of the Seasons are out on DVD now (don't quote me on that). Good stuff.

Mocha said...

Gotta get in on some scrubs action. Seriously.

Also, if you can find it, you need to rent the first and second season of Dead Like Me with Mandy Patinkin and Jasmin Guy. Because it is great writing, good acting, and lots of witty words (plenty are offensive, but I'm ok with that).

Thank you for the comment the other day. It's taken me this long to get around to everyone! ;-)

a.nort said...

Weeds. (Showtime)
It's hilarious.

-R- said...

Thanks, everyone! I am adding all these to my Blockbuster Online list.