Friday, December 29, 2006

Golden Birthday

Today the world celebrates, as it is H's Golden Birthday!

Have you ever heard of a golden birthday? I had not before I met H and his family. A golden birthday is the birthday on which when a person's age matches his or her date of birth. Today H turns 29 on the 29th.

I feel like I have been mushy and barfy enough lately, so to H I will just say:

Why not 20? Come here so I can give you a punch hug. I love you, and happy birthday!


Christine said...

Happy Birthday H!

And also, I'm sad as I missed my golden birthday about ten years ago. I didn't know! Doh.

stefanie said...

Aw, that was sweet. Happy birthday, H!

And yes! I have heard of the whole Golden Birthday thing. I had mine when I was 18, which was pretty fun. Once I realized some people thought the whole golden birthday thing was notable, I was glad I hadn't wasted mine at age 3 or 4 or something.

Jenny said...

Happy Golden Birthday H!

And crap. I missed Golden birthday 4 years ago today. In fact, I think that was the year I forgot about my birthday altogether.

lizgwiz said...

Happy birthday, H!

My golden birthday was so long ago (19) that I can't remember if I did anything special or not. Sigh.

guinness girl said...

Oh, so sad! I missed my golden birthday, which occurred the day I turned 13. Wah.

Happy birthday, H!

Love the "Why not 20"! Ha.

metalia said...

I just had mine this year, too! 26 on the 26th. In New York, we call it a Champagne Birthday, for some reason. (Though I suppose the title is apt, as I did consume a lot.)

Happy Birthday, H!

L Sass said...

We always did golden birthdays in my family, too. My mom made a big deal of my sister's golden birthday when she was 7 (and I was 9) and I died of jealousy... I had to wait until I turned 24 for mine!

Stinkypaw said...

29? ahhh, I think I remember 29...

May H's birthday be as incredible as he is! Big hug!

ali said...

I love the golden birthday - I just never knew it had a name! My birthday is 12/12 AND I was born at 12:03. Things have really gone downhill since that magical 12th birthday.

Anonymous said...

Happy Golden Birthday to one and all. :) And if you missed your Golden Birthday, you've a second-chance Golden Birthday coming to you as well.

Joan Bramsch

Galoot said...

Happy Birthday Duder!

Carol said...

Happy Belated Golden Birthday Harold?

-R- said...

Christine, mine was when I was 5!

Stefanie, 18 would be a fun age for the golden birthday. Did you do anything special? As for wasting it, see my above response to Christine. Boo.

Jenny, you forgot your birthday? How does that happen?

Liz, I am sure it was both wonderful and not that long ago.

GG, I missed mine too. We should come up with some way to do a redo. Perhaps this year will be my Golden Birthday Plus Twenty-Three.

Metalia, happy belated Champagne birthday! What did you do to celebrate?

L sass, that is a really long time to wait!

Spaw, thanks.

Ali, that is like a platinum birthday! (I just made that up, but I think it should be a real thing.)

Anon, 2nd chance bday? Yes!

Galoot and Carol, thanks!