Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Class of '97

I received an e-mail a few days ago informing me of my upcoming ten year high school reunion. I didn't actually receive the e-mail from the organizing committee. I was on the list of people under the heading, "Does anyone have the e-mail address of any of these people?" (Not that I was the only one on that list. There were about 425 people in my high school graduating class, and there were around 200 names on the "missing people" list.) I only stay in touch with two people from high school, so it was pretty shocking that one of these people actually got the e-mail and forwarded it on to me.

I am not going to go to the reunion, but I did reply to the e-mail so that the committee would have my contact information. There are several reasons why I am not going to go to the reunion. First, it is about a six hour drive from here. Second, I can't think of anyone who I am just dying to see. Third, I am guessing that most of the attendees will be people who still live in the area and who still see each other from time to time, and I will just be standing on the outside, making small talk with people I haven't seen for ten years. Fourth, I don't have any old high school enemies that I need to go face or impress with my awesomeness, like some guest on Maury Povich; i.e., "I Was Ugly When I Was 14, But Now I'm A Bodybuilder, So Take That!"

I don't think we should even have a reunion. I think the committee should collect everyone's pictures, addresses, job information, and relationship status. Then they should put all that info in a booklet and send it to everyone so that I can mock my old classmates from the comfort of my own home. I would send in the following picture:

[really bad picture of me aiming my finger guns at the camera]
What's up, bizatches?

[Note: this was taken right after I got done working out, so it is not exactly my best look.]

Or maybe this one:
[H and me at my friend's wedding last summer]
Aw, yeah. Former president of the debate team and HOTT stuff. Also, I'm still short.


-R- said...

I did have friends in high school, by the way. We just didn't stay in touch. I was not a loser! I swear!

Libragirl said...

My hs reunion was in 1998. I didn't go because 1. I hated hs. If I wanted to keep in touch with you I would have
2. It' was 110$ a person to go. They held it in a hotel 1 hour away. My hs was 2 minutes from my parents house and there were hotels next to the school. Why have it so far away. HS was stupid.

Em said...

I moved away from my hometown, but thank God for email. I still keep in touch with five or six kids I grew up with, so I can't wait for my 10 year reunion.

I did hate high school though ... but I do so appreciate the friendships that came from it.

claire said...

ugh - yeah, i got a postcard for mine for next year. i don't know what to do about it. i haven't contacted the committee like you did... that's probably a nice thing to do.
it's just so awkward and really, it's only been 10 years, right? that's not really long enough to miss those people...
besides, why do we need a reunion when all of them are on myspace? we can just look in on them from there.

and they all still hang out together, too. that bugs the crap out of me. branch out, people...

3carnations said...

I didn't keep in touch with anyone from high school - and it would be about a 12 hour drive for me.

We live in hubby's hometown. His reunion was 2 years ago...and we ALMOST went. Then decided $25 per person that only included "light appetizers" at 6PM wasn't worth the trouble because we would just leave hungry.

stefanie said...

Wow; look at you all fancy-schmancy in that last picture... :-)

I went to my five-year reunion. My class had only 100 people, but I still thought it was ridiculous that only about 10 of them came. With spouses and boyfriends/girlfriends, the total event was still under 20 people. I decided I probably don't ever need to go to a reunion again.

steve said...

I went to my 10 year (20 year is coming up soon), and while I wasn't expecting much, I ended up chatting with a woman who I'd had a bit of a crush on during high school.

We hit it off at the reunion and actually ended up dating for about 8 months (broke up due to long distance).

Paisley said...

My 10 year was LAME! Same cliques, same same same. People either looked exactly the same or so freakishly different.

Not fun. We had a booklet and I wish I just paid for that instead of going as well. Icky. Besides, anyone I care to keep in touch with from hs - i do. meh.

L Sass said...

I'm class of '99, so I have a couple years to go. We had a 5-year reunion, which I thought was lame, but at the time, I thought I would definitely go to 10. Increasingly, though, I'm not sure that I care. I still talk to ~7 people from high school. I feel like that's enough.

jes said...

this past fall i had my '96 reunion. was lame. wouldn't do it again. was forced to go because: on reunion committee. am scarred. wouldn't do it again.

princess slea said...

I unfortunately have returned to my hometown (though hopefully not for too much longer) so I get asked ALL the time when I am planning the next reunion. UH....I was not the class president or secretary or any other position that would indicate I had a desire to be responsible for that job.
I'm like you, I already keep in touch with the people I want to and don't care one way or the other about the rest of them.
maybe my attitude will change when i'm 70 and there are only a few of us left.

boozie said...

Hey, we're the same age! Mine is this year, too and little-known Boozie fact: I was a way super dooper over-acheiver in the way of social clubs. I am "supposed" to be on the planning committee but I have absolutely no interest in even going, let alone planning it! I had friends in HS, too...I understand :)

Edge said...

I'd go. The 10 year one is the best. After that it's just people dying and getting divorced and in rehab.

It was odd how people mellowed.

And you can tell how bowtoxed and plasticed up some of the hottie cheerleaders got! Or how pudgy the football guys got.

But I seem to be in the minority here.


Kim said...

I didn't keep in touch with anyone from high school...but I wouldn't go even if I did. It all seems so stupid.

JayAre said...

I didn't go to mine last year partly because I didn't feel like traveling all the way back there, and partly because I have the worst memory for people EVER. Several years ago while home visiting, a guy walked up to me and started chatting. He said we'd gone to school together. He told me not only what clubs he had been in, but he remembered what I had been in as well. I straight up told him I didn't remember him, thinking honesty would be my best bet, and also, was he a crazy person that stalked me in high school? Later that day I called a friend to see if she had any idea who he was, and it turns out we had gone all the way from kidnergarten through high school graduation together. SO EMBARASSING. So really, no point in going to the reunion. Might as well go hang out in any old room full of strangers.

Lawyerish said...

I skipped my ten year reunion, and not just because I happened to be on my honeymoon at the time. I had ZERO desire to go hobnob with a bunch of people I didn't especially care for in the first place. I'm still friends with two people from high school/growing up, and that's it. I don't mind hearing what everyone's doing, but I didn't need to stand around awkwardly holding a plastic cup of beer for that.

After the reunion, someone distributed online photos, and I was SO glad I hadn't gone. It was clear that people sat with their same stupid cliques and...basically stood around drinking beer out of plastic cups.


And you look great in that gussied-up photo! Very glam.

metalia said...

I *love* the finger guns in your first pose.

And DUDE-- I was also president of the debate team in high school!

Resolved: We are giant losers.

lizgwiz said...

I went to my 10-year. I hadn't stayed in touch with anyone, really, and was curious. (Besides, I looked really good that year.) I had a good time, largely due to the open bar. It was interesting. I considered going to my 25-year recently (makes me feel old even to type "25-year"), but they decided to do an outdoor camping thing. In August. In Oklahoma. I don't DO outdoor things in August in Oklahoma. (Were they nuts?)

PreppyGirl said...

I went to my 10 year and got really drunk as I recall (and that's the ONLY thing I could recall after about 10 pm that night - ugh).

Stephanie mama drama said...

I'm short, too!!

Oh, and I am with libragirl. I didn't like those people then, and there's no indication I would like them now.

But you so purty in HS!!