Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Fun In the Guest Bathroom

Surprise! More pictures!

L Sass of Sass Attack asked me to demonstrate the appropriate facial expression for dealing with a ridiculous work situation. I am not very good at hiding my disdain for ridiculous situations, so here are the faces I probably make.


This isn't ridiculous at all. See - I am happy.


Please tell me you are not being serious.

Since I am on a facial expression roll, I will now demonstrate the appropriate expression to make when you find out you have just gotten on the wrong bus, requested by Jenny at Mama Drama.


Ummm... I am pretty sure this is the wrong bus.


Where the hell am I, and where the hell am I going?

I feel that this expression really encompasses both "I can't believe how freaking ridiculous this work situation is," AND "I can't believe I just got on the wrong bus." In other words, this is my most common expression.


metalia said...

I am also awful at hiding my emotions, and would probably make a similar face. Also? I LOVE the framed black and white pix behind you.

sognatrice said...

That last face is definitely my most common as well. And the most likely thought while making this face? "Oh for the love of God."

Marmite Breath said...

I just want to know how the hell you took pictures of yourself without laughing. I can never manage it. I always end up feeling faintly ridiculous and cracking a smile when I'm trying to be serious.

Jenny said...

Okay I just had to give my boss the "What? I'm working. I just happen to be laughing hystercally at this excel spreadsheet. I'm not on the internet, I promise" look.

I think she bought it.

Christine said...

That's hilarious. And I echo Marmite, I wouldn't have been able to not laugh.

Noelle said...

I hate being on the wrong bus. It's so scary. I got on the wrong train once, and ended up in some uncharted realm of Westchester County. Awful. Sadly, I did not have a camera to record my reaction.

Lawyerish said...

I am dying. This is so funny. You're very good with the facial expressions! And your bathroom is a very pretty shade of green.

L Sass said...

Ha!! I also have a terrible poker face during ridiculous work situations. Fortunately, my desk is conveniently located next to a half wall, so I can easily contort my face into looks of disbelief / annoyance without being spotted!

Paisley said...

You crack me up.

Love the green walls.

My most practiced looks is "I'm not falling asleep, I'm thinking really hard about this contract". Because, you know - the BABY! and my lack of sleep thereof.

Stinkypaw said...

Quite the expressive one!

don't call me MA'AM said...

You gots you some mad skillz, yo.

(I am currently stuffing my mouth with Quaker multigrain minis to keep from laughing out loud)

-R- said...

In all honesty, I have already made the first facial expression on this page at least five times today. OMG.

claire said...

this is seriously funny. i love the bus face.


Em said...

HA! I've never even ridden on a public bus (other than to school) but I have heard stories from people who have gotten on the wrong bus (even the wrong GREYHOUND bus - yikes!) and I can imagine that is the exact face they made at the time. Love it!

I also love the color of the walls & your b&w pics behind you -- way to go!