Monday, February 26, 2007

Come See the Softer Side of H

Look how sweet and nice H looks! Going to church for Ash Wednesday Mass brings out H's softer side.
[H and me with ashy heads]

Taking pictures of H while driving early in the morning does not bring out quite the same side of H.
[H flipping me off while I make a scared face]

[In case you don't realize this, H likes to pose as though he is very angry, but he really isn't. I make ridiculous faces, and he makes mad faces and flips me off. It's how we roll.]

Grumpy Frump and Metalia asked me to take pictures of myself and the finger guns. Below, you can see me and the finger guns at SuperTarget.
[me pointing at random items in Target while wearing a giant puffy coat]
Can you tell it was cold this weekend?

L Sass asked me to demonstrate my feeling towards Peeps.
[me trying to make a face of disgust while holding a box of Peeps at Target]
I am not a fan. Also, this may be the worst picture taken of me EVER. I kind of look like a chipmunk who is about to start gnawing on this box of Peeps. But I am not because Peeps are gross.

I don't have a lot of stories for you right now unless you want to hear about my work. Which you don't. Trust me. Here is a little sample: Today, I had to revise an agreement. This meant I had to read the same agreement about 25 times to check all the internal references and make sure every term was properly defined. Wow! That is thrilling! I know.


metalia said...

I *love* the finger guns; I had no idea you felt so strongly about dairy alternatives, R!

sognatrice said...

Aw, what a teddy bear (with a mean flip) :)

L Sass said...

It appears that our sentiments towards Peeps are very similar!!

It baffles me that people choose Peeps over all of the other delicious Easter candy offerings-- e.g. Robin's Eggs and Cadbury Eggs. Those people are fools!

Noelle said...

I agree with the Peeps. I thank goodness that they are made with gelatin, so I can politely decline them as a vegetarian. So ick!

lizgwiz said...

I don't get the Peeps love, either. I also have no great affection for Cadbury Creme Eggs. They're just sickly sweet, in my opinion. Robin's Eggs, though--good stuff. And those little coconut Russell Stover bird's nests. So cute!

Em said...

It appears our husbands have the same love for deceiving people who don't know them ... Marty hates smiling for pics so always looks angry. But I love him for his weirdness so there.

Kim said...

Peeps are gross!!

however this is also the time of year for Cadbury's creme eggs...and I love me some of those!

Paisley said...

I hate Peeps, too! I also hate the creme eggs, but my husband lurves them so much he buys 6,593 of them and eats them all at once. blech!

chocolate covered marshmallow eggs? YUMMY


Lawyerish said...

The Peeps picture SLAYED me. And I feel the same way. Peeps blow.

monkeybrigade said...

I've been a peeps lover my entire life and I find this post highly offensive.

Isabel said...

How can you hate th peeps? What have they done to you except be super yummy??

don't call me MA'AM said...

Yay for finger guns!!!

Boo for Peeps. I'm with you... those things are dee-skust-eeeeeeng!

Buffy said...

I left the country because of peeps.

Beat that.