Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Be Very Afraid

H: [incredulously] I can't believe you're my wife.
Me: [dramatically] Goodbyyyyyyyyye, city life!
H: ...
H: Wait, yes, I can believe it. It is all too real.

Moments later:
Me: [Sings entire Green Acres theme song]
Me: Will you support me if I quit my job to become a singer?
H: Yes. I can be your agent and charge 10 percent.
Me: Great!
H: What's 10 percent of nothing?


And now, what you have all been waiting for: the second installment of the end-of-the month quiz challenge! Last time, you had to pick who you preferred between (a) Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton and (b) Noel and Ben. Like last time, I would appreciate it if you don't wimp out and say you can't decide. You must pick one!

Here are your choices for February:

1. Alex P. Keaton or Mike Seaver
2. 'N Sync or Backstreet Boys

The results of this very important quiz will be posted on Thursday night. If you respond by Thursday at 8 pm Central, I will include your answer in the Quadrant o' Results, and you can see if we are still friends or not. Just kidding! Of course I will still be your friend [if you pick the right answers].


Jonna said...

Are you kidding?! that first choice IS SO NOT EVEN A CHOICE.

Alex P. Keaton. GAWD. Mike Seaver? MIKE SEAVER? You cannot be serious. Never. Never ever ever. He has fish lips.

However, they both married guests on their respective shows - how cool!

Also, Backstreet Boys. Please. No Justin Timberlake for me. And other than him, what would my options be? Lance? No. Chris? NO. Joey? HELL NO. JC? MOTHEREFFING HELL TO THE NO.

janet said...

NSYNC for sure. I'm gonna go with Mike Seaver only because wasn't Alex P. Keaton like a young republican twerp? I was born in 1981 and perhaps a year or two too young for this one...or just too dense?

jen said...

This is a tough one. Definitely Alex P. Keaton because Seaver got so preachy at the end. Also, that episode where Alex and Ellen are in the train station and "At This Moment" is playing in the background? Heart-melting.

As to BSB v. *Nsync, I have to go w/ JT's alma mater, if only because my little sister subjected me to a concert of theirs in New Jersey, and THAT is sisterly love. Also, any love for BSB is retroactively shot due to Nick Lachey's recent behavior.

sognatrice said...

Oh dear. At the height of the Seaver success, I would've said Mikey, but you know, with age comes wisdom, and even though he's a young Republican twerp (yes, Janet, you got it!), I'd have to go with Alex. Cute as hell, responsible to a fault...and he seemed to mellow out at the end. A bit. And although Mikey seems more in line with my previous choice of Ben (in the Ben/Noel discussion), I have to go with Alex P. Who wouldn't want Elise and Steven as in-laws? Just family campfire singing nights would sell it for me.

And I've never liked 'N Sync or any of its members, so it's gotta be BSB. What can I say? I want it that way.

claire said...

Alex P. Keaton all the way. I never had the same love for Mike Seaver that everyone else did. Maybe i just didn't get it. And while the young republican twerp thing kind of got in the way, you could tell his intentions were pure. Oh, Alex... how we miss you.

And since i've never been a fan of the boy-band phenomenon, i have no idea which one to pick, so i will do so totally randomly.

I choose....BSB. There.

(Also, now i have Green Acres stuck in my head... dammit).

Marmtite Breath said...

I have only seen Family Ties and Growing Pains in reruns as an adult. I never watched them growing up--not sure if they were on in England, but I don't remember watching them. But Michael J Fox is lovely. I choose him. As Alex, of course.

I refuse to choose the other. There is only ONE boy band and that is Take That.
PS) When the hell is H going to blog?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Christine said...

Goodness, back in the day, Mike Seaver over Alex P. Keaton. Although these days I have a soft spot for Michael J. Fox and not Cameron (but I blame his new found love of Jesus.)

And N'Sync over BSB. Because they totally had the dance moves I had when I was 8 in jazz class in their first video and my sister and I saw it and said, "OHMYGOD they have Ms. Debbies moves!"

princess slea said...

alex p. keaton (but i did think mike seaver was cute)
backstreet boys (if new kids on the block were a choice, i'd choose them though)

lizgwiz said...

Alex P. Keaton, of course! Those scenes between him and Tracy Pollan were so smokin' hot, you just KNEW there was something real there. I always wanted to smack Mike Seaver. Truthfully, I always wanted to smack most of the Seavers. (Which didn't keep me from watching their reunion movie a few years ago, to my chagrin.)

What, I can't pick O-Town? (Okay, I admit it--I was somewhat addicted to the first season of Making the Band. Hee.) Okay, if death is not an option--Backstreet Boys.

guinness girl said...

Alex P. Keaton, dude. Even though he's too short for me.

And definitely the Backstreet Boys. I should be embarrassed to admit that I love that song "I Want It That Way" and once listened to it on repeat for hours.

Apropos of nothing, I have a friend who had sex with Joey Fatone from N Sync. Ha.

Kim said...

I had crushes on both Michael J. Fox and Kirk Cameron growing up, but I'm going to choose Alex P. Keaton...love that guy!

also, never really like either NSync or BSB, but since I supposedly have to choose, I'll pick NSync because I kinda like Justin...his new song's pretty good.

Paisley said...

APK, fo sho! I loved that show and Mike Seaver was just so goofy and irresponsible and got on my nerves towards the end.

Um....I will choose NSYNC only because I know more of their songs. I was never into either band that much. Those were my Sarah McLaughlan/Tori Amos days. :)

jes said...

Alex. Totally.

And, uh, why is NKOTB not on that list?

Boozie said...

I was going to say Mike Seaver, but then I remembered how he became a Christian super hero and that's just wierd. But then Alex P. Keaton was addicted to pep pills, so hmmmm. I'll go with Alex.

And though Justin Timberlake is the hottest thing of EVER, Backstreet had better songs ("I want it that way" anyone?) so they get my vote.

Jhianna said...

Oh yeah - Alex P. Keaton all the way. Mike Seaver was cute, but just no.

If I have to pick a boy band, then I guess it would be the Backstreet Boys. I'm not sure I could pick out any of their songs, but they don't have Timberlake, so that's a plus.

Anonymous said...

Alex N'Sync ... can't stand BackDoor Boys.


3carnations said...

1. While Mike Seaver was more likely to make it on my wall in the form of a poster from Tiger Beat magazine, Alex P. Keaton wins, hands down. He wins the longevity vote - 20 years ago I probably would have said Mike Seaver. Now there's no competition.

2. I would choose to turn off my radio.

Jenni said...

Mike Seaver. I had a HUGE crush on him. I do love Michael J. Fox, but the character of Alex was annoying. Now if you were to choose between Mike Seaver & Marty McFly...it would be Marty for sure! :)

N'Sync. How can you NOT love them?

Laura B. said...

So, as an adult I would choose Alex, but if I am being honest, it was Mike who did it for me when I was young. I had Kirk Cameron posters all over my wall and may or may not have kissed said posters on occasion. (That would be before I moved onto my Jon Bon Jovi obsession and Kirk was dethroned.)

I really have never listened to either of those bands other than what was on the radio and I cannot remember whose song was whose, but if forced to choose I would say 'nsync only because I like Justin Timberlake. OH! And also because I HATE the song "As Long As You Love Me" which iTunes has just confirmed was by the Backstreet Boys. "I don't care who you are, where you're from, what you did, as long as you love me..." WTF? I hate those lyrics.

Lawyerish said...

APK. Fo sho! Mike Seaver. BAHAHA! He was a supreme tool, and I was never into curly hair on guys. Alex P. Keaton, on the other hand, wore monogrammed sweaters and wanted to go to Princeton. That's my kind of guy.

I have to go with NYSYNC. They have some damn catchy songs, and those moves? Aww yeah. And obviously they have JT, who is hott in the weirdest sort of way.

Katrina the Ballerina said...

APK--I didn't think politics until my later years and I did not like Growing Pains.

?? 'N Sync?? Even reading through the comments of which songs were by which band and who Justin and Nick rolled with, I just can't keep it straight. I'm crossing my fingers that we can still be friends.

Sparkling Cipher said...

I'm so very an Alex girl. And N'Sinc, I guess. Those backstreet boys kinda creeped me out. Well, so did Joey Fatone and that guy with the weird hair, but not as bad. But I was a boy-crazy adolescent in the 90s, sooo isnt' NKOTB an option? I was very much a Jordan girl, too.

Bethany said...

Alex P. Keaton.

Let me flip my coin here...heads, NSYNC wins.

don't call me MA'AM said...

Alex P. Keaton... any day.

Backstreet Boys. I have a reason. Really I do.

don't call me MA'AM said...

Also... Am I the only lame-o who knows that Nick Lachey was NOT in BSB... he was in 98 Degrees. Nick Carter was in BSB.

I'm so lame. BUT, I have two daughters who loved all three of those bands (nstink, BSB, and 98)during their tween years. Believe me, I know more about all those groups than I would EVER admit.

JayAre said...

1. Mike Seaver, but only because I met his sister (that girl that was Full House?) and she was super nice so I have to assume that he is too.

2. I honestly couldn't tell the difference between them, who was in which or what songs they sing, but I think Backstreet Boys is a cooler name. So I pick them.