Wednesday, February 28, 2007

More Questions

It has been a while since I have done a good ol' Thursday Thirteen, so I am going to try one today. But first, if you haven't responded to the questions in my last post, go check those out and leave me a comment so that you can be on the Quandrant o' Awesomeness. I would link to my last post, but apparently Blogger hates me right now, so I can't. If you are unable to leave me a comment, send me an e-mail at the address at the top of my site, and I will be sure to include you in the QoA.

As I was saying, I am overdue for a Thursday Thirteen. I was going to test out a new phenomenon mentioned by Stefanie the other day by asking Google questions and using it as my Magic 8-Ball. I asked four questions, and it was so boring that I will not subject you to a discussion of what I found. Instead, I will list 13 questions that I wish Google could answer for me.

1. How can I get a new contact prescription without actually going to the eye doctor?
2. How much is it going to snow tomorrow, and is it worth going in to work, or will I just end up stuck on the bus all day because of the stupid snow?
3. If I were going to try out for American Idol, what song should I sing (other than the theme song to Green Acres)?
4. Do you like my new coat?
5. Isn't it way better than that giant white puffy one pictured below in my photos from SuperTarget?
6. Will H ever actually post on this blog?
7. Or will he keep promising to me that he will write something but then never do it?
8. Why haven't I done anything embarrassing lately that I can write about?
9. Do you hate me because question 8 ends in a preposition?
10. Is it bad that I kind of have a crush on George Michael Bluth from Arrested Development?
11. Is everyone going to think I'm a perv because last week I was pretending like it was ok for a 26 year-old woman to date a high school senior, and now I am admitting my crush on a too young for me (and fictional!) high school student?
12. Should I keep my hair the length that it is or grow it out a little bit more?
13. Why don't I have anything interesting to write?


3carnations said...

1. I'm pretty sure you can't. To make it worse, last year when I went, the doctor insisted on changing my type of contacts so I even had to go back for a followup. Arghh. I even it out by buying two years of contacts at once so I don't have to go back for at least 2 years.
2. I figure it's always worth trying to get to work...We are having a thunder and lightning sleet storm right now. Wild.
3. A Moment Like This. It's ironic, because it's the song of an American Idol winner, and it's got some high notes, so it will be easy to tell if you've got the right stuff.
4. Um...Yes. Very flattering.
5. That one was cute, too. We don't have SuperTarget. Just regular ole Target. Which is fine.
6. Apparently not. If he did, I wouldn't even read it at this point. Tell him not to bother. :)
7. Yep. False promises.
8. Just unlucky I guess. Don't worry, I'm sure you'll do something very foolish soon! :)
9. That's not something you need to worry yourself with.
10. As long as you don't tell
11. No, but you might get some interesting Google searches out of it: "Can a 26 year old date a high school senior without seeming like a perv?"
12. Grown it out just a little more (I say that simply because that's what I'm doing)
13. If you get an answer to that, tell me, because I think I'm about to get an award for "Dullest Blog" for February 2007.

One Smart Cookie said...

Ooh! Ooh! I might be able to help - as long as you're pretty sure that your prescription hasn't actually changed. If you just need a renewed prescription, what you do is call your eye doctor and explain that you are just DYING to make an appointment, but the thing is, you're switching insurance in two months, and it will be much cheaper for you if you can come in two months from now. BUT you need a renewed prescription now because you are out of contacts and he wouldn't want you wearing old nasty dirty contacts would he? Have him fax/mail you the prescription and then you order through 1-800-CONTACTS. It helps if you actually make an appointment for two months from now - you can cancel it later.

princess slea said...

I call my eye doctor and tell them I'm out of contacts and ask if they have any on hand. They usually give me a couple of pairs for free to get me by (i use the disposable ones but wear them way longer than two weeks).

Jenny said...

Finally! I tried posting a comment a million times last night.

1. Alex Keaton and whichever boy band had justin timberlake in it.

2. I totally wrote a draft about Victor singing Green Acres to me. We share a mind.

3. Geroge Michael Bluth - Me too. Did you see him this weekend on Adult Swim?

4. You pretty much failed my David Sedaris test.

Jenny said...

God. The typos in that last comment are glaring at me.

How embarrassing.

beingmccrary said...

1. I would say call and ask your Doctor, but I'm pretty sure they want to get every cent they can out of you, so they'll make you come in.
2. Always call in to work.
3. Sexyback. So they know who is really bringing it back.
4. Love it!
5. I'm just mad you have a Super Target and I don't.
6. He just wants his own blog, but doesn't think it can live up to yours so he's a chicken.
7. See above.
8. Maybe you could set up embarrassing moments for your friends and write about that?
9. I don't.
10. No, I had a crush on Stephen from Laguna Beach.
11. You are a perv for other reasons maybe not just that one?
12. Grow it. You can always cut it.
13. Because it's winter and winter sucks and nothing exciting happens this time of year. Except thunderstorms on my way to work with snow on the ground. WTH?

lizgwiz said...

There is no shame in having a crush on ANYONE involved with Arrested Development, a.k.a. "The Greatest Comedy in Television History." Old, young, male, female--you have my permission to lust after any and all. ;)

PreppyGirl said...

I think you should sing the theme to Silver Spoons.

Tell H to blog already.

Now that I've seen Harry Potter's wiener, I think I have a thing for him too.

Jen said...

Found you on Onesmartcookies Blog.
I love you bloggers. I Blog ish.
Not to the extent you guys do, and I feel you are all here for my personal enjoyment. Thank you!
Do not feel bad about thinking the young ones are hot. I am a 32 year old wife and mother of a seven year old. I will be seeing Justin Timberlake in concert in ONE WEEK. I cannot wait. Im frothing at the mouth.
Also, I love cross country season at the local high school here because the boys run around shirtless. I do not make this known around town, though.

don't call me MA'AM said...

I answered your quiz in the comments on that post.

1. Beats me... don't wear them.
2. Hopefully, you didn't get as much as we did. I'm stuck in my house.
3. You should sing "I Will Survive." Cause you would ROCK that song!
4. YES!
5. way better
6. I hope so.
7. No, he made a promise, and H is the kind of guy who keeps promises.
8. Ummm, because you're too cool?
9. No, it's totally acceptable in a blog.
10. no comment
11. see #10
12. grow it a little longer?
13. writer's block

guinness girl said...

If I were going on AI, I would totally sing Love Child by Diana Ross. You know, since you asked and all.

metalia said...

I, too, love George Michael Bluth; I don't blame you in the least.

If you were going on AI, you should sing "She Bangs." That way, even if you don't make it, you're practically guaranteed some form of stardom, in the form of the "wacky weirdos montage."

You can thank me later.

Buffy said...

Dig the new coat. (I'm set to default)