Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Results Are In

My version of a Venn diagram. I had to make this crazy graph since so many of you refused to choose!

If you have no idea what this is about, please click here.

The correct answers were: Dolly and Ben!

Dolly Parton is better than Kenny Rogers because (1) she is hilarious, (2) I like her music, (3) she doesn't take herself too seriously, (4) "9 to 5" is a great movie, and (5) have you ever seen her on Conan- she is a fantastic guest. I am sad to tell you that I have never even heard of the movie "Six Pack" that Kenny Rogers allegedly starred in.

Ben is better than Noel because I like the whole idea of longing for someone from afar for so long and then finally having him fall in love with you too. Also, I was thinking with my groinal area (TM Hollow Squirrel). Noel is definitely smarter and a better long-term boyfriend, but he needed to get a backbone. (I need to rent the Felicity DVDs though because I have forgotten a lot about this show.)

Congratulations to L Sass, Hollow Squirrel, Don't Call Me Ma'am, and LC for having the right answers!

Special shout-outs go to my peeps who heart Bailey Salinger: Preppygirl, Edge, Silly Hily, Jeannette, Metalia, and Kim.

An honorable mention goes to Janet for having the craziest and best story ever written in my comments.

Obviously, some of you did not make the chart this time because you wrote about 30-year-old placentas, Nobel Prize winners, or you said you didn't like any of the choices I gave you. The fact that you are not on the chart does not mean I love you any less.

I may make this choosing between random things and people a monthly event because I rather enjoyed this.


Edge said...

YOu like me, you really, realy like me.


Edge said...

And I spell bad when I get up from my nap.


Sparkling Cipher said...

Diane Lane was in Six Pack! And so was Anthony Michael Hall. It's about a bunch of smart-mouthed orphans who steal car parts and are taken in by a stock car driver. Some good music.

I must confess, for me it was close. Six Pack decided it for me. I like it more than any movie Dolly has done, including Steel Magnolias. I love her, but Six Pack has a special place in my heart.

stefanie said...

I have many thoughts. (I'm sure you are terribly surprised about this.)

1. I have never seen a Venn diagram done in squares. I found it a bit confusing, but I respect the problem solving skills that led you to map things out that way.

2. H played along? And he couldn't decide between Ben and Noel? I am guessing he refused to answer that one, but I think it would have been funnier had he actually had an opinion on who was better.

3. I totally thought you were going to be a Noel girl. That's OK. I hope we're still friends.

I think I had other comments, but I can't recall them without seeing the picture, and this comment is crazy long enough as it is. So I'll stop. :-)

-R- said...

H did not know who Noel and Ben were. And when I said they were on Felicity, H asked, "What is Felicity?" Who would have thunk it?

Also, in completely random news, me + 2.5 glasses of wine + 1 glass of Bailey's on the rocks + work function = bad idea. FYI.

stefanie said...

Whoo. I love it! R is drunk-commenting... in her OWN comments! :-)

I have drunk commented many times. I am glad you are on board.

(By the way, I have had two White Russians myself this evening, so this may qualify as a drunk comment as well.)

P.S. "What is Felicity"?? Ugh. Boys.

princess slea said...

i missed weighing in on that post, i'm so behind.
i doubt i would have made your list though as i have no idea who ben and noel are (i thought noel was a girl).
i love dolly AND kenny

L Sass said...

Yes! Clearly, Dolly and Ben are the only right answers!!

Paisley said...

I didn't reply because I had no idea who Ben was. I never watched Felicity.

Please still love me.

I HEART Bailey Salinger. I drooled over him. Still do.

Silly Hily said...

I was strictly thinking of the music with Kenny and Dolly. The movies never crossed my mind. But I love me some Steel Magnolias. Ah Trudy. "I'm a CHAIN!"

I'm loving all this charting business.

don't call me MA'AM said...

I love Venn diagrams.

Ack. Six Pack was an awful movie. The only plus was a lovely little quote about "shaking the dew of my lily" from a young boy with a thick southern accent. Classic.

LC said...

Dammit! and Yay!

I am in the winning square! And I want to be linked! I just finished doing a ton of changes to my blog. :P

LC said...

Making. Not doing. Making.