Saturday, March 17, 2007

All Over the Place

I am back from the land of all work, all the time. Kind of. Hopefully.

I bought two new cute shirts and a cute pair of pants at Ann Taylor Loft, so I am feeling kind of fashionable and also bargain-hunty, as I got everything on sale. I think my next purchase is going to be a pair of patent leather shoes. The question is what color I should get. I would also like to get a new jacket I can wear to work. Why do you care? Sorry, I have forgotten how to blog!

Oh, in shoe-related stories, I told H on Friday that a girl at the bus stop had complimented my shoes. H's response: "And then she saw that you were distracted and stole your wallet?"

Both my teams are out of the NCAA tournament. I am sad. But H and I watched his home town win the state championship today, so that was fun. H went to the quarterfinal game with his mom, but we have just been too busy for either of us to go to the other games. H said the game was fun because the whole town (and a lot of alumni) showed up to support the team. Sometimes I think growing up in a really small town would have been fun.

Another H story: I was trying to find the Xavier/Ohio State game on the radio today. It wasn't on the station I thought it would be on (1130 AM), so I started flipping around the AM dial. H said, "It's on 1130!" I told him it wasn't, but he got annoyed and insisted he was right. Then he switched it to 1130, which was not playing any sort of basketball game.

"You are so condescending and so wrong!" I said.

H said, "You think I'm condescending? I'm surprised you picked up on that." I laughed, and H proceeded to laugh for about 5 minutes more because he cracks himself up.

Finally, in H related stories, he got his yellow belt in jiu jitsu today, and I am very proud of him. Getting your yellow belt means you get to start learning submission holds, and I am sure that he will want to practice them on me. Seeing that he can bench press 315 pounds, and I weigh considerably less than that, I am a little concerned about what these submission holds will entail. But I am still proud.

Ok, I need to practice my blogging because this entry sucks. Also, it sounds like H is mean to me all the time and possibly beats me up. But he is not and does not.

Finally, I would like to share with you some of the lamer e-mail address from some of the people that were in my high school graduating class: - Maybe this person has a baby that they named BJ? Or maybe this person is just a weirdo? - Did someone else already have the e-mail address "name_xtc"? I seriously wonder if this is the e-mail address of the guy who used to deal drugs in high school. But I am not going to e-mail him and write, "Hey, are you the drug dealer from the class of 97? And if so, do you really want to be advertising that in your e-mail address?" - OMG! Do you stay out late? YOU ARE SO COOL. - Ok, so that's not bad, but I cannot figure out who in my class could now either be a youth pastor or just have very strong feelings about youth pastors.


metalia said...

See, the practical side of me says to get black patent leather shoes. My wilder side (Blanche?) say to go for a deep wine...such as these bad boys, which I am buying, like, yesterday:

Pretty! And the wedge heel makes ameliorates the potential for the stripper pole-ish look that a patent leather shoe could have with a regular heel...See what I mean? Ho city:

Also? I may or may not be slightly tipsy as I write this (can you tell?), so I apologize for any spelling/grammar errors. (Lest you feel compelled to call Child Services on my ass, please note that a good friend of ours had a b-day party tonight, we went out for the first time in for-EVAH, and Toopweets is in the capable, non-tipsy hands of my lovely parents.)

I think I'll go lie down now.

Jenny said...

God. Who DOESN'T have a thing for Youth Pastors?

Also, my email address is named after a cat I've never met. No judgements please.

PS. Check out my blog today, chaquita.

princess slea said...

I had a crush on MY youth pastor when I was 13. hmmmm, wonder where jim is now?

Maliavale said...

Maybe that person really likes the band XTC? You know, "Dear God, sorry to disturb you but, ... "

Also I now want those wine-colored Steve Madden wedges, too. WOW. Those are hot. And Marie Claire told me last night that patent leather was in. I vote yes!

stefanie said...

I had comments on your actual post, but then people got me all distracted with their comments. Like, you won an award! Yay! And also, Metalia's right; those are cute shoes, but... FOUR-INCH Heels?? Holy cow. How does one walk in those? Also, being nearly 5'10" myself, I am amused at the idea of shoes that make me almost 6'2". People would point and stare. I would love it. :-)

I also agree with Malia that the first thing I thought of was XTC the band, not the drug. But I'm all tame and goodie-goodie like that.

OK, this is a crazy long comment, but I will also tell you that I have two friends with obviously lame sisters, as their addresses are "" (lame AND a poor speller!) and "" I do not understand either of those. At all.

-R- said...

Oooo! I like these, which come in black and wine, but I don't know if I can do 3.5 inch heels. And I definitely don't think I could do 4 inch heels. Although I would only be 5'7"! Stefanie, you should wear 4 inch heels, and I will wear flats. We will get lots of stares!

Girl con Queso said...

Who knew there were 79 name_xtcs out there. It's really true that there are no more original names out there.

don't call me MA'AM said...

Damn you, Steve Madden, and your enticing shoes. Gah. I want them BOTH.

I never understood the crazy emails... especially when people submit them on their freaking resumes. Come on. It's not like it costs you anything to get a respectable email address. Save the freak names for your freak friends.

And YAY! for H!!