Thursday, March 22, 2007


[This post has been updated as of 3/27/07.]

Panic attack!

I challenged all of you to post a picture of yourself from your high school prom, and I was worried I wouldn't get home from work in time to write this post. Luckily, I got home at 9:20, but then I COULD NOT FIND A PICTURE OF MYSELF AT PROM. I looked through four different photo albums and a big plastic bin before I finally did find some pictures from my junior prom. Phew. I also found the most embarrassing photo of me EVER. Maybe some day I will be brave enough to post it, but that day is not today.

A side note: H insists that I never went to prom. We went to high school in different states and didn't meet until I was 22 and H was 23, but H insists that he knows I didn't go to prom. In fact, I went to both my junior and senior proms. These pictures will do nothing to prove to H that I actually went to prom. Just like he insists that Dr Pepper does not have caffeine and there is no such thing as Caffeine Free Dr Pepper. H is weird. I have no explanation.

Without further ado, a picture of me before the prom.

Nerdy, but not as embarrassing as I was afraid it might be.

[I have changed my mind. Every time I look at this picture, it gets worse. The glasses. The hair. OMG, why did my mom not insist that she help me with my makeup because I look like a freak! And I have no idea what shoes I wore, but I am sure they were bad. Oh, man.]

[PS Those are sequins on the top. I was very shiny. But I still have fond feelings for the dress.]

Here is a group picture:

Ok, never mind, we are all nerds. Especially my date and me. No offense to my date.

I am not sure why all these people are in the picture. My date (the guy farthest to the right) and I went to dinner with 3 other couples (red dress and her date, white top/black bottom and her date, and purple dress and her date), so I have no idea why those other 2 couples are in the picture.

Also, as I mentioned in the comments to my last post, I was the one who asked my date to prom. I called and invited him to the prom, and his response was, "I have to ask my parents. I'll call you back later." Oh, the rejection! But then he called me back later that day or the next day and said he would go with me. Oh, the acceptance!

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I'm not sure why I refer to everyone by their blog name, but I do. And if I have left you off the list, it was inadvertent. Leave me a comment or send me an e-mail, and I will fix it.

But anyway... I think H is feeling a little left out, so here is a cute picture of him from the first wedding we went to together, about five years ago.


stefanie said...

Ha. Awesome. I particularly like how you referred to your friends by their dress color (e.g., "white top/black bottom and her date").

Is it weird that I cannot even envision a photo of me in my prom dress?? I'm sure my mother must have taken some, but apparently I have pushed it successfully out of my memory completely.

Anniina said...

Hi -R-

I heard about this cruel and unusual challenge through Stefanie - soon as I get my scanner plugged in and find a pic, I'll answer the challenge. Your pictures are nice! Mine will be humiliation central....

3carnations said...

Yay - Another member of the "big glasses in high school" club! :)

-R- said...

Oh, man. I have to keep coming back and looking at that picture of me. Every time it looks worse. The hair! The lipstick! The earrings! How embarrassing. Must stop looking.

Isabel said...

I posted, I posted.

And cay I say, that you look much better than I did. You are all skinny and cute. And your dress is form-fitting. That's always a plus!

beingmccrary said...

The group pic cracks me up. Mine looks the exact same, everyone in black and one girl in red....and that girl was me! But I didn't post any pics because my scanner is not hooked up...*sigh*.

Paisley said...

You look cute! Your dress is not embarrasing at all. I'm still trying to find mine. I'll get it up when I can. heh heh. anyways...

my dresses are POOFAY and SO early '90s. At least I didn't have a perm like everyone else.

3carnations said...

I saw a link to this on Preppygirl's blog. It looked so silly and pointless, I couldn't resist. I'd like to extend an invitation to you, and any of your readers, to join my "league".

Registration is free, the pass code to join is "blog" (very original). We can mindlessly earn useless points when "our" celebrities get publicity. I think the league is limited to 8 people, so first come basis, I guess. :)

don't call me MA'AM said...

I'm going to have to go to my parents' house to find a prom picture of myself. Gah. I'll do it, but it might not be until this weekend.

I think you look very cute!

And H looks ummmm... "happy" in that picture. ;-)

Laura B. said...

I never went to prom in high school, and I have no pictoral evidence of my "8th Grade" prom, THANK GOD, because no one needs to see that.

I love that you have the guts to post those pictures! Yay for nerds! I was (am) a nerd, too. :)

jen said...

Is it too late? I will post mine sometime this weekend.

Also, are those sequins or glitter applique? Either way, rockin!

don't call me MA'AM said...

Oh! And I'm not 100% sure, but I might actually know Purple Dress Girl's date.

stefanie said...

Half credit. Hee. If I attempt the artist's rendering I mentioned, do I at least get three-quarters credit? :-)

L Sass said...

Why is it that we all stand in large groups in the front yard to take pre-prom photos? What is so compelling about that backdrop?

PreppyGirl said...

I think the funniest thing about this picture (besides those big ass glasses) is the plant on the coffee table which is right in the middle of the shot. Mad photog skillz.

I have an awesome pic that I will try to post soon...

Jenny said...

You look adorable! I finally found my prom picture. I'll be posting it this weekend.

Be prepared. I look like a total hussy.

Jenny said...

It's up. And a little mortifying.

jen said...

Posted mine! I think that was the last time I ever wore panty hose.

JayAre said...

I finally posted. Now I'm going to go look at everyone else's!

SusannahS said...

Oh how fun is this? I saw the link on and cheerfully dug thru my five million random photo albums to find my prom pictures. I can not believe it's been 14 years since my prom!

em said...

My post is up at:

what a fun jaunt down memory lane!

don't call me MA'AM said...

After much travail, I have finally posted my prom pics. ;-)

shopper said...

Very funny! I will have to dig into my archives aka big box of junk and see if I have any picures here. That's too funny that you said your mom let you go out looking like a freak. I was a freak too, though back then I thought I was the epitome of cool. I was very Scarlett O'Hara-ish. ;)

Isabel said...

Oh, here's another one:

Anniina said...

Sorry -R-

My grandma went in the hospital and I had to go across the pond for a few weeks. I have finally uploaded the prom pics for everyone's general amusement :P