Monday, March 26, 2007

I Think We Have Enough Movies Now, H

Let's say your mom came to visit and was leaving after you went to work on Monday. You came home from work to find that before your mom left, she mopped the entire first floor. Would you be insulted or just glad that some finally did it because now you don't have to? I am hypothetically going with the latter. And now I can hypothetically post the rest of the pictures that involve the first floor of my house!

I have updated the list of prom photo challenge participants. Check them out; they are all definitely worth seeing. If you would still like to participate, just leave a comment and let me know, and I will update the list.

There are lots of memes out there about books people have read and movies they have seen. I am going to do my own thing and list the movies that H and I own. The movies we own that I have actually seen, I will put in italics. For most people, this would be all of their movies, but for whatever reason, H buys tons of movies, and I don't watch them. Without further ado, I introduce our movie collection:

1. 28 Days Later
2. American History X
3. American Pie - I think they are still making sequels to this. Eugene Levy, it is ok to turn down a movie!
4, 5. Arrested Development, seasons 1 and 2
6, 7, 8. Austin Powers 1, 2, and 3 - I realize these are not the exact names of the movies, but I am lazy
9. Baseketball
10. Beavis and Butthead, vol. 1
11. The Ben Stiller Show - I have seen a lot of these episodes, but not every one, so I don't feel right italicizing this
12. The Big Lebowski
13. Billy Madison - Our movies are so classy!
14. Boogie Nights - I have seen most of this. My college roommate and I actually saw this in the theater. We thought it was going to be a comedy. Anyway, about 5 minutes before the movie was supposed to end, the film literally started on fire. Somehow it got stuck in the projector and burnt up. We got our money back, and to this day I haven't seen the end of the film.
15. Bowling for Columbine
16. Braveheart - I have mentioned this before, but I hate this movie.
17. The Bourne Identity
18. The Bourne Supremacy
19. Caddyshack - I didn't see this until maybe last year.
20. Casino Royale
21. Chasing Amy
22. Clerks
23. Clerks (the animated tv series) - H watched these almost every day for about a month, and I think I eventually saw every episode.
24, 25. The Chappelle Show
26. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
27. Daredevil
28. Die Another Day
29. Anchorman - I realize this is out of alphabetical order, but I don't really want to renumber everything.
30, 31, 32. Die Hard 1, 2, and 3
33. Dirty Work
34. Dogma
35. A Few Good Men
36. Fantastic 4
37, 38, 39. Family Guy, seasons 1-3
40. Fargo
41. Fletch - I may or may not have seen all of this. I'm not sure.
42. Fight Club
43. The 40-Year-Old Virgin - I think I would have liked this better had I not seen the first hour with my father-in-law. Awkward.
44. Futurama - We have a whole bunch of seasons, but I didn't write down which ones.
45. The Goonies
46. Happy Gilmore
47, 48. Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law, vol. 1 and 2 - You need to watch these. Steven Colbert does some of the voices.
49. Hulk
50. The Incredibles
51, 52. Kill Bill, 1 and 2
53. To Kill a Mockingbird - I didn't know we owned this! I want to see this. I cannot believe I am only on 53. OMG, H buys a lot of movies.
54. Kingpin - I was forced to watch this on a bus ride in high school.
55, 56. Jackass 1 and 2
57. Idiocracy
58. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
59, 60, 61. Lord of the Rings 1, 2, and 3 - I have only seen the first one.
62. Mallrats - filmed in the Twin Cities
63. Matrix 1, 2, and 3 - I have seen the third one twice, but neither of the other two.
64. Minority Report
65. Mr. Show
66. Pearl Jam: Single Video Theory - someone in our house has a crush on Eddie Vedder, and it's not me.
67. The Punisher
68. The Royal Tenenbaums - one of my favorite movies
69. Saving Private Ryan
70. Seven
71. Signs
72-79. The Simpsons, seasons 1-8 - I have seen a lot of these, but not all.
80. Singles
81. The Sixth Sense
82. The Sound of Music - The first movie on the list owned by me, not H!
83. South Park (the movie)
84, 85. Spiderman 1 and 2
86-91. Star Wars 1-6
92. Terminator 1 and 2
93. Tommy Boy
94. Seinfeld vol. 1
95. Top Secret
96. X Men 1, 2, 3
97. XXX - the movie with Vin Deisel, you pervs - I had no idea we owned this until tonight.
98. UHF
99-103. West Wing seasons 1-5 - My only other contributions to our movie collection.

So we have at least 45 DVDs that I have not seen. Whoa.


don't call me MA'AM said...

Ohmigod... I think we married the same man. Well, except I know that we didn't, because I've met H. Holy crap, Batman! Farm Boy and H have VERY similar tastes in movies.

AND! You own Idiocracy??? Wow. I keep referring to that movie, even though I hated when I watched it. It's so true, though. ;-)

theotherbear said...

Your mum is more than welcome to visit me, any time.

sognatrice said...

If my mom mopped my floor, I'd definitely just thank her and be on my way; if, on the other hand, my mother-in-law did it, well, that's a whole other message....

My OH would be most envious of that video list, so I'll just keep this info to myself thankyouverymuch.

3carnations said...

I saw Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon in the theater when hubby and I were dating. We were late for the movie (which I HATE), and ended up sitting in the front row (which I hate). My neck was sore from craning it the whole time. I have no comments on the actual movie.

Watch UHF. It's hilarious in a mindless Weird Al sort of way. The thing I remember most is "Spatula City". Is that enough to get you to watch?

Noelle said...

Damn, I was at my parent's house this weekend and I completely forgot to pick up my prom picture. I'll be there next week, and I'll make a note to myself, because there's nothing I love more than public humiliation! I dig the DVD choices, most of those get four or more stars on Netflix, especially XXX!

Sparkling Cipher said...

Does H know you're admitting to everyone that he bought Baseketball? I don't think I'd admit it. However, I must commend the purchase of the Bourne movies. And Fletch. Fletch is classic. Even though I don't really like Chevy Chase, I respect Fletch.

And now I've probably lost any respect the blog world had for me. ;-)

stefanie said...

OK, you must watch "Clerks," particularly since you've apparently seen the rest of the Kevin Smith collection. "Mallrats" was indeed filmed in the Twin Cities... at Eden Prairie Center, to be precise. Unfortunately, they remodeled that whole mall a few years ago, and it looks nothing the same anymore. I took a pilgrimage there with some Kevin Smith super-fans before that, though, and it was a little eerie how many things we recognized.

Also, I'm with everyone who says not to question your mom mopping the floor. Now you don't have to do it, and that's all that matters. :-)

JayAre said...

Dude, you HAVE to watch UHF. That movie rocks my face off. And when you see the car salesman guy that says, "If you don't come down and buy a car from me today, I'm gonna club this baby seal!" know that my brother has hung out with that old man. And he's actually quite nice and not at all the type to club baby seals.

Jenny said...

I am totally related to you. Or possibly your husband. Or both. Except that that would make you both incestuous. Sorry about that.

Movies to add to your list:

Venture Brothers

Shaun of the Dead

Super Troopers

You're welcome.

PreppyGirl said...

I see we share many movie selections! I haven't seen a good portion of ours either (and some are actually still in the plastic wrap packaging - who does that? - we do I guess).

I would love it if someone mopped my floor!

3carnations said...

Preppygirl - We have lots that are still wrapped up, too. We seldom buy movies for ourselves; my mom gives them to us. We open them when we are looking for something to watch...sometimes 2 years later.

metalia said...

Though you'll be horribly depressed for days afterward, American History X is fantastic. Clerks, as Stefanie mentioned, is also a must-see, as is the Kill Bill series...go! Watch!

claire said...

i can't believe you've watched all of the animated Clerks shows, but not the actual movie. shocking. mostly cause the movie is WAY better then the cartoons were..
also, hooray for the West Wing. :)

Pamela said...

she's probably like me... I visit my daughters and I think..
:Oh DEAR I better make myself be helpful or she won't let me come visit anymore:

and they are thinkging
:What does she think I am, some kind of pig??:

If I came to visit you I'd probably dust your movie collection --- oh nevermind. I don't dust.