Sunday, March 04, 2007

Our House

Don't worry. I don't have too many picture requests left. I should be able to finish them this week, and then I will have to start posting things of actual substance again. Kind of.

Liz asked to see the view from my front window or door. Here it is:

Notice how my neighbors still have some evergreen garland stuff and their freaking Christmas wreath up? And this picture was taken in March? It is driving me CRAZY.

And here is my front door, in case you want to stalk me. Please note the lack of Christmas decorations BECAUSE IT IS MARCH.

We live pretty close to the middle of nowhere. Not really, as we are in close proximity to multiple SuperTargets, but our town is barely a suburb. I took some pictures today on our way home from one of the SuperTargets. In case you are wondering, H is eating a piece of string cheese while driving in this first picture. And neither of his hands is on the wheel. Scary!

H and I constantly debate the merits of living in the city versus living so far out. It is nice to have a big yard and a relatively big house. When we go out, we never have to worry about on-street parking or traffic or crime. But it takes a long time to get to work, and we are surrounded by families (as opposed to childless people our age). We are jealous of our friends with cool condos in the cities, but after we had a townhouse next to the Domestic Violence Neighbors, we were ready for a house. We like where we are for now, but I think in a few years we will move closer to the cities. Then we will be the only family surrounded by younger childless people because we are backwards like that.


theotherbear said...

Wow... so much SNOW! I cant imagine living somewhere like that. Great looking house though :)

Marmite Breath said...

I have mentally stored all the images and am using them to form an internal map to your house.

Or you could just tell me where you live and save me the trouble of stalking you. :)

Okay, fine. H, were you singing Jesus take the Wheel?

(I have never actually heard that song, but I'm sure the lyrics are not Jesus Take The Wheel Because I'm Eating String Cheese).

claire said...

Look! It's christmas there!
Right across the street! So exciting.

You poor people got pounded by snow last week, didn't you.. eech.. I say, it's March and we should be done with snow and christmas.

stefanie said...

It's funny that people are commenting on how much snow they see, when I, on the other hand, am wondering how we got so much more snow in my neighborhood than you did in yours. Maybe it's because of all the wide-open space down by you. The snow's got more room to spread out. :-)

And I have wondered too why you live way the heck out where you live, but to each her own, of course. At least you can take public transport to work, which is more than I can say (and I live in the city).

lizgwiz said...

That's a fine-looking, seasonally-appropriate front door. Maybe your neighbors are the kind of people who keep the decorations up to remind everyone that we should keep Christmas in our hearts all year long. Or maybe they're lazy slobs. ;)

chirky said...

There's so much SNOW.

Like, I mean, A LOT of it.

I don't remember the last time I saw all that snow in one place. Like, REAL snow.


(PS: I went to my sister's house this weekend, and she still has garland hanging around her front door, too. I suggested she take down the star hanging in the center and replace it with a shamrock for St. Patrick's Day, and then a bunny for Easter. Maybe you could suggest the same to your neighbor? And then a new trend will start in the U.S., and we'll be the pioneers! Sort of.)

Noelle said...

My mom used to keep the wreath up until March claiming that it was a sign of winter, not just Christmas. It's so embarrassing living the only house in the neighborhood that seems to feel this way about wreaths. In hindsight, I think no one felt like going out in the cold to remove it.

metalia said...

From the "It could always be worse" files: One of my neighbors has kids who always come home with seasonally-appropriate art projects that are subsequently hung on their door. I suppose there was a bit of a lull lately, holiday-wise, because as of last week, there was a painting of small crustaceans, proudly proclaiming that it was "Crabs Day."

Not Crab Day. CRABS. DAY.

Send help.

Kim said...

doesn't seem like a whole heck of a lot of snow to me...of course, I live in Ontario and we might have just a bit more.

I was just at my mother's this past weekend and she still has a wreath on the wall inside the least people outside can't see how crazy she must be. She said she needs to buy something big enough to put on that particular wall so it's not so bare, so the wreath stays. All I could do was shake my head. Also, she still has her snowman collection out (not as bad as the wreath) so I blame this latest snowstorm on her...

guinness girl said...

See, Wilman and I are debating that VERY SAME ISSUE right now, pre-house-purchase. GAH.

Em said...

Doesn't H know that you are not supposed to eat string cheese that way? It is to be eaten in STRINGS, as the name suggests. You two really DO do everyting backwards! :)

JayAre said...

My husband eats string cheese wrong too! Drives me so crazy, I stopped offering him any when I get some. I just can't watch string cheese be demoralized in such a way.