Thursday, April 05, 2007

Change is Good, Maybe

I am thinking about switching to Wordpress. Any thoughts?

I have a doctor's appointment right before lunch, so I slept in this morning and am now being lazy in front of the computer. I had planned to get up at my regular time and do some work. I am always so optimistic, but it never happens. Why don't I know myself better?

Alyndabear has sent me some questions for my own little interview. I'm so important! Except not really because I asked her to send me some questions.

1. How old were you when you stopped believing in Santa, the Easter Bunny and/or the Tooth Fairy? [Extra points if you still believe in 'em!]
I was in the third grade. I started asking my mom questions about Santa, and she said something along the lines of, "It's time to tell you that Santa isn't real." I was SO PISSED that my parents had been lying to me for years. Now, other kids in my class had been vocal about Santa being fake since about first grade, and I think I knew that Santa wasn't real, but I was still so pissed. My sister was fine with the news though.

2. If you didn't have to read about ONE particular subject in a blog EVER again, what would that subject be? And why?
I am so tired of: "Working mothers judge stay-at-home mothers for staying at home," or "Stay-at-home mothers judge working mothers for working outside the home." As soon as I read the first line of the post, I know exactly what it is going to say and that it will conclude with a statement that all mothers do the best they can, and staying at home is right for some and working is right for others. I don't mind if someone posts something about her specific experience and how it affected her or what she thinks about it. But oh my God I am so tired of cookie cutter posts on the topic. FYI, I haven't seen anyone that I link to write a post like this.

3. Do you floss?
Rarely. Oops.

4. What is something about you that just about everyone knows?
I am married.

5. What is something about you that not many people at all know?
My ideal family would be me, H, and two kids. I think the only person who knows that is H. And now all of the internet!
Also, one time I peed one little droplet while I was playing racketball with H (because of all the jumping I was doing), and he has refused to play with me since. He wouldn't even know if I hadn't told him!

Must change topic after mention of pee...
So, Wordpress anyone?


claire said...

oh santa... i lived in a predominantly jewish neighborhood and the girl across the street was a particularly obnoxious kid who knew that santa wasn't real and wanted to make me cry. so she told me that he didn't exist when i was like 5.

i never liked that girl. and that made my mother really dislike that girl.


LC said...

Man, I don't recall ever believing in any of them.

Bethany said...

What do you mean there's no tooth fairy??

I switched from Blogger to Wordpress a while ago. I love it.

Kim said...

I never believed in Santa or the Easter bunny. My grandparents thought it was mean that my parents didn't encourage us to believe but we never felt like we missed out on anything.

As for the tooth fairy...I don't know. I remember finding my baby teeth in my mom's jewlery box when I was about 9 and wasn't surprised, so it must've been before that.

...I'm tired of that working mom/SAHM blog topic too.

stefanie said...

I think about switching (not just to Wordpress or something but to my own domain), but then I just think about how much work it would be. I'm lazy.

I thought I had some other comment, but someone interrupted me while I was typing (the nerve), and it escapes me now.

Could I be any more interesting with my comment? Sorry.

Paisley said...

I hate that debate, too. Everyone gets so self-righteous. Of course, now I'm totally paranoid because I've talked about how I hate how little I see my kid and I'm not on your link list. I hope I'm not one of THOSE people.

Neurotic now...


I tried to hold on to Santa as long as I could. I found out about the Easter bunny when I came downstairs for a drink of water and the EB had already come and my parents were still up watching TV. I pretended not to notice.

steve said...

I've been wanting to switch to WordPress, but as far as I can tell, a conversion tool to get you from the *new* version of Blogger to WordPress has not yet been released.

If you can make it happen, I'd love to hear how. I Googled the problem for awhile and never found a solution.

L Sass said...

The other night in bed, I admitted to AS that I'd been having gas all day.

He was sweet about it, until I started to make 13-year-old boy juicy farting noises with my mouth.

Pee AND Farts, now this post is perfect!

lizgwiz said...

I figured out the whole Santa/Easter Bunny/Tooth Fairy thing for myself when I was around five, I think. I didn't let on for a while, though, 'cause I didn't want the stuff to stop coming!

One drop of pee and he's freaked? Silly boy. Wait 'til you're both old--you'll go too easily, and he won't be able to go at all. Hee.

Libragirl said...

I like wordpress

I still believe in Santa and the EB, which is doubly odd since I'm 36 and Jewish.

you said Pee

jes said...

I heart WordPress.

You will, too.

Paisley said...

Ditto ----

xoxoxo and whew!

Maliavale said...

I second Jes: I heart WP, and I bet you will, too.

JayAre said...

I swtiched from Blogger to Wordpress because Blogger wouldn't let me post pictures, and I love it. Wordpress rocks my face off.

I believed in both the Easter Bunny and Santa until my dad finally told me when I was 9. I argued with him.

alyndabear said...

So you know that the pee factor? Is the best part of your interview.

You are fabulous!

Pamela said...

PC Magazine gave Blogger the best ratings.

I like it because it's free.
I don't recall ever really believing in Santa, the tooth fairy, the easter bunny, or fairy tales of any kind.

I think I was happy kid, in spite of being cynical about that stuff.