Thursday, April 05, 2007

Shoes, Glorious Shoes

On this holiday weekend, I assume everyone would like to read about my shoes.

Today, I received my newest acquisition from Endless.

I have been coveting these perfect summer sneakers for several weeks, and finally found them for only $35 at Endless (at least $40 + shipping everywhere else). I actually ordered a size 7.5, but they were too big, so I returned the 7.5s (for free - Endless even paid for the return shipping!), ordered size 7s Wednesday, and got the size 7s this morning. As Sarah would say, HEART! Also, it looks like I have cankles in these pictures. I do have fat ankles, but I think these are just weird angles that showcase the fatness in my ankles. They are not this weird looking in person!

Here are the $15 shoes I bought to comfort myself after my travel planning disaster.

Aaaa! Blinding white leg!

When I came home today with my super cute Keds, H started complaining that I have too many shoes. I will let you be the judge of whether he is right. Here are pictures of every shoe I own.

Work shoes:

Summer shoes:


I wish I had taken a picture of all of H's shoes because I am pretty sure he has more than I do.


Pamela said...

I don't think you are over shoe'd.
I love your new ones... except the heeled ones. I am envious because I have foot problems and can't wear heels anymore.

I look like a teapot in a dress - so its flats and slacks forever. amen.

Libragirl said...

You definately do not have to many shoes. I have 6 pairs of sneakers, and about 72 other pairs of shoes, heels/boots and flats. I love shoes.

alyndabear said...

Ohohoh SHOES. If I had more $$ I would absolutely be hitting the stores right about now !!

LOVE shoes.

Kim said...

I don't think you have too many pairs of shoes either.

I don't think I have more shoes...just more pairs of sneakers. made me want to go shoe shopping ;)

Noelle said...

I just cleaned out my closet and found all these shoes I forgot about. It was like shopping, yet no Visa bill will haunt me in a month! Now, if the temperature would just get above 65, I could actually wear them.

princess slea said...

If that is every pair of shoes you own, you definitely don't have too many.
Your spring print keds are super cute!

stefanie said...

Those ARE cute. I was not going to say you have cankles, but I will admit I was amused by the phantom sock line. Don't you hate it when you take off your socks and can still see the line where they were? This happens to me at the gym all the time.

As for the rest of your collection, I do not particularly think you have too many shoes. In the interest of appeasing H, however (and perhaps making more room for your latest acquisitions), you could maybe toss the ones that you admit are "ugly and too big" and perhaps also the ones you've had since 1995 that you admit you never wear. Just a thought. I'd keep the ones that "kind of hurt," though, because they're cute, and sometimes it's worth enduring a little pain for cute shoes.

-R- said...

I am keeping the brown flat shoes from 1995 just in case I find a situation in which I need them, but I agree about the ugly ones that don't fit. As I was arranging my shoes, I wondered why I still even have them!

L Sass said...

You totally have a reasonable number of shoes! I love the Keds... I've been wanting a pair for summer. Now that I know a 7.5 girl can wear a 7, I'll order the correct size!

Galoot said...

I don't think there is such a thing as having too many shoes. I have tons - but so does Galoot. He wears such a big size that whenever we find some for him, we buy them whether he needs them or not. Galoot is overloaded with shoes and coats too.

I love those Keds, very cute. The Black patent leather pair is SSSUUUPER cah-yute too!

PreppyGirl said...

HA! - I didn't realize Galoot was logged in to our computer. That would've been pretty funny if I hadn't mentioned him. You'd have thought he had tons of shoes (which he does) and that he thought your pumps were super cah-yute (which, hell, maybe he does too). :)

lizgwiz said...

That is nowhere near "too many" shoes, if such a thing is even possible. Plus, you got so many of them on sale!

Kat said...

Um...seriously 14 pairs and he thinks you have too many? I should send him a picture of my closet, that should get him off your back.

One Smart Cookie said...

Matt has a theory that 3 pairs of shoes is all a person needs. Shoes for work, dress shoes, and sneakers. He might let you get away with a pair of flip-flops. And MAYBE snow boots. But that's it.

I asked for a shoe rack for X-mas, and he was nice enough to both get it for me and arrange it in the closet. I thought that this was great until he started counting the pairs of shoes that I own. I made him stop after 40... so I would never be one to say that you have too many shoes.

JayAre said...

That is nowhere near too many shoes! I think I have more pairs in just flip flops than all your shoes together. Of course, I only wear one pair, but whatever.

Single Jen said...

Love the shoe collection. You need MORE! A woman can never have enough shoes. I want to snatch those little tennies off your feet. We wear the same size, so I know they'll fit.

Anyway, babbling. I saw your comment on Stephanie's page about Christian Bale. We share a love for him so I thought I'd send you the link to a post (including pics) I wrote about him. If you haven't seen The Prestige, it's a must.

janet said...

I love the new black ones! My other faves are the gold ones. Sometimes I question my self worth when I think about how much I like gold shoes...surely that can't be healthy?

-R- said...

Pamela, I am sorry you can't wear heels! I prefer very short heels (about 1 inch). I can't do high heels very often!

Libragirl, 72 shoes??? Are some really old? That is a lot!

Alynda, me too.

Kim, I used to wear sneakers every day, but over the past few years, I don't wear them too much. Since we have the gym in our basement, I work out barefoot (bad, I know).

Noelle, I just found a pair of pants I didn't know I had. Yay!

Princess, thanks. I realize I forgot to include the shoes I wore with my wedding dress, but I think that is forgivable.

Stefanie, I know - the sock lines are bad!

L sass, the 7s are a little bit tight, but the 7.5s were so big that they were flopping off my feet.

Preppygirl/Galoot, thanks for the shoe compliments!

Liz, I HATE to pay full price. I cannot justify full price because I am stingy.

Kat, seriously, he probably has at least 14 pairs of sneakers.

Onesmartcookie, more than 40? Wow! Doesn't your husband know you need shoes for pants that are hemmed long, shoes for pants that are hemmed short, black shoes, brown shoes, sneakers, sandals... !!!

Jayare, I have never been much of a flip flop person. It's just not my thing.

Single jen, I am glad my shoes are safe since you are in AZ. Christian Bale - HOT. I haven't seen The Prestige yet!

Janet, I love gold shoes too. If you find cute ones, let me know!

LC said...

You do not have many shoes! Damn. If he came into my closet he would fall backwards!

I have a thing for black shoes though. Most if not all are black.

I covet your red shoes. So beautiful.

don't call me MA'AM said...

GIRL! You need to buy MORE SHOES. Tell H I said so.