Thursday, April 19, 2007

Money (That's What I Want)

One Smart Cookie did a list of the 5 "luxuries" that she would spend money on if she had lots of extra money lying around and the five things that aren't important enough for her to spend money a lot of money on, even if she could afford it. So that's not exactly how she worded it, but I am tired, and that is my explanation. Following in her footsteps, here are my lists.

The Five Things Worth My Money:

1. Expensive shoes. I would go for quality over quantity, although I do have limits. There is a blog about purses that I look at from time to time when I get really bored, and the author writes things like, "This purse is only $650, so you can take it to the beach and get sand in it, and you won't even care." Ummm... THEN YOU ARE CRAZY. So the point is, I would not spend $650 on shoes and then say, "Yay, I can run through mud puddles in these since they are only $650," but the occasional pair of designer shoes might be fun.

2. Car. I would probably get a BMW or a Lexus, which is exactly what One Smart Cookie would not spend her money on, but I think it is worth it for the extra control and comfort.

3. Fancy vacations. I would go to Australia first, I think, and then London and Italy. And Canada - I have never been to Canada!

4. Stylist. I feel like having a stylist would rule. I never know if my outfit is ok or not.

5. Swimming pool. I would love to have a swimming pool in my backyard. Not very practical in Minnesota though. Maybe I could get an indoor swimming pool. Yes! That is my new plan.

The Five Things Not Worth My Money:

1. Makeup. I am just not that into makeup. And I am just as happy with Cover Girl lip gloss as I think I would be with the same thing by Chanel.

2. Private jet. Riding in small planes frighten me.

3. Manicures. The paint always chips off in two days anyway.

4. Books. I love the library!

5. Wine. I am with One Smart Cookie on this one. I am no wine connoisseur, and 10 bottles of $20 wine sounds just as good as 1 bottle of $200 wine.


Maliavale said...

Mmm. 10 bottles of wine.

Noelle said...

Books are never a waste of money, and they go really well with a $10 bottle of wine! (Disclosure, being the business, I get most of my books for free.) If you do buy them, just don't buy them at a chain store.

Lawyerish said...

Oooh, this is a fun one. I am right there with you on the stylist thing. I might even pay for one even without loads of money laying around. Actually, that would be a good third category for this -- things you're willing to spend a lot of money on even in your current financial condition.

Sparkling Cipher said...

I'm with you on the shoes and car. I would definitely spend money on books, though. I tend to hoard ones I like. I would have such a huge library.

claire said...

$650 BAG AT THE BEACH?? Yeah!! Sure, no problem! Just trash it on the way back to the car..

I won't even take a $30 bag to the beach, but i'm cheap like that. I guess.

stefanie said...

Ooh, what a fun idea. And I have not yet written my Friday Five for today, so I may just have to play along.

Your comment on the purse blog reminds me of what I hate about fashion magazines. They're always saying stuff like that--"At $375, this jacket is a steal!" Um, no. At $12, my Target jacket was a steal. You people are insane.

My question for you is, if you're not into makeup, why do you pay $20 (or whatever) for the Bare Escentuals (I'm sure I spelled that wrong, even though I own the stuff myself), instead of just going with a $6 Cover Girl option? This surprises me is all.

lizgwiz said...

Okay, if you get a stylist, get a GOOD one. Not Rachel Zoe. Or anyone associated with Hiltons, Simpsons, Olsens, Lohans, etc. I would hate to see you spend your money on something that makes you look like a deranged, homeless hooker. ;)

L Sass said...

You spend $20 on a bottle of wine?

Get thee to Trader Joe's for a bottle of $3 chuck!

(Is it obvious that I live in NYC on a nonprofit salary?)

One Smart Cookie said...

Ha! I love this. I like your idea of a stylist. That is a luxury I could put to good use, as I'm pretty sure that people don't associate my name with "trendy" or even "well put together".

I took Lawyerish's suggestion and wrote about the things I spend money on without regard to my current financial situation. I think my list was Books, Lawn service, TiVo, Dance lessons, and and Dinners out.

laurie said...

Oh this is fun, I might make this list too. I wouldn't get a fancy car because at heart I guess my DNA wants to drive a tractor or similar (see: Jeep) but I would definitely spend money on such frivolous things as hair-dos and shoes.

metalia said...

I think I know exactly which bag blog you're talking about, R: "This bag is ony $890; such a good price! You can take a dump in it, and then throw it away!"


I, too, would love to go to Australia!

steve said...

I've got a thing for old BMWs. Love 'em. Them crazy Germans really knew how to build a car. The new ones, not so much.

princess slea said...

i definitely would spend any "extra" money on fancy vacations. I would also buy a summer home in chautauqua institution.
oh yes, i would also have some plastic surgery (hello breast lift).
at my spending rate, i wouldn't have "extra" money for very long (but at least my boobs would look good again).

NancyPearlWannabe said...

Why, I love the library too! And I'm with you on the shoes. I would love to just have a couple really nice pairs of comfortable designer shoes.

Pamela said...

Trader Joe's has a wine call Two-Buck Chuck that won a taste test over bunches of expensive wines.So, I agree with you. As far as wine is concerned, if you like it, that is the only taste test that matters.

$600 purses and shoes, excuse me, while I choke on my "two buck chuck"

-R- said...

Just to clarify, by "expensive shoes", I mean not "not from Famous Footwear." =)

And I would like to add that the annoying purse blog had another post the other day that said something like, "This clutch only costs $300, so you can take it to a bar, and you won't care if it get sticky from a dirty table." WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?

stefanie said...

OK, I must know the URL of this ridiculous purse blog. I have to see the insanity to believe it. Would you email me a link, please? :-)