Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Way Back Machine

A Summary of the Last Thirteen Months, as Told By the First Line of the First Entry in My Blog For the Last Thirteen Months

Alternate Title: I Have Nothing New To Write Today

1. March 2006: When I was in college, I decided to go running with some girls from my dorm.

2. April 2006: Some pictures from the Sweet Sixteen last week: Boston College v. Villanova - At this point, both teams are out of the tournament, but I just finally got these pictures on Flickr.

3. May 2006: I was stressed out today.

4. June 2006: I have been home alone since 5:30 tonight.

5. July 2006: The wedding was really fun, our touristy travels through DC were good, my birthday was rainy but enjoyable.

6. August 2006: 1. I am happy when it rains because, "The lawn really needs a good rain."

7. September 2006: It was just a little rainy...

8. October 2006: It is about 2:30 pm.

9. November 2006: So lots of people are signing up for this Post Every Day in November Event.

10. December 2006: People at my office rarely, if ever, take sick days.

11. January 2007: The holiday season is finally over for H and me.

12. February 2007: My version of a Venn diagram.

13. March 2007: Here it is, your moment of zen.

Note to self: Work on topic sentences.


janet said...

I find that writing the title of the post is the hardest part! sometimes I just want to be like post #291: untitled

claire said...

You seem to have had a lot of rain last summer.

stefanie said...

I actually like this "year in review" idea and may decide it is a meme and steal it. Maybe.

Also, I still can't believe you had never mowed a lawn before last summer, and I can't believe there's not a comment from me mocking you for that in that post. I remember reading it... was I just feeling quiet and non-confrontational that day?

L Sass said...

I still have never mowed a lawn! I firmly believe that gender roles should stand in the area of lawn mowing!

chirky said...

OOOooo. I'd be afraid to do that with my blog. I think I need to work on topic sentences, too! ;)

-R- said...

Janet, I usually come up with the title last, and it doesn't always make sense, but I am ok with that.

Claire, I didn't notice that until you mentioned it. Weird.

Stefanie, go ahead. I have seen it before, but I'm not sure where.

L sass, I agree. Lawn mowing has been re-delegated to H. Although I have done the edging pretty frequently.

Chirky, my topic sentences were much worse than I expected, but oh well.