Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Pope of Chili-town

I had a fantastic weekend, and I am feeling much happier. I have not been enjoying my job at all for the past few weeks, but I think I am over that feeling for now. I think one of the things that really helped was a happy hour with a group of coworkers (postponed from Wednesday) that reminded me that I work with a lot of fun, enjoyable people.

But enough about that. What made my weekend so enjoyable was that I did nothing and didn't let myself feel guilty about it. H went to a NFL draft party with his high school friends that lasted from 11 am Saturday until 7 am Sunday. (The party was about an hour from our house, and H had been drinking, so he just stayed the night.) Since I had the house to myself, I sat on the back porch for a few hours and read my Maeve Binchy book. Then I did a tiny bit of yard work and came inside to watch a marathon of The Ultimate Coyote Ugly Search. Today, we went to Panera Bread for lunch, bought groceries at Target, did some yard work, and did just a little bit of work for my job. I am slightly sunburned and well-rested, which makes me happy.

You may have noticed in the paragraph above that I call the wooden platform attached to the back of our house "the back porch," which annoys H to no end. H calls it the deck and insists that I call it the deck as well. This from a man who calls both the noon meal and the evening meal "lunch." H also used the phrase, "He thinks he's the pope of Chili-town," at least 50 times today, which is from The Simpsons episode in which Homer tastes everyone's chili at the chili cook-off. Thus, I think I am allowed to use the term "porch" if I want.

You may have also noticed my reference to Maeve Binchy. I am mentioned before that I do not own many books. I probably own less than 20 books because I got rid of most during the course of several moves. Of the 20 books I own, I think 5 are by Maeve Binchy because they are books that I can read (and have read) multiple times. H has asked who I love more, Binchy or him. The answer is H, but it's a tough question.


Stinkypaw said...

"slightly sunburned and well-rested" are always signs of a good weekend!

liz said...

What stinkypaw said.

And while "porch" generally implies a roof of some sort, it can be a generic word for all attached decked areas that are off the ground.

Pamela said...

a porch is so much more homey then a deck.

theotherbear said...

I thought a porch was at the front of the house and had a roof.
I call my back area the patio.

Sarah said...

I love Maeve Binchy. The first book of hers I ever read was Circle of Friends (way before the chris o'donnell/minnie driver movie). I have a lot of her books too. I am downsizing the books in my life. Maybe I will send you a couple of mine.

Also, I'm going to have to agree that it's a porch. Maybe we should have a blogwide vote? I'm going to need to see a picture. Also, also, I think it says something about someone when they call it a deck and not a porch. I'll ponder this.

Marmite Breath said...

Let me tell you about my weekend too. I'm slightly sunburned, I picked up Tara Road from my bookshelf (for the fiftieth time) and I ate at Panera and went to Target.

Isn't that FREAKY??????

Also, I have almost all of Maeve Binchy's books, because I re-read them over and over when I need some comfort. The Glass Lake is my favourite. I love all of them so much. My Dad thinks it's hilarious to call me from the thrift store and say, "Tell me again which Mauve Benchley books you need for your collection"

The reason I picked up Tara Road this weekend is because (a) I had just finished a new book and was still in a reading mood and (b) because we rented The Holiday this weekend and I thought it was just a blatant rip off of Tara Road, except not the same as the book, but the same damn concept. There is a movie of Tara Road, but it stars Andi Macdowell, so I won't be able to see it, as watching her attempt to act makes me break out in hives.

Sorry for hijacking your comments. I'm off to get the kids ready for school now.

ps) my anti robot code is VPL...hee heee, visible panty line.

boozie said...

Please relay this message to H:

"Hey! Mister! That's a candle! You don't want to drink a candle!"

(Hopefully he will respond to you with "Maybe I dooooo.")

Noelle said...

Mave Binchy's great. She came to my parents' bookstore twice, and the second time, she told my mother that she had a dream about her once. Imagine how cool it is to have a famous author dream about you? I haven't read anything but Circle of Friends, which I really liked. Perhaps I should try out another work of hers.

stefanie said...

Hee. Your subject line made me laugh (and required no explanation), and Boozie's reply made me laugh even more. :-) I love that episode. It is one of my all-time favorites. I could rattle off at least 15 other quotes from that one, but I will spare you.

As for the porch/deck debate, people around here are big on the word "deck," so maybe that's H's deal. To me, a porch is generally long and skinny and runs the length of the house, while if it's a wood-slatted platform that extends out into the yard, it's more likely a deck. But feel free to call it whatever you want, I say.

I've never read any Maeve Binchy. I take it I should?

Christine said...

Yard work totally counts as being productive, so even though a lazy weekend is no cause for guilt, you should go so far as being proud.

Lawyerish said...

That weekend sounded like a little slice of heaven!

Did you sit in a rocking chair when you were out on the porch/deck? Because that's the image that came to mind. Not a hammock, not a lawn chair - only a rocking chair.

L Sass said...

I don't know, man, I come from DECK people myself. I've always wanted a porch (with roof and chair swing) in the front and a deck (with grill and umbrella table) out back.

stefanie said...

By the way, I was actually in [insert name of the far-from-me suburb where you live here] on Saturday (for a friend's birthday party). I don't think I have ever actually ventured into that particular 'burb before. I should have driven around all the near-identical subdivisions looking for you. We could have had a drink together on your porch/deck. :-)

Em said...

Your weekend sounds like perfection!! I love starting a new week well-rested and slightly sunburnt.

Have never read Binchy ... what is the genre?

-R- said...

Spaw, yes it was great!

Liz, I agree with your definition of porch.

Pamela, I agree.

Theotherbear, I think of a patio as a cement or stone area that is not elevated. I am not sure whether I think a front porch needs a roof or not.

Sarah, Circle of Friends was my first Binchy too. I read it before I saw the movie and loved the book SO much more than the movie.

Nat, you are my new best friend and also (fraternal) twin. I totally think The Holiday is a ripoff of Tara Road too! Grrr!

Boozie, quoting Ralph earns you bonus points.

Noelle, aaaa! Did you meet Binchy???!!! She dreamt about your parents??!!! That is so cool!

Stefanie, yes, you should read Binchy. I will let you borrow one of my books if you want. But even if you hate it, you have to pretend to at least think it is ok or I can't go on anymore blates with you.

Christine, if you saw the amount of yard work I did, I am not sure you would say that!

Lawyerish, sadly we do not have any rocking chairs.

L Sass, well, we have the grill and umbrella table but no front porch. You Minnesotans and your decks.

Stefanie, do not mock my neighborhood with its many houses that look the same!

Em, I am not sure what the genre is. Hmmm... her stories take place in Ireland. And tend to be about families.

-R- said...

Em, Barnes & Noble lists her books under Family & Friendship- Fiction. Is that a genre?

metalia said...

Aw, I love H for his use of the phrase "the pope of Chilitown." I can't help it; I do. (Though I do agree with you that "porch" sounds much better than "deck," so it all evens out.)

Isabel said...

Oh, I love Maeve Binchy also.