Monday, June 11, 2007

Streets of Philadelphia (Are Uneven and Threatened to Trip Me Multiple Times)

Philly was good. There is a tourist bus called the PHLASH, which I pronounced "P-H-Lash" in my head. Yes, I am a smarty.

I met Guinness Girl for dinner one night and Christine for dinner another night. First Wruce, then GG, then Christine- it overwhelmed with all that superstardom! GG and Christine were both tremendously nice.

H's airline decided that his suitcase would prefer to go on a different flight than H, which was annoying, but the suitcase was found and delivered to our hotel in the middle of H's first night in Philly, so it worked out ok.

H and I saw the Liberty Bell, the Museum of Art, the Rocky statue, the Franklin Institute, South Street, an Italian-American festival, and some kind of event that involved Mardi Gras beads but no flashing (that we saw).

But it is good to be home.


Libragirl said...

And I have fallen on those streets many many times. Like Sunday.

Glad you had a good time.

stefanie said...

Yay; you are back. Glad you had a good time. What, no photos? (Just teasing.)

Lawyerish said...

P-H-Lash. HAHAHA! You rule.

I've never been to Philly, which is kind of lame since it's just a quick train ride away...

Marmite Breath said...

I think that when you mention meeting other bloggers, you should say,

"but meeting them was nothing compared to meeting the inimitable Marmite Breath, long may she reign."

You'll feel better about being honest with yourself, really. :)

On a side note, I am jealous that you went to Philly. I'd love to go!

L Sass said...

Fun trip! I head down to Philly on Friday. I have been to Philly before, but my strongest memory of that trip is sitting in the hotel room watching President Clinton admit to having an inappropriate relationship with Monica Lewinsky! (It was August of 1998).

Married Jen said...

You don't like Wruce??? Ok, I admit, he's annoying, but I do enjoy him occasionally. Maybe you didn't watch Moonlighting? Or Hudson Hawk? Or maybe I just like craptastic tv and movies?