Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Celebration! We're Gonna Celebrate and Have a Good Time! Come On!

Happy Independence Day to all of you (also affectionately referred to in many nations as the Day Before -R-'s Birthday)!

I have already begun the birthday celebrations. Today my assistant bought bagels for the Breakfast Birthday Celebration. Then one of my boss's took me out to lunch for the Lunch Birthday Celebration. And then after work I went to the mall for the Ann Taylor Loft Birthday Celebration, where I bought two skirts for $27.50. The sale is buy one sale item, get another sale item for half price, so one of the skirts ended up costing $7.50! Then I came home, and my dad had sent flowers for the official Floral Birthday Celebration. I am not sure yet what we are going to do tomorrow besides attempt to watch two fireworks displays at once (the Fireworks Birthday Celebration). Then it is my actual birthday, and Double G is coming to town for the Best Friend Birthday Celebration. Finally, on Saturday, H and I are going out for the Official Birthday Dinner. Considering that my 25th birthday was spent taking an official practice bar exam, I believe that I deserve all the birthday fanfare, even though my 25th birthday was 3 years ago. Plus, I am special. [Insert rap face here.]

All the birthday celebrations mean one thing: my mom's birthday is on Monday! Help! I asked my sister for gift ideas, but my sister said, "My specialty is Christmas, not birthdays." Are there any birthday specialists out there? I need something that is NOT a knick-knack. My mom's hobbies are golf and reading. She has expensive (or expensive-looking, she loves a good deal) taste. She is not good with technology. She enjoys long walks on the beach and drinking champagne in the moonlight. Oh wait. I think I got off topic there.


abbersnail said...

Maybe a champagne (or wine) of the month club?

janet said...

happy birthday!!!!!! i have no ideas, sorry :(

alyndabear said...

Woohoo! Another July birthday -- we should start a club. ;)

I'm excited for all the Americans about to get a day off celebrating. I'll just pretend I'm there, and sip a glass of champers by my lonesome. *sniff*

stefanie said...

Wait. How are birthday gifts really so different from Christmas gifts? Aside from the color of the wrapping and the inappropriateness of a particularly seasonally-related gift, I mean. I think your sister is holding out on you.

I'm sorry I have no ideas for your mom's gift, but happy birthday to YOU many times over (once for each birthday celebration). Have fun!

sognatrice said...

I'm with Stefanie, what's the diff?

Anyway, I don't know much about golf, but perhaps if she has a favorite author (I'm thinking classic-wise) you could get a nice leather bound set of his/her books? I suppose an Amazon gift certificate is too banal, but I wouldn't mind one come October ;)

Happy birthday!

JayAre said...

I'm sending you Official Blogger Happy Birthday Wishes!

No ideas about your mom though, sorry.

Em said...

I have an idea! A giant pale of margarita mix!! :)

by the way, happy birthday R!

jen said...

Happy birthday! I celebrated your birthday this year also by taking a bar practice exam.

I like how everything is a Celebration -- very official, it made me laugh.

For your Mom's birthday, what about some "designer-inspired" jewelry. There's lots of fun stuff at overstockjeweler.com or sparklesforever.com.

double_g said...


I am so excited to see you soon! Shall I call you at work and sing to you?

Jen said...

Happy Birthday, -R-!

As for your mom's b-day, I like what Jen said about jewelry. One time, I totally splurged and got my mom these (sterling silver) earrings she had her eye on at Tiffany. Otherwise, I always like to get my mom a book that I've read and loved. I've gotten her, let's see... "Gramercy Park," by Paula Cohen; "The Birth of Venus," by Sarah Dunant; "Empire Falls," by Richard Russo; "Girl With a Pearl Earring," by Tracy Chevalier; "The Blind Assassin," by Margaret Atwood. (I know there are more, but those are the ones I can remember.) All come highly recommended, if you need any ideas, especially "Grammercy Park" and "The Blind Assassin." Of course, this depends on your mom's taste in books.

Good luck!

lizgwiz said...

How about a book about golf? John Feinstein (a regular NPR correspondent) has a couple out.

lizgwiz said...

And oh, hey! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

L Sass said...

Yesterday, I participated in the Official -R-'s Birthday Eve Twins Beat The Yankees Celebration!!! It was fun.


Does your mom like to cook? I've been big on cooking classes-as-gifts lately. I think they're good for "the woman who has everything."

guinness girl said...

Happy birthday to youuuu!
Happy birrrthday tooo youuuu!
Happy birrrthhdayyy dear Rrrrrrrr!
Haaaaaapppy birrthday to youuuu!
(and many mooooore)

PS, you neither look like a monkey nor smell like a shoe.