Sunday, July 22, 2007

H Is Back

Remember a long time ago when H promised me he was going to guest post? But then he never did? H has promised me that if you ask him questions in the comments of this post, he will answer some of them on Wednesday night. Can you feel the excitement in the air?!! So ask away!


Marmite Breath said...

Dear H,
What made you fall in love with -R- and what has been the secret of your marriage so far?

Also, how awesome did you think I was in person? Be honest. PS) The only correct answer is, "VERY AWESOME, NAT!"

PS) Can't wait to read your guest post.

janet said...

Dear H,

Should I really let my husband buy a giant flat screen TV? Are you SURE it has made your life better? :)

3carnations said...

I'm not asking a question, because I don't believe he will post. Like he has any spare time now that he has his -R- sized TV...

lizgwiz said...

Dear H,

If your house caught on fire, which would you carry out first, your lovely wife or your ginormous TV? And yeah, I know -R- has legs of her own, and the TV doesn't, but let's pretend she is immobilized with fear or smoke inhalation or something. ;)

stefanie said...

I would like to know what H has against Wisconsinites.

Also, since H feels that R "wastes [her] Christmases" by asking for non-worthy or worthwhile gifts, I would like to know what H's favorite gift ever was?

L Sass said...

Darn, my question was "Is it more important to get a non-ugly couch or a big TV?"

Clearly, H's opinion on flat screen TVs is of vital importance to the masses!

Noelle said...

Dear -H-,

If your wife was taller, would you have bought a larger television?

- also -

If that television could only show 1 television show, 1 movie, and 1 sporting team for the rest of its life, which of each of those three would you chose?

Lawyerish said...

Marmite Breath stole my question (the one about falling in love with -R-). Dang!

Ok, here's some more:

What's your favorite thing about where you live (geographically, not the house itself)?

What is the best thing you bring to your marriage?

Have you ever been to New York City, and if so, what did you think of it?

If you were on death row, what would be your last meal?

Galoot said...

What are the specs on that TV? Your wife won't answer important questions like that! Screen dimensions? LCD or plasma? Are you going to get HD programming through cable or satellite or get an antenna and pick up a free signal? This is life or death!

-R- said...

Galoot, it's not that I won't answer your questions. I just don't know the answers!

sognatrice said...

I'm going to throw out a softball:

How much wood *could* a woodchuck chuck (if a woodchuck could chuck wood)?

And also, how many consecutive times can you say that without screwing up? I'm relying on -R- for verification here.

don't call me MA'AM said...

1. What is your favorite flavor of gum?

2. Without getting too specific, what was your favorite legal issue you've had to resolve?

3. If you could name a crayon after yourself, what color and name would it be?

4. If you complete a task at home, but -R- doesn't see you do it, did it really happen?

5. If you and -R- could go anywhere in the world and do whatever you wanted, what would YOU want to do?

6. What was your favorite book when you were growing up?

Jenny said...

1. Which one is your favorite toe?

2. What did -R- tell you that you could NOT tell us about?