Monday, July 16, 2007

Heeeeeeeeeey Yoooooooou Guuuuuuuuuys!

When it is 1 am and you are awake working on a stupid case that you now kind of regret volunteering for, you start thinking quotes from The Goonies are really hilarious. You may also invent an awesome new dance called The Bow Hunter. This is a two person dance. One partner does a loose interpretation of a moose by dancing with their arms above their head and their palms open. Then the second partner holds their left arm out straight in front of them, pulls an imaginary arrow out of the imaginary quiver on their back, puts their right arm straight out next to the left arm, and then pulls the right arm back towards their chest like they are shooting an arrow. Best Dance Ever (that was invented by a sleep deprived crazy person at 1 am)! Do you think H will do this dance with me at his brother's wedding in two weeks? (I will be the hunter, obviously.) I will have to get him really liquored up first. Of course, I will already be very liquored up because that is what I like to do at H's family's weddings. Don't worry, H's family won't notice the level of my inebriation because they will all be quite wasted themselves. Good times!

I am not making fun of H's family. I am just pointing out that they are a good Irish Catholic family that enjoys a drink at weddings now and then. Unlike my tiny family, where we do not even attend each other's weddings. Good times!

I am still not done with my work. Do I stay up and try to finish it, thus probably adding crazy gobbeldy good and occasional references to The Bow Hunter? Or do I try to wake up early in the morning to get it done, but then hit my snooze button 50 times and end up late for work?

Stay tuned.


Marmite Breath said...

You had me at Sloth quotes and insane drunken dancing. This is why I will never ever ever delete you from my blogreader list.

Good Luck with the case, R.

lizgwiz said...

Irish Catholic drunken weddings are the best!

PLEASE have someone primed and ready with a camera to get photographic evidence of you and H doing the Bow Hunter! Video would be even better. ;)

stefanie said...

I come from an Irish/German Catholic family, and yet I am entirely disappointed that getting good and liquored up at weddings and other gatherings is not the norm. I feel cheated out of my rightful heritage.

That said, staying up working until 1:00 is no way to start out the week. Good luck with the case!

Paisley said...

You just completely changed my image of attorneys preparing for cases.


I agree with Liz - please get H to do the dance and document it for us.


Anonymous said...

Baby Ruth?!

One Smart Cookie said...

I hope you got all of your work done!

Your family and H's family sound a lot like Matt and mine. My family is teeny and only see each other once in a while. Matt's is huge and man, do they know how to party! But, it makes me feel better when I am at an event and get a bit sloshed, becuase I know that everyone else is even worse than me!!

L Sass said...

WHEN do we get a youtube of this amazing dance craze?

AS and I are just the opposite--my Scandinavian-Lutheran family is loud and boisterous and likes to drink, whereas AS' Irish-Italian-Catholic family is quiet and sticks to root beer!

don't call me MA'AM said...

My guess is that you stayed up to finish it. That's what I would have done.... I've often stayed up around the clock to finish a project, only to be slobberingly incoherent the next two days.

Yes, we need video of the Bow Hunter. Pretty please!

metalia said...

Yes, I agree; video! Video! (Said in a Sloth-like voice.)

Galoot said...

Irish Catholics with big families have been known to spice up weddings, wakes, funerals, birthday parties and city council meetings. My grandmother Eileen, carries a liquor-attache case with her that includes two martini glasses, a shaker and an atomizer filled with vermouth. Whoever is hosting her has to provide the gin and olives. Kind of like a rockstar with a rider contract.