Thursday, August 02, 2007

You Must Admit: I Am One Good-Looking Astronaut

I can't stop looking up news about the bridge collapsing. I work relatively close to where the bridge was, and I kept hearing sirens outside my office building throughout the day. I wonder whether that always happened, and I just blocked it out before. I am so lucky in that my friends and family and coworkers are all safe, but I read about the people who weren't so lucky, and I tear up. At the same time that I am seeking new information about the bridge, I am so tired of the story. I want to be sad but move on. But I just feel unsettled.

I don't know. Maybe I'm just being dramatic. Or maybe I am just so tired that I can't really figure things out.

Of course, normal stuff is still happening. H finally got his BOO-URNS shirt. It is adorable. And I took a certain bus the other day that is supposed to make one stop, but the bus driver forgot to stop, so we had to turn around and go back, which was wildly exciting. And he (the bus driver) narrated the whole thing
on the bus PA system, which made me want to punch him. (Hi, crazy mood swings of sleep deprivation! Glad to see you're still around!)

I have no ending for this post, so please do enjoy the following silly photos.


Marmite Breath said...

Dear R and Giant H,

Is it wrong that when you said, "I took a certain bus" I automatically assumed that you meant "the knight bus" from HP?


PS) You are the hottest astronaut I have ever seen. Do you wear diapers to drive? (sorry, could not resist).

sognatrice said...

I'm the same way when something tragic happens--I think it might be part of our personal healing process, the need to see and feel more before we can move on. Glad to hear everyone you know is safe; I was thinking of you and Stefanie :)

And yes, you make a very sexy astronaut. Duh.

KM said...

Um, H does look like he's super human tall in that picture! I've met him, he's tall--but OMG!

I feel the exact same way about 35W. I could not have said it better.

Noelle said...

I just realized that when I was sitting on the ledge of the Guthrie I was looking right at that bridge. I wish I had brought a working camera on that trip. The view from there was amazing.

stefanie said...

I feel the exact same way about the bridge collapse. I'm on disaster fatigue thinking about it, and yet I can't stop listening to and reading news on it. I just talked to my sister this morning, and her co-worker was almost under the bridge (on River Road) when it collapsed three cars in front of her. She was the first one to call 911, and she is apparently visible on a lot of the footage CNN has been showing. Scary!!

Of course, once the shock of the tragedy wears off, I will be focusing only on how tremendously inconvenient it will be to get around from my house for months or years. Yay.

JayAre said...

Hey! I've had my head in that astronaut cut-out!

L Sass said...

Time for a media blackout, perhaps? It's so easy to get sucked in to all the coverage. I've had open on my computer at work all day yesterday and today.

Also, I would kill that bus driver with my bare hands. GAH!

lizgwiz said...

I don't wonder you're unsettled. I'M unsettled, and I live far away. Every time I drive over a bridge, I wonder how structurally sound it is.

When the Oklahoma City bombing happened, I watched the news coverage constantly for hours and hours, until I just couldn't take it anymore. I think Sognatrice is right, we seem to need to absorb things before we can even begin to get a grip.

On a lighter note, that picture of ginormous H is hilarious! I take it he's not thinking of test driving that particular car. Although, if he did, I would definitely want photographic evidence. ;)

Whiskeymarie said...

I would go nuts obsessing over the info if I worked close, like you do. At least over in St. Paul I can just turn the t.v. off for a while and try and not think about it.

Oh, and for being in space all that time, you look great. Really, you do.

Preita said...

My dad was actually sitting at 6th & Washington at the Dunn Brother's Coffee when the bridge collapsed. He called, yelilng in to the phone but I couldn't hear him because of all the sireans.

I think that after a while people are ready for some resolution & ready to move foward.

don't call me MA'AM said...

I completely understand... I get to the point that I just stop watching news. Oh look. It's on again right now. I just can't listen to the sadness anymore.

Your silly photos are great! My crazy mind in its state of stupor is trying to decipher the code-- astronaut, liberty bell, big man/little car... I know there's a secret there somewhere... like it's telling me to look for treasure somewhere. Must. Have. More. Clues!

metalia said...

Dang, Marmite Breath stole my "diapers" crack; you make an adorable astronaut all the same. ;)

liz said...


Anonymous said...

I felt the same way after the OKC bombing. I was living in Kansas City and all my family was still in OKC and I had to fly down that day just to settle myself down a bit. Tragedy feels so pysiologically different when you have a personal connection to it.