Monday, September 24, 2007


What I Did This Weekend:
fall asleep at 8:30 pm on Friday
not wake up until 9:30 am on Saturday
read a book outside on my back porch
make s'mores around a campfire
read another book while H watched some UFC fights
go to church
buy $207 worth of work clothes for only $107 - woo!
eat dinner at a new (to me) Mexican restaurant with friends
watch my husband swoon over Clive Owen

TV Shows I Will Watch This Season:
The Office
30 Rock
Friday Night Lights
Project Runway, if it ever comes back on

Books I Read Last Week:
Certain Women by Madeline L'Engle
Meet the Austins by Madeline L'Engle (yes, this is a "juvenile book"- what is your point?)
Drunk, Divorced, and Covered in Cat Hair by Laurie Perry

Should I try to find time to watch Ugly Betty? I have seen a few episodes, and it looks good.
What should Stefanie and I do when we meet up later this week?
Who does H love more: me or Clive Owen?
Do you have any questions for me?


Libragirl said...

watch Ugly Betty. It's Melrose Place but campier.

L Sass said...

I think your television selection is slightly more highbrow than mine (which features America's Next Top Model and Gossip Girl).

Noelle said...

I wish I had a way to watch the new season of House. I just devoured season 3 on DVD. I think you and Stefanie should go up the enormous escalator of the Guthrie, and then look at the view of the Mississippi. Either that or Psycho Suzi's and discuss how much you wish I was there.

3carnations said...

The only one of those shows I have ever seen is The Office, and I certainly plan to watch that!

Could you and Stefanie go to the Mall of America? I've always wanted to go, so you can go on my behalf. :)

Oh, and lsass - My word verification is lfaux...that made me think of you. Not saying you're "faux" or anything...

Operation Pink Herring said...

Your TV list for this season is about as long as mine is... for Monday nights only.

stefanie said...

I have been reading the same book for two months now, and you read three books just last week??

Also, I love that you're getting other people to tell us what to do this week. But please, please don't make me go to the Mall of America, OK?

KM said...

OMG, I'm such a TV junkie, your list is so short and cute--and full of good shows.
And your new tag line is going to make me gain weight--I love doughnuts and now I'm craving them.
No suggestions for this week, I'm waiting for Georgia O'Keeffe at MIA, but that's not until 10/7.

lizgwiz said...

I keep hearing good things about "Ugly Betty," but I haven't added it to my personal required viewing list yet.

You and Stefanie should hop on a plane and come to Tulsa to have a drink with me, of course. Is that logistically problematic? Well then, have a drink there and toast to me. ;)

JayAre said...

I have no answers to those questions, but I think you should add How I Met Your Mother to your TV watching list. Neil Patrick Harris might be the funniest guy alive.

Whiskeymarie said...

I doubt he loves Clive more than you. But, hey- if I decide to let Mr. Owen out of captivity in my basement anytime soon, I'll send him to your place.

claire said...

The Office starts tomorrow, right?? CAN'T WAIT.

You already read Aunt Purl's book? Amazon told me a few days ago that it would be delivered early, and then yesterday i got an email that it would be late.
I am disappointed in the internet.

Rimshot said...

(Ugh) Ugly Betty. Not my thing, but the ladies in the office seem to like it. At least Melrose had some gorgeous eye candy (for both sexes, I guess).

HOUSE! Yay House. It's cruel to make us wait this long for new episodes. Is it true there will only be 6 new shows before they recycle/rerun again? I must admit to a bit of a man-crush on Hugh Laurie (is that how you spell it? Is it a man-crush if you don't know the guys name?).

Re: You vs Clive. Why does it have to be more or less? He loves you both the same, but in different ways. :)

Marmite Breath said...

I will fight H for Clive Owen. Yes, I am 4'11" and he is 8'4", but I would still win. Clive belongs to me.

You and Stefanie should go to a department store and molest the mannequins. Ya know, take off their clothes and then run off, or grab scarves and put them on the mannequins. FUN!

PS) I love 30 Rock. I might be in love with Tina Fey. Oh, screw it, there's no might about it. I love her, I love her, I love her!

stefanie said...

Per Marmite's comment... I was actually going to suggest you meet me at Macy's, because I need to look for a dress there! I didn't think of molesting the mannequins, though.

Also, I share Marmite's girl crush on Tina Fey. But don't worry; I won't fight her for her. We can share.

Sara said...

Yes, find time to watch Ugly Betty. It's totally worth your time. I love Friday Night Lights, I'm glad someone else is watching it besides me! :)

I'm sure your hubby loves you more, right?

I'm a new reader, I found you through that Sass girl. ;) She's pretty cool and has good taste, your blog is cute!

Anonymous said...

Clive is pretty swoonable...

-R- said...

Libragirl, but I never watched Melrose Place!

L Sass, I must admit, I do enjoy America's Next Top Model. I haven't seen Gossip Girl yet though.

Noelle, no matter where we are, Stefanie and I will wish you were there. Awww. So sarcastically sappy.

3carnations, we are actually going to the Mall next month!

OPH, I just cannot get myself excited about very many tv shows any more. I am not sure what my problem is!

Stefanie, I am making you go to the MOA next month. And I read on the bus, so I am able to read quite a bit.

KM, I keep thinking of donuts and making myself hungry too. What is the Georgia O'Keefe thing?

Liz, we will toast to you for sure.

JR, I like that show, but it is on before I get home, and I tend to never watch things I record. I love NPH.

Whiskeymarie, good to know. Maybe H could come visit some time?

Claire, I went out and bought it at the book store. I hope you get yours soon.

-R- said...

Rimshot, yes, it is a man crush. Yes, it is Hugh Laurie. Yes, it matters whether H loves Clive or me more. I do not want to be dumped for Clive.

Marmite, you are going to have to fight H for both Clive and Tina Fey. Do you have a nickname for Clive? Because H does. That is how much he loves Clive. You do look feisty though, so maybe you have a chance in the fight.

Sara, welcome. And I am going to try to watch Ugly Betty. I think I am going to have to record it though, and I have a very bad track record of watching things I record. Even though we do now have a DVR.

Anon, I admit that Clive is hot.

stefanie said...

OK, I am a huge dork for commenting three times on the same post, but you cannot tell us that H has a pet name for Clive and then NOT TELL US what the pet name is!! Spill it. :-)

laurie said...

Uh yes, I do have a question. DID YOU LIKE THE BOOK???? heh.

-R- said...

Stefanie, H says that I am allowed to tell the world that the nickname is "Clowen."

Laurie, yes, I did like the book!

NATALIE said...

Ugly Betty is good, and better yet if you miss an episode you can watch it the next day on Really, it's very good; you should give it a shot!