Saturday, October 06, 2007


Seriously, people, I am commenting on your blogs, but it is just not working! Your blog may think that I am a spammer. If you receive notification of comments in your e-mail, check your spam folder. And I will try to stop commenting on my love for cheap Vi@gr@ and pills that make your pen!s l0nger.


Barb said...

Your comment worked on my blog! Thank you!

Oh, and he's not a "reindeer"... he's a "Danedeer" *groan*

Hope you're having a better day today!

Elizabeth said...

I received your comment - hope things are going better

audrey said...

My blog is one of the guilty ones that thought you were spam. I fixed it though, and now it knows you're allowed. Thanks for the comment!

alyndabear said...

Well for some reason, the Akismet spam thing still likes to eat your posts, even though I've clicked the "NOT SPAM" box a billion times.

It's okay. I just go through that folder every day now to rescue any lost messages! ;)

abbersnail said...

Oh! I'm so glad you said something! I just found like five comments in my spam!

It's like Christmas!!!

Noelle said...

I just released you from Spam purgatory. I'm so glad we're not in a fight! (You might be tagged as spam because of the dashes in your handle, I think?)

Thanks for the heads up, it is like Christmas!

-R- said...

Barb, of course it is a danedeer! I should have come up with that myself.

Elizabeth, thanks, I am feeling better today. We'll see how it goes tomorrow!

Audrey, I'm glad you found the comment.

Alyndabear, I know. Some blogs just hate me.

Abbersnail, yay!

Noelle, I will leave a comment as "R" and see if it works.

Edge said...

You've never commented on my blog, but I can help you find cheap viagra if you want.