Sunday, October 07, 2007

Everything and Nothing

Because I am a dork, I had to make a little chart of where all you readers live.

Top Ten(-ish) Locations
1. New York - 10
2. Minnesota - 6
3. California - 5
3. Texas - 5
3. Canada - 5
6. Washington (state) - 4
6. Washington, DC - 4
8. Massachusetts - 3
9. Australia - 3
9. Maryland - 2
9. Michigan - 2
9. Nebraska - 2
9. Oklahoma - 2
9. Pennsylvania - 2
9. Virginia - 2
9. Wisconsin - 2

Honorable Mentions(aka places with one reader)
New Jersey
South Carolina

Isn't that so cool??? I feel like I should introduce you people who live "near" other readers now and then I can be a weird blog-friend matchmaker. Not really.

And now it is time to award the honor of H's Favorite Delurker. This honor goes to Funessa, who wrote (in part):
"So, I live just north of Seattle now, but I'm originally from Chicago. So I LOVE that 'H' calls Wisconsinites Sconnies (I know a lot of 'em, since I went to school with a bunch of 'em in Chicago). Never heard the term, though. But it has become my go-to phrase to describe obnoxious drunks (regardless of where they're from)."
I am afraid that H's Favorite Delurker will also be Stefanie's Least Favorite Delurker, but since this is not her blog, I am guessing Funessa will be ok with that.

Before I let H make too much fun of Sconnies, I would like to note that H got drunk on Saturday by drinking two margaritas. Yes, my husband is a total lightweight. Now, in his defense, the first margarita was pretty big and H was pretty dehydrated. But should two margaritas cause you to recline your seat all the way in the car on the way home, take off your shoes, change the radio station with your feet over and over, and giggle like a little girl? I vote no. (In case you are worried, I was the one driving, not H.)

I promised you some pictures of the holiday house in my neighborhood, so here you go.

Obviously, as there is still visible grass in their yard, they are not done decorating.


alyndabear said...

Oh Oh! There are two Aussies! Where is the other one? *Goes hunting*

Cynthia said...

Hey, I missed the earlier delurking but feel I have to now, so you can move Oklahoma from one column to the other.

-R- said...

Alynda, theotherbear was the other one, but now I have received an e-mail from a third Australian, so I have updated the post.

Cynthia, thanks. Now Liz won't feel so lonely! I moved Oklahoma up to the Top Ten list.

JayAre said...

Damn, I finally went through my spam folder and found so much stuff! Freaking Wordpress.

Thanks for the comments that I finally located!

Marmite Breath said...

Oh, how I wish I could have seen H changing the stations with his toes and giggling!

Who is the other Nebraska reader? Is it my husband? :)

Jess said...

You know, it's funny because I have commenters on my blog who live in the same town as me, and yet it never occurred to me that we could actually meet up and hang out. I only thought of it when you mentioned arranging get-togethers for your readers. Which is kind of an awesome idea.

Noelle said...

New York Represent!

stefanie said...

If you ask me, someone who can't handle his margaritas has no right mocking anyone.

That's right, H. It is ON!

3carnations said...

So I need to recruit another Michigander to get off the honorable mention list? :)

Lawyerish said...

I am a loser and missed delurking day, but: New York! Holla! Yo.

Oh, the holiday house. That is so freakin' funny.

And I would be under the table after two margaritas, so I feel H's pain. Hee.

Galoot said...

New York wins! Wait, does that mean we're creeps over here? You should manipulate H into becoming a Girl Drink Drunk.

lizgwiz said...

I used to live near a holiday house, but only for Halloween. Apparently all that effort exhausted them so much they couldn't deal with any of the other holidays.

Those must have been some powerful margaritas, since H is, what? 8 feet tall or something? ;)

Courtney said...

Wow, I'm the only person in Tennessee to comment on your blog! I feel so privileged.

Anonymous said...

By "nations capital" I meant Washington, DC. I understand if you want to count me for Virginia (since that's where I work) or Maryland (since that's the technical address of my home), but I still tell people DC. So that shold be 5 not 4!

Boozie said...

The secret is out. Boozie's real name is Valerie.

abbersnail said...

Oooh! What a hilarious idea.

And also? H is adorable. I totally do that after two margaritas. Though, I'm a short girl, so... yeah.

-R- said...

JR, no problem. I'm glad you found the comments.

Nat, no, it's not your husband.

Jess, I met Stefanie through blogs, and it has been fun to have a blog friend in the same area.

Noelle, I am not sure why I am so popular in NY, but I like it.

Stefanie, I will warn H.

3cars, I didn't know where you were located, so now there are 2 Michiganders. Also, now I know what to call someone from Michigan, thanks to your comment.

Lawyerish, I guess you and H can be lightweight drinking buddies.

Galoot, margaritas aren't girl drinks!

Liz, the holiday house used to decorate only for Halloween and Easter, but last year, they added Christmas.

Courtney, I am so glad to have a Tennesseean!

Boozie, I already put you down as a DC-er.

Abbersnail, ok, you, Lawyerish, and H can be drinking buddies.

metalia said...

Ok, so I missed the delurk, but can you pretty please play matchmaker and find me some NY blogfriends? ;)

Stinkypaw said...

Man! They really go all out!

Galoot said...

No, but they can be a gateway drink. I love a good, blood-orange margarita.

Operation Pink Herring said...


Paisley said...

Am I your one reader in AZ? If not, add me in, baby! I may have become the biggest SLACKER - I read. Oh, yes. I read.

I'll try to be a better blend.

liz said...

One of those Virginians is me!