Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Audience Participation Required

I have several questions for you today.

1. For this blog share, should I post a list of sites that are participating? Would that make you uncomfortable because it would be too easy to find out on which blog you are posting anonymously? Or would it just be fun? I think it would be fun, but my anonymous writing is not going to be very serious. I don't really intend for this to be a post-your-deepest-darkest-secret kind of thing, but what is the point of being anonymous if it is that easy to track down your post? Except if my blog is the only one listing all the participants, someone would have to go from your blog to my blog and then to each listed blog ... ok, this is going on way too long so I am going to end this rambling right here.

2. Are knee high boots cute on really short ladies (aka me)?

3. If knee high boots would look cute on me, are they supposed to be kind of wrinkly around the ankles? I tried some on and I thought they looked kind of sloppy because of the ankle wrinkles. But maybe that's just what they're supposed to look like. I am fashion impaired.

4. Do you remember the episode of Blossom when Joey had to write a poem for his girlfriend but couldn't come up with anything, so Blossom told him to just use song lyrics, and the song he chose was "I Touch Myself" and the girlfriend got freaked out and dumped him? Whoa! Oh, Joey.


Stefanie said...

1. I think you should post a list of who's participating. Assuming more than four people are doing this, I don't think it will be THAT easy to match the author to the entry, and if it is, oh well. I think most of us would be most worried about relatives/coworkers/etc. seeing it, and hopefully those folks won't be skipping around on other blogs.

2. I think as long as they don't go OVER your knees because of your shortness, it will be OK. Because then you'd have thigh-high boots, and those are just trashy.

3. I cannot help you with the ankle wrinkles. I have a little bit of that with my tall boots, but nothing too serious.

4. Oh, Joey indeed. I DO remember that.

abbersnail said...

1. I think a list of participants is fine. That way, people know where to read the anonymous posts.

2. I wouldn't know. My calves are far too gigantic to wear knee high boots.

3. Seriously. I bought the "extended calf" sizes, and my feet went numb in under a minute. As in, I fell over. It was not cute.

4. I wasn't allowed to watch Blossom. But that sounds OUTSTANDING.

alyndabear said...

A list doesn't worry me. I mean, really the only reason I haven't posted what I COULD say is because it's revolving around one person -- and that said person wouldn't bother to go reading further and further. It'd all be a bit much.

Yes. Boots are hot. Love boots.

little miss p said...

yes, i'm short and i still think boots can be hot! (they don't have to be trashy, as long as they're paired with the right outfit.) and as for the wrinkly ankle thing... that happened to mine after awhile even though they were very sturdy to begin with. just invest in a nice pair!

3carnations said...

1. A list is fine. Really, a large number of people commented in your last post that they would like to participate, so it's already not completely secretive. I'd like to think we all have better things to do than spend large amounts of time trying to match the post to the poster.

2. I'm not a fan of knee high boots, and I am a short person. I'm sure they look fine on you.

3. Ankle wrinkles...hmm, probably, since it's the one spot the boot needs to be able to flex.

4. I don't remember that episode.

Courtney said...

I am 5'0" and I have two pairs of knee-high boots I wear all winter long. I think they're cute, and they keep my legs warm as well. So go for it, baggy ankles be damned.

nancypearlwannabe said...

How many people are planning on participating so far? If there are like 20 people, it would be hard to guess who was who. I'd like a list of people participating.

As for the boot wrinkles, there are a lot of styles out now that are made that way on purpose. The only tall boots I've found that weren't slouchy were riding boots. And tall boots usually work on short(er) people, they make your legs look longer. Unless, like Stefanie said, they go over your knees. Then that's just silly.

3carnations said...

Know what I just realized? If someone else's secret post gets more comments on my blog than I get on my blog, that might be rough. :)

KM said...

With all of the interest from yesterday, I'd say, yes--publish a list on your blog.

I don't have knee-high boots, but I am wearing a pair of what I call calf boots or tall boots--they stop about 3.5" below the bend in my knee. I tried on several boots and I determined that what looked best on me was somewhere between 11-13" shaft. I'm 5'2". Mine are a bit wrinkled around the ankle, but I agree that it's for flex. Others are designed that way and can be cute as well.

I didn't watch Blossom. Sorry.

lizgwiz said...

I think it would be fun to try and match the posts with the posters. Maybe I have too much time on my hands...

Yes to the boots, if they stay under the knee, as previously noted. And if they're cute, obviously.

lotus07 said...

Knee high boots look good on 'most' woman.....as long as you aren't terribly overweight.

One Smart Cookie said...

1) I don't know... I guess I would say you should make a list.

2) Yes. Because I am short and I just bought two pairs of knee high boots and they better look good on me!

3) Nope. Where were they from? Whenever I've had the saggy ankle problems it's because the boots weren't very good quality. The two pairs I just bought are from Ann Taylor Loft (on sale now!) and they were expensive but definitely worth the extra money.

4) Nope. But I would have dumped him, too.

L Sass said...

1. I think the list is fine. I'm not planning to post anything 'embarrassing' either, so I'd be cool if people figured me out.

2. You can rock knee-high boots. Even if they're not 'ideal' for short ladies (and I honestly have no idea whether they are), they keep your legs so warm in the winter.

3. It's completely unavoidable, and it sucks.

4. NO! I never remember old tv shows, even those I faithfully watched, like Blossom.

JayAre said...

Can I still get in on the anon posting thing?

Also -

1. Yes, you should.
2. Yes, you can rock them.
3. I wouldn't know because I can never find a pair that fit my calves.
4. I heart Blossom.

Whiskeymarie said...

I would like in on this blog share thingy please.
And yes, a list would be fine.
And yes, you short gals can rock the knee-high boots.

And, as a side note to the girls who say that knee-high boots don't fit your calves, try Newport News.
They usually have a fair amount of cute boots, and some of them come in wider calf sizes.

Paisley said...

1. go for it!
2 Me + my thighs = no boots. Too "eye drawing".
3. I'd say if you want no ankle wrinkles, keep trying other styles. I think that might look weird.
4. I liked Joey better on Gimme A Break. I think I was a tad bit too mature for Blossom, though not too mature for 90210 mind you. Hee.

One Smart Cookie said...

On another boot calf-fitting note, I ALWAYS have this problem, and my new extended calf boots from ATL fit perfectly. I highly recommend giving them a try! (Can you tell that I love them?)

Seriously... when I bought ski boots I had to get boring ugly mens ones because they were the only ones that fit my calves!!!

Gwen said...

1. I had to think about this overnight because I'm running a NaBloPoMo contest over at my place, but after some thought, I can make it work. Count me in! And I don't intend to write anything so secret that I'd die if someone figured it out - put up a list.

2. I'm 5'3" and wear knee-high boots all the time. Just be sure your skirt is above-the-knee. Otherwise no one can see that you actually have legs and it "shortens" you.

3. Ankle wrinkles come with the territory. I felt the same way last year but I seem to have gotten over it this year. I put mine on this AM for the first time this season and I liked the wrinkles.

4. I got nothin'.

Noelle said...

I can't believe you remember plot points from Blossom. I am in awe.

PreppyGirl said...

Looking for boots myself lately but don't think I'll have the same issue as you :) I am noticing a lot of different heights for the boots though like 12, 13 and 15 inches. I'm trying to decide whether or not I'd get more wear out of brown boots or black boots. Good luck. Status report once you pick the lucky pair please. WHOA!