Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Through The Years

Last night I found a small photo album that I had forgotten about, and H and I looked through it together. It has pictures of H and my first vacation together, almost exactly five years ago, when we went to San Francisco. H looks so different to me.

Nothing says gangsta quite like a clean cut guy on a sailboat wearing an Abercrombie hoodie.
[Picture Removed]

H, where's the Golden Gate Bridge?
[Picture Removed]

Why, look! It's a really bad cut-off picture of Double G!
[Picture Removed]

Evidence that, indeed, H is quite a bit taller than me.
[Picture Removed]

Yes, these are five-year-old vacation pictures. But they are interesting to me, so there. I shall contrast them with some pictures of our trip to San Francisco in 2006. Ok, I just looked through our 2006 photos and we don't have any good ones of us from the San Francisco trip. So instead, for comparison you will have to look at whatever recent pictures I can find.

Here is H serving as best man in his brother's wedding a few months ago.
[Picture Removed]

Five years later, and H still thinks wannabe gang signs are a good idea.
[Picture Removed]

Sadly, this is the best picture of me from our trip to Maine. Hello, H? You are allowed to take pictures with the camera too. Not every single picture we have needs to be of you!
[Picture Removed]


-R- said...

I feel that I should point out that Double G is cut off in that picture because of scanning issues. Also, that last picture of me makes me look 60 years old.

Stefanie said...

You do not look 60 years old; you just look tiny and sad and nearly slipping out of the frame. The tiny part is pretty usual, though. Seriously--look at where you hit against H in one pic and then where the little mini groomsmen hit against him in the next. You are tiny mini-groomsman size!! :-)

Of course, we could just say H is a giant. That's right--call HIM the freak rather than you. That works for me, if it makes you feel better, OK?

Stefanie said...

Oh, and since I think it would be good to say something nice instead of just teasing you, I should also say I think it is awesome to look at pictures from your vacation five years ago and think, "Those kids are going to get married someday!" I hope one day I'll have pictures from long ago (i.e., NOW) to look at and say, "Who'd have thought that would be my one-day husband at the time?"

I hope you follow this train of thought. It makes sense in MY mind, anyway. :-)

3carnations said...

That's pretty much what hubby and I look like standing next to each other. I don't quite make it up to his shoulders.

nancypearlwannabe said...

Wow, you do look kind of... diminutive... next to H. But such a cute couple!

KM said...

I'm jealous you make it up to H's shoulder! That was my goal for the wedding--accomplished with big hair & 5 inch heels. Mostly 5 inch heels.
3carnations, I'm maybe at D's chest.
Thanks for sharing the pictures. I think it's fun to look through our old vacation pictures--we were so...young. And carefree. Seriously, I'm only 28, why can't I still be young and carefree?

Lawyerish said...

OMG, you could fit in H's pocket! He obviously needs to lower the camera from his Brobdinagian height when taking pictures of you so you don't fall out of the frame altogether.

abbersnail said...

I love it! Though I think my favorite parts are the captions in which you make fun of him. Seriously. Love, to me, is the ability to poke merciless fun at someone.

L Sass said...

When I looked at that picture of H in his brother's wedding, I didn't realize that the two other guys at the altar were KIDS at first. So, I thought, "Damn, H really IS tall!"

lotus07 said...

Standing next to "H", you sort of look like a Hobbit.

Marmite Breath said...

You are so tiny and lovely, it is H who is a giant. But hey, he's a really cool gang-sign-throwing giant whom (who? whom?) I like very much, so the giant comment is not a slam.

You guys so belong together. Isn't it funny how height doesn't matter in the scheme of things?

(spoken by a 4'11" turnip)

Whiskeymarie said...

1) You guys are adorable.

2) What is wrong with men that it is such a HUGE EFFORT for them to take a few pictures of us? C'mon! I'm tired of taking pictures of myself on vacation. Every time I ask the Mr. to take one this last trip he rolled his eyes.

nancypearlwannabe said...

Also, I'm kind of sad that you went on vacation in Maine and I never even met up with you. We have a house in Maine! Ah well. Next time.

double_g said...

I would also like to point out that yes, those are orange slices left by a Chinese restaurant in my and H's mouth. We are very mature.

Paisley said...

cute, cute, cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mama Drama Jenny said...

You are a teensy little fairy and H is a giant bohemoth. Much better than vice versa.