Friday, November 02, 2007

Seven to Ten New Things

Noelle, sometimes referred to by friends as Christmas Christmas-Tree, has come up with almost thirty new things to see and do near where she lives for the month of November. I am not that adventurous. But I think November is a good time to force myself to see and do ten new things in the Twin Cities. Then I will have at least ten post topics of the month. Yay!

My list is (I am just making this up as I type):
1. Go to a Wild (NHL) game.
2. Visit the new fancy-schmancy-architectural-wonder library downtown.
3. Tour the ashram southeast of the Cities.
4. See the inside of the Guthrie theater.
5. Go to Nye's Polonaise Room.
6. See some exhibits at the Minnesota History Center. (I have been there before, but only for lunch. It has a good cafeteria.)
7. Go to the Walker Art Center. (I have only been to the Sculpture Garden.)

So much for ten. I need some more things I can do Monday through Friday considering that I have zero time before or after work to do any of these things. Any other suggestions?

In good news, I can cross #1 off the list because I accomplished it last night! My sister-in-law invited H and me to the Wild game last night. I had only ever been to one other professional hockey game: a New Jersey Devils game when I was about 11. The only thing I really remember about the Devils game is that the guys in front of us were really loud and obnoxious and cursing up a storm. My mom got in their faces and announced, "I have two young girls right here! Watch your language!" And the guys obeyed. I love New Jersey. And now you know where I get my bossiness from.

Anyway, the Wild game was really fun. I love hockey and will definitely go to more Wild games. I learned that the organ they play songs on to charge up the crowd is shaped like a zamboni. I also learned that I only know about 5 teams in the NHL. I learned that there is a player whose last name starts with "Boo," so the crowd always boos him. That makes me sad, even though I know the crowd is actually cheering for him. I learned that I will never be cool because there was a big fight in the first period, during which I yelled out, "Geez, Louise!" when it started getting pretty violent.


Anna said...

I'd need to do a little more research, but here are a few things I've either done or thought about doing:

Ice skating at the Depot

Minnehaha Falls

Breakfast at Hell's Kitchen

Gold Medal Park

Walk the Stone Arch Bridge

nancypearlwannabe said...

Ha ha ha... "geez, Louise, do you guys have to punch each other in the head?"

Did they have one of those remote control blimps that sails around dropping gift certificates? I love those things.

lizgwiz said...

I very much enjoy the picture I have of you in my mind, busting out with "geez, Louise" during the fight. Hee.

L Sass said...

Nye's! Nye's! Nye's! Wish I was coming home for Thanksgiving--I'd take you.

And I second Anna's recommendation of Hell's Kitchen. Get the lemon ricotta pancakes. Mmmm...

I want to move back.

Stefanie said...

I still haven't been to Hell's Kitchen. I need to get that on my list, too.

I can help you scratch Nye's off the list. Let's make a plan to go some night this month!

Also, the only one on your list that I have NOT done is the ashram. Yay me! ;-)

One Smart Cookie said...

When it gets later in the month, you can drive around after work and look at the Christmas lights/decorations that people put up. This sounds incredibly lame, but is actually really fun as long as you let yourself be one with the dorkiness.

abbersnail said...

I really want to go to the Guthrie. Alas, it would be a long trip for me... sigh.

Miss Eliza said...

The history museum is on my list, too - they have this new exhibit of the 100 biggest things in Minnesota history that sounds FASCINATING.

Let's see... I would add a ride on the Minnesota Zephyr, pastries from Lucia's To Go, and a massage at the Aveda Institute. I'm pushing to try all those this month, too.

Anonymous said...

It's been over 3 decades since I was there, but I remember truly wonderful botanical gardens. Well, you know, we were young and poor, but I remember it as very soothing. Are they still there? Como Park?

Whiskeymarie said...

I need to do a few of the things on your list too.
I work really close to the History center, so a return visit there is probably a good idea as the new exhibit sounds fun. I would also recommend drinks and french fries (yes, they're really good and the sauce they come with is sooo delicious) at the St. Paul Hotel, if you're in the area. They make a mean martini.

Janssen said...

Isn't it crazy how you tend not to do the cool things in your own city? Good for you for doing those things!

Marmite Breath said...

What's Hell's Kitchen??

I thought that was in New York!

(I need a map)

-R- said...

Anna, thanks for the ideas! The only thing I have done on your list is go to Minnehaha Falls.

NPW, no mini-blimps at the game.

Liz, I'm a dork.

L Sass, lemon ricotta pancakes. Got it.

Stefanie, ok. We will have to figure out a day for Nye's.

One Smart Cookie, I actually don't think that's too dorky.

Abbersnail, well, if you do visit, let me know.

Miss Eliza, I have ridden on the Zephyr!

Anon, they are still there. H and I had our engagement pictures taken in the gardens at Como Park.

WM, I have been to the St. Paul Hotel, but not for drinks and fries - I was having lunch with my old boss. It wasn't that fun.

Janssen, thanks. Hopefully I will be well enough to leave the house soon and start doing some of these things.

Marmite Breath, Hell's Kitchen is an area in NYC. But it is also the name of a restaurant in Minneapolis.

Noelle said...

The inside of the Guthrie was one of my highlights from Minneapolis. Also, the zoo, but it must be getting kind of cold for those things these days.

The only hockey game I've ever been to was also a Devils game, on Easter Sunday. We had seats right behind the penalty box, and my dad would cover my and my sister's eyes whenever the players came in and started swearing. NJ is kid friendly, indeed. At least when it comes to hockey!