Monday, January 23, 2006


In the store I walk through every day to get to my office, there are security guards on duty all day every day. There is one (uniformed) security guard per day, and the store must make the guards work at least 12 hours shifts because the same one who is there when I get to work at 8:30 am is always there when I leave at 7 pm or so. This store has 4 security guards:
1. The Woman
2. Young, Cute Security Guard
3. The Mullet
4. The Older Gentleman

The Woman, Young Cutie, and The Mullet all say good morning and good night to me every day, which I enjoy. I like to greet them because I think it must be lonely to stand all day and have strangers ignore you as they walk right by you. The Older Gentleman does not like to acknowledge the people passing by. I think he is concentrating on his work and has no time for pleasantries. He always looks polite, but he does not make eye contact.

Today The Mullet was on duty. His hair is not styled in a true mullet. His hair is trimmed very short, like it is buzzed close to his head. EXCEPT at the nape of his neck, there is a row of curls. I like to imagine him getting ready for work in the morning, pulling out his tiny curling iron to make sure the row of curls is just right.

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