Friday, January 20, 2006

Why I Did Not Become a Professional Gymnast

Today, I met a friend for lunch. I was fearful of getting lost in the skyway (though I am getting much better at navigating, it still occasionally happens), so I decided to just walk outside for a minute to get to the restaurant. I was waiting on the curb for the light to change, and I looked pretty cute, if I do say so myself. I actually wore a skirt today, a cute sweater, and high heels. The light changed, and I attempted to step out into the street. My heel got stuck in a crack, and my body lunged forward, while my leg stayed firmly in place behind me. I landed on the street in quite an awkward position. Of course, only about 100 people saw. I tried to stand back up and pretend like I was fine, but I couldn't get up. After what seemed like a minute but was really only about 2 seconds, I was able to get up and hobble across the street. I showed up for lunch not looking quite as cute. My ankle is still killing me, but I don't think it has swollen yet. I keep looking at it to see if it looks ok, and I keep thinking it is gross and mis-shapen. But then I look at my other ankle, and it looks the same.

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Christine said...

(Totally archive surfing!)

I once had my heel catch in the tiny open space between the plane and the ramp that connects the plane to the airport. I too went flying into the plane, while my very cheap shoe remained in the open strip. The polite guy behind me pulled my shoe out (to my great humiliation)and gallantly handed it to me. (And what was worse, I couldn't pretend that no one saw, as my antics caused a hundred person backup behind me.)