Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Things H Said After Receiving Heavy Doses of Narcotics at the Hospital

1. Can I get a videotape of the procedure?
2. I know my friends will really want to watch a video of the procedure.
3. I can moderate my own heart rate. Watch!
4. Mmmm... I love morphine.
5. It would be awesome if we could get a tape of the procedure.
6. I could drive better right now [semi-sedated] than you can drive normally.
7. Do you think they would give me more morphine if I asked?
8. You look really beautiful. [He actually says this to me all the time. Awww.]
9. Fjeklagnjkanjgresalfj.
10. Have the doctor come out here and tell me I have cancer [when H could not stop hiccupping - he thought this would scare him and make the hiccups stop, but the nurse thought he was a little psycho].

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