Tuesday, March 07, 2006

'Cause It's All About Control

I was able to control myself in the elevator today, and I didn't say anything odd. However, I did get off the elevator on the wrong floor, but the elevator was too crowded anyway, so I just took the stairs the rest of the way.

In other news, remember how I liked the security guards I used to see every day? Apparently, the store has fired all of them, or they are all on strike, because there haven't been any guards on duty for at least two weeks. I used to entertain myself (slightly) by guessing whether it would be The Mullet or the Hot Young Guy who was on duty that morning, but now my mornings are that much more boring because every day it is just the store manager lady doing a half-ass job of watching people.

On my trip, I read Snowed In by Christina Bartolomeo and Small Town Odds by Jason Headley. I tried to read What's the Matter with Kansas? but I just could not get past the first two chapters, so I returned it to the library. I really want to read it though, so I will have to try it again sometime. On Bill Clinton's website, H found a list of books Bill Clinton recommends reading, so H is trying to work his way through those. He has already read two and really enjoyed them.

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