Tuesday, March 21, 2006


When my alarm went off, I reset it for half an hour later.

I woke up an hour later because I had not reset my alarm, I had reset the time. Luckily, I was only running a half hour late. I actually made it to work only 15 minutes late.

I worked all day. It was boring. I took a break to complain about George's new "girlfriend" on Grey's Anatomy. She is not very attractive AT ALL. George could do so much better, and this upsets me. Yes, I know George is not a real person. What is your point?

I did more work. I brought work home and should be doing it right now.

As I was getting ready to go home, I called H 4 times (over the course of an hour and a half) thinking he had just not heard it ring the other times because he was in a different room than the phone. I started to call him a 5th time and realized he was at a meeting that I had just forgotten about. I hope he had his ringer off.

I stopped to pick up some Chinese food because I was feeling kind of fat today. I am about average weight, I think, but it was just one of those days where I looked in the mirror and wasn't happy. So I deal with that by eating some of the fattiest food I can get for some reason. What is your point?

At the Chinese restaurant, the (very petite) woman at the counter said, "Oh! You look so skinny!"

I said, "Thanks?" Yes, with the question mark. I don't know how to respond appropriately to things like this, not that I am told I look skinny very often. At my wedding, my friend started telling me how nice our reception was, and I started to tell him all the ways we saved money instead of just accepting the compliment. I can't help it. But that is not really related to this story. Sorry.

The woman asked, "Do you want eggsauce?"

I asked, "Excuse me?" because I had never heard of eggsauce before.

The woman asked, "Do you eggsauce?" while pumping her arms.

She was asking if I exercise. "Sometimes," I responded. Then I went home and fattened myself up.

I am feeling much happier now!

[Edited to add: And then I rode my exercise bike for 45 minutes. Woo hoo!]


Stephen said...

When George grows a spine, then he can do better.

Carol said...

Interesting that just when you were feeling "fat", someone says the opposite. Feelings,sometimes, just aren't accurate.

-R- said...

Oh, Steven, I know... but George is so sweet!

Carol, I know, body image is so strange like that. It's not something I usually think about, but it is interesting...