Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Bring It On*

There is a meme that I have seen somewhere (I thought here and here, but now I can't find it anywhere) that asks what movies you hate that everyone else loves. In the hopes of attracting lots of hate mail, here are some of mine:

that claymation Rudolph movie (creepy claymation)

Forrest Gump (too long, too sappy, etc)

Braveheart (I made myself watch the whole first hour despite wanting to stab myself in the eyes because I hated it so much, and then I gave up)

Charlie Brown movies (no explanation, I just don't like them)

H made me watch the movie Serenity, which I found out later was based on some sci fi tv show (Firefly- I have never heard of this show). It was actually a good movie, and I am not particularly fond of sci fi or action movies. The reason I looked up Serenity is that I recognized one of the actresses from somewhere. After looking her up, I discovered that she was Becca from the tv show Flash Forward, which used to be on the Disney Channel or the Family Channel 10 or more years ago. I don't remember ever watching this show, but I do have a (not so) secret (anymore) love for the Disney and Family Channels. I haven't watched either for a few years, but I used to love their cheesy movies, like Gotta Kick It Up!. That is not really a good one, and I don't know if I even saw the whole thing, but that was the only one for which I could even think of a search phrase. (I searched "si, se puede," in case you were wondering). And that is my embarrassing admission of the day.

*Not one of my favorite movies, but I don't hate it.


PreppyGirl said...

Si se puede! Si se puede! I too have seen this movie, more than once. I always think the dance teacher looks a little off - like she's wearing a wig or something. And that chick's boyfriend's name is "Chuy" (pronounced "Chewy")- Sweet.

I also have a strange affinity for Disney Channel movies and ABCFamily. I saw some pretty good mushy movies over the weekend (Lucky 7 with Patrick Dempsey!!) And Firefly was a really great show by Joss Whedon (Buffy & Angel). I still haven't seen that movie I'll have to check it out.

And I'll have to disagree on Charile Brown. Love 'em.

Guinness_Girl said...

OMG, I HATED Braveheart. I'm beyond envious that you haven't seen the end.

Forrest Gump - I loved it; Wilman hates it. Weird.

Claymation Rudolph movie - was it claymation? The really old robotic one? Interesting. I went to law school with a guy who looked just like a brown-haired version of Hermey, the elf that wants to be a dentist.

Charlie Brown...the only one I remember is The Great Pumpkin. Weird, again.

schneids said...


Luckily, i still like you even though you hate one of my favorites. (yup...you know what i am talking about). Great lines from that movie.

All i know is that if you see a giant blow up Rudolph on your lawn next Christmas, it was not me. Or my wife. Or my other friends.

**insert evil laugh here**


Galoot said...

I didn't hate "Gump", but I hated that it won Best Picture and Best Actor that year. I felt "Pulp Fiction" got the shaft.

-R- said...

Preppy, I am relieved that I am not the only one who likes those cheesy family movies!

GG, I have never before known of anyone else who hated Braveheart. I am so excited that you hated it too!

Schneids, claymation Rudolph is scary. If I have to install a lawn alarm, then I will. =)

Size15, I didn't realize it before, but I think the reason I dislike Forrest Gump so strongly is that it won so many awards, when it really wasn't that great.

Yez said...

Rudolph movie - OMG yes. It was lame when it was released and has only worsened with time :> I like the Christmas Charlie Brown one. I love Linus' voice, Charlie Brown's tree, and anything Snoopy ever does.

DH loves Braveheart, so we have it. I started off liking it well enough :> but now it's 3 hours' worth of I've-seen-this-a-kazillion-times...