Monday, July 31, 2006

The National Pastime and Kool-Aid Stands

I have come to the conclusion that the Texas Rangers suck. My mom, the significant other, and I went to the Twins game tonight, and at the bottom of the 6th inning, the Twins were winning 15-0. The final score was 15-2. Twins win!

There was a woman behind me with two 10-year-old boys. The woman said to the boys, "Look, boys! We could have been sitting right above that Budweiser sign over there!" The boys were really excited and went on and on about how cool it would be to sit over the Budweiser sign. Then they sang a Budweiser jingle. It was kind of creepy, actually.


Last weekend, H and I stopped at a neighborhood Kool-Aid stand. We each got a cup of Kool-Aid. (I had the red kind; H had grape.) Not only did we make these kids' day, I think we made their month. One kid was so excited when we ordered two cups that he ran next door to tell his mom that there were TWO CUSTOMERS. AT THE SAME TIME. OH MY GOD MOM CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! Then another neighbor came over to get a cup of Kool-Aid, and I swear the poor little kid almost wept with joy.


Sarah said...

I used to have a lemondade stand when I was a little kid. No one came. Not even my parents. I think I'm still damaged from this. Thanks for bringing up the memories.

3carnations said...

More people should stop at Kool-Aid stands. What did it cost, 50 cents? And you made their day...Pretty small price to pay to make a child happy. As far as the cost is concerned, that's just a drop in the bucket compared to the $4.00 coffees some people buy everyday.

Kids singing beer jingles...Yeah, that is creepy. Every once in a while we see a big Bud Light truck on the way to daycare, and my son calls out "Look Mommy - A Milk Truck!"...and I don't correct him. I hope he thinks it's full of milk for a long time!

stefanie said...

On a date a couple weeks ago (yes, with the scary freak guy), I learned that apparently there's a kid in Highland Park (St. Paul) who has the most lucrative lemonade stand in the Twin Cities. I had no idea they even ranked such things, but apparently this kid is out there in a suit and tie every day (or every weekend), like a little Alex P. Keaton. Funny little entrepeneur--I can only imagine what he'll be like at 23.

Stinkypaw said...

awww! You made those kids happy!

Just love to see those kids and especially their signs, it's so cute, but man! did Kool-Aid taste that sweet when we were kids?

-R- said...

Sarah, my best friend and I tried a lemonade stand once. I think we sold two cups of lemonade all day. This is the reason I was determined to stop and buy some! We must end the cycle!

3carnations, it was really fun to see their excitement (the Kool-Aid kids, not the beer-obsessed kids).

Stefanie, I think that kid was on the news. I remember seeing his picture. He is cute. And very Alex P. Keaton-esque.

Spaw, I have never liked Kool-Aid, so I am not sure. But I am guessing that it was just as sweet then!

Yez said...

stefanie - a little Alex P. Keaton! BWAAhahaha!

-R- Ask Xan (my DD) - we have a household rule that we have to stop for lemonade stands :> I wish we'd find more - it's fun to have to stop to excite some kids & get a cup of lemonade.

schneids said...

I always stop at a lemonade or kool aid stand if I can. Kool aid rocks. Oh yeah...!

don't call me MA'AM said...

So many kids lose their innocence too soon. Beer jingles. I guess it could be worse. A few years ago, a 10 yr. old said to me, "So last night, this really cool thing happened on Oz." I thought she was talking about the Wizard of Oz... no. It was the HBO series.

I was stunned. I'd only seen Oz once at that point, and even I couldn't watch it.

-R- said...

Yez, I think that is going to be my new rule too.

Schneids, oh... yeah.

DCMM, I am not so much bothered by them singing the jingle, because you can pick that up pretty easily from watching tv. But I am bothered that their mom pointed out beer advertising to them as a cool thing and they were really excited about it.