Saturday, August 12, 2006

About Me

I am a 27-year-old woman.

I got married in 2005, when I was 26.

During one six-week period, I got married, bought a house, moved (into the new house), and started a new job. A few weeks later, my husband started a new job.

On this blog, I refer to my husband as "H."

I am an attorney. So is H, but we practice in very different areas of the law.

I work long hours, but not crazy NYC law firm kind of hours.

I live in Minnesota.

I was born in Tennessee. I have also lived in Kansas, Nebraska (twice - I moved away and came back), New Jersey, and Texas (twice).

I love Project Runway and Grey's Anatomy The Office.

I typically read two books a week.

I have a crush on Dule Hill.

I am semi-anonymous on this blog only because I would prefer that people from work and my clients not read all of my stories.

I love when people comment on this site or e-mail me.


Libragirl said...

I am 35
I was never married
I just bought a house in April
I moved for my job last june
I use to work for attnys, now I just fight with them every day.
I live in NJ. I lived in NY
and I lived in AZ when I went to school
I love PR and GA
I LOVE DULE HILL. (Do you watch Psych- love it)
I read 2 books at a time - usually about 4 a week.
I am semi-anonymous also - same reason

Nice to meet you.

shpprgrl said...

I'm a semi-anon too. I don't want to be fired or start a riot by ticking people off. But the popcorn at riots can be good. :)

digital janitor said...

Hey... can I jump in too?

I'm 35
Not married
Live in Minneapolis again after growing up here, left for Arizona in '91, San Diego in '96, and LA in '00.
I read about one book every two weeks, OR one book per day - depending on the book.
And I am not anonymous - but I don't use real names for anyone I post about. And I love trash talking my employer, so I change the company name.
Have never experienced a prison riot.

Jonniker said...

I am not really anonymous at all, save for no-last-name thing. I figure meh, I don't have a high-powered serious job, and I'm a writer, so whatever :)

Stinkypaw said...

Nice to know a little more semi-anonymous facts about you.

That six-week period must have been crazy! One courageous chick to do all that at once!

Does the "H" stand for Husband, or some name that starts with a H (can only think of Harold or Homer!) or H for him? Just curious!

Which brings me to ask, does your -R- stand for the first letter of your name, or your hair colour?

You read a lot more than I do... and I had no idea who Dulé Hill was...

I think that deep down all bloggers want/love it when people comment - I sure do as well!

Nice to have made your acquaintance a little more!

-R- said...

Libra, excellent! I do watch Psych; I think Dule is excellent on it!

Shppgirl, heh. I'm not worried about getting fired. I would probably just be embarassed if people from work read this.

Digital, welcome!

Jonniker, do you tell people about your blog or just not worry that they might find it?

Spaw, H just stands for husband. His first name starts with D. And my first name does start with R.

Greg said...

I am 24.
I am married.
I still rent and probably will until I reach my 30's.
Moved to Memphis last year for something different; moving to Cordova TN next month because of my job.
I love "Lost," but not as much as I used to.
Lately I've been obsessing about my blog because it's the only hobby I really have left.
I'm probably not as aononymous as I should be on here.

Visiting the links of favorite sites' links and found your blog. I like it. I just changed my template this morning, and it seems we now have a lot in common in that respect. Catch you later.

maliavale said...

What happened to Grey's?

Heather B. said...

No! I have a crush on Dule Hill. I'm mildly shocked about this as I know of no one who has a remote clue as to who Dule Hill is. I must say, I adored him in She's All That, but it helps that on the West Wing he was uber smart.

L Sass said...

How did you end up in Minnesota? I am a MN native, so I innately understand it's awesomeness... but it's always interesting to see a convert!

Stargazer said...

I am 26

I have been married for two years. I got to have two weddings, one in the US and one in Canada.

I have moved 9 times in the past 5 years

I live in Philadelphia but I am from Ontario.

I was born in Toronto, I lived in New Zealand for 6 months when I was 18. I was originally only supposed to be living in Philadelphia for a year and a half...I met my hubby here and that was 3 years ago!

I love The Office, How I met your Mother and The OC

I read as much as possible. Usually over "Sports Centre recap" that my husband listens to before bed.

I have many celebrity crushes. It's lame really.

I love finding new blogs to read and getting glimpses into other peoples lives.

cupcake said...

I am 26.
I am not married. Not anything romantic really.
I am bored to death with my job, which is why I started a blog that is super anonymous or at least I'd like to think.
I'm desperately trying to make a career change.
I don't watch TV.
I also read at least two books a week.
I am forever grateful to all you other bloggers who make my day so much more exciting with your sublime stories.
Thank you for providing such superb entertainment.
I look forward to indulging in it indefinitely.

P.S. I went to school in Philly. What a lovely city!

Sarah said...

I am sorry but WHAT? QUE? HUH? Why/when/how is Grey's Anatomy crossed off your list? You may as well have written that you hate my whole family and my new shoes because Grey's Anatomy is my #1 TRUE LOVE! Don't mess with true love or I will mess with your face.

Sarah said...

Okay previous NOT a threat. IT'S A PROMISE!!!!

Okay, it's not either. Clearly I am a wee bit unstable and not so much with the realizing that television does not equal real life. Oy.

SusannahS said...

I am also a libra
I'm 31
I've never married but I'm still hopeful (albeit single at this moment)
I've always lived in Arkansas but I consider Houston to be *home* too since my dad & family moved there once I graduated high school
I love Psych too
I used to try to be semi-anon, or at least selective about my blog posts; THEN I was downsized from my Big Important Corporate Job (okay, I was a party planner for a healthcare system, of all things) and I quit worrying about anonymity.
I work part-time for a law
I love to read & can read quickly if I like the book but since The Downsizing, I've returned to school and spend more time reading textbooks than fun books (although it's Spring Break and I picked up Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic & Baby today!!!)
I'm totally addicted to reading other people's blogs