Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Story of How I Met H

After my second week of law school, there was a big shindig at a local bar for all the law students. One of the students in attendance was a second-year who was a relatively small guy, but a big jerk. He said something obnoxious to H, another second-year student. H threw his beer on the jerk and got thrown out of the bar. I was not impressed with either guy.

H talked his way back into the bar, but I was leaving. H claims that a guy we both knew introduced us and that he remembers meeting me, but I have no recollection of meeting him that night. Yet, when people ask how we met, the story of getting into a fight is the story that H always wants to tell.

Thereal story of how we met is that the following week, a girl I knew got a group of people together to go out. One of the guys she invited brought H. He was quiet and shy all evening. He didn't speak much, but when he did, it was both sweet and funny.

All of us went back to this girl's house for a little bit. Most of us sat down; only H and the guy that my friend had a crush on were left standing. I suggested that H sit by me because then the other guy would have to sit in the only remaining seat, next to the girl who had a crush on him. But H took my suggestion to mean that I liked him. We chatted. H continued to be sweet, shy, and extremely nice. He asked me out a few days later, and I accepted.

On our first date, H took me to a Chinese restaurant and sang a song from Late Night with Conan O'Brien about a guy who was protected from 3-inch bees. How could I resist!


Libragirl said...

No way to not fall for someone who sings anything from Conan. It's impossible. Very sweet

Stinkypaw said...

He went from shy to singing on your first date?! Wow! Talk about hard to resist! It's always nice to read how couples met. Thanks for sharing!

stefanie said...

I remember the three-inch-bees story (but I've never heard the song). I once got a search engine hit for that on my site, and couldn't think how the heck the person ended up there, until I remembered you once put that in my comments.

Anyway, sweet story. :-)

schneids said...

H was shy and quiet? Hmm...i did not know that about him...
good story!

and i remember that six week period of your were crazy girl! You still are though...

Beth said...

Oh, there's just so much sweetness in that story.
Well, except for the beer-throwing, but otherwise: SO much sweetness.

Lawyerish said...


I am a big fan of the sweet, shy types. BIG fan.

(Although how out of character that he threw beer on that dude? But it shows he'll stand up for himself, which is also good.)

H gets an A+ in my book.

shpprgrl said...

I love to read "how we met stories". (Probably because they usually have a happy ending.) Your's is a great one. Did anything ever come of friend and her crush?

jes said...

Protected by bees? Could you video him singing that song for all of us? ;)

-R- said...

Libra, I agree! I heart Conan!

Spaw, he is a crazy one, that H. You never know what he will do next!

Stefanie, I knew I had written about that in comments somewhere. Glad I could increase your stats!

Schneids, has he ever been shy around you? Probably not. Trivial Pursuit brings out the best/worst in him.

Beth, definitely EXCEPT for the beer-throwing.

Lawyerish, I know. I cannot resist the sweet shyness. The beer-throwing I can do without.

Shppgirl, thanks. Nothing ever happened between the other two. They both turned out to be weirdos, actually.

Jes, he is tone deaf, so you probably do not want to be subjected to that.

shpprgrl said...

haha! It's cool how you answer your comments, I try to do it, but don't always make it back.