Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Garrison Keillor's Other Show

I actually have about 10 ideas for posts (normally, I just get online and type whatever the heck I am thinking about, but I actually have a list of post ideas right now - whoa), but instead I am going to continue the tour of Chez -R-.

We begin today with a close-up of the best bedspread ever.

This bedspread was purchased at TJ Maxx/Homegoods for $40. I saw similar bedspreads at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for $100. And the one I got is of excellent quality. Bargain shopping rules! Speaking of good bargains, I recently saved $68 on my Sprint bill, so e-mail me if you need some money-saving tips! I am stingy!

Our tour today will show you the rest of the upstairs of Chez -R-, although we will not be looking at closets or bathrooms today. I am boring enough as it is. Please follow me into the hallway, where we can view the awesome laundry chute in all its chute-tastic glory. Also, the cross-stitchy thing above was made by H's great-aunt.

Here is the guest bedroom.

What is that next to the bed, you ask? Why, it is just a typical wedding present!

You did not receive wooden briefcases with your initals carved into them for your wedding? How unfortunate for you! They make excellent nightstands!*

*Note to H, I am not dissing your uncle's handiwork. He did a really good job making these briefcases, and they are very nice. But you have to admit they are kind of weird presents. I really appreciate the thought and effort, but they are unusual. That is all I'm saying!

Continuing on... I call this the travel shelf.

We have here a picture of camels that my sister bought us in Mongolia, some bowls from Mongolia, a picture I took of the Spoonbridge and Cherry, and some other travel-related pictures and objects.

Finally, we have the office. Can you tell I did not clean before taking this picture?

Can you guess who decorated this room? [Hint: I am not really into comics.]

Here is where I blog and do annoying work stuff.

Finally, here is a movie ticket I unearthed while looking for something else.

Garrison is apparently a dirty, dirty man.


-R- said...

I am not sure why the title of this post is screwed up, but considering I had to redo this post 3 times because Blogger is STUPID AND I HATE IT, you will just have to deal with it for now.

Libragirl said...

I love the suitcases as nightstands. You see it in stores all the time and on some decorating shows they use them as coffee tables and storage.

Bedspread is beautiful.

princess slea said...

Mongolia? I thought all that was in Mongolia was goats and people living in tents and stuff (I saw it on Oprah).

Your Matlasse bedspread is very pretty (Granny Chic!)

schneids said...

haha! Prairie Ho. That is a great show for Garrison Keillor. It can be an "after hours" show in the red light district...(sound of bad porn music in the background)

So...when am i invited to see this bedroom in person?

I remember those briefcases from your wedding. Glad they are being put to good use. I spent a lot of time carving those initials for you. ;-)

stefanie said...

Prairie Ho... that is hilarious. As for the wooden briefcases? Some people think it's a fabulous idea!

stefanie said...

Hmmm. That link didn't work. I do apologize. I will try once more, but only once, as I have no intention of littering your comments with my mistakes.

Try this.

3carnations said...

Is that a laundry chute in the wall?

PreppyGirl said...

I think Nelly Olson was a "Prairie Ho."

Love the bedroom digs. And H's comic book stuff reminds me - last weekend (when we visited our friends in Cleveland), Galoot went into the local Comic Book store and broke into "Geek Speak" with the guys behind the counter. It was a pround moment.

-R- said...

Libra, I do like them for nightstands. And thanks!

Diaree, yes, that is basically all there is in Mongolia. But there are also apparently pictures of camels for sale.

Schneids, you only wish you made these briefcases! You know you can come see them any time! Seriously, we still need to do a bbq or something.

Stefanie, they are SO HEAVY though.

3 carnations, yep, that is our laundry chute.

Preppy, Nelly certainly was a prairie ho! =)

shpprgrl said...

Likey the white bedding. I just did the white thing in our new guest bedroom. I got a bargain too. Several years ago I bought a vintage white chennille at Goodwill for $8 and had never used it. I am now. I love a bargain too.