Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Thirteen Things

I do not have a clever theme today. Today you will be reading thirteen things about me that are probably not connected in any way.

1. I worry about what other people think of me.
2. But usually this worry only comes after I do or say something stupid. Why not before? Aargh.
3. I like living in the suburbs.
4. I am close enough to the city that there are lots of things to do, but I get to have a yard and live close to two (TWO) SuperTargets.
5. Sometimes I get a little Minnesota accent when I say words with an "a" like class, or words with an "o" like Minnesoooota.
6. My sister laughs at my accent and makes fun of me.
7. She is just jealous because she lives in the middle of nowhere Kansas. (I realize that is redundant.)
8. I am Catholic.
9. I hate when people make assumptions about me based on the fact that I am Catholic or that I go to church.
10. I hate to vacuum, but I don't mind cleaning the bathroom.
11. If a person's porn name is their first pet's name plus the name of the street they grew up on, my name would be Mandy Kociemba. Or Mandy 118th Plaza. I will go with Mandy Kociemba.
12. I had lived in five states before I turned 12. I have moved three times since then, but have only lived in six different states.
13. I was cute as a blonde:


Libragirl said...

I gave up worrying about what people think. I use to, then one day, just didn't.

I never had a pet as a kid. Does that mean my porn name is no pet sybil

Stinkypaw said...

Don't worry too much about what people think, they seldom do anyway.
We don't have Target in Quebec, yet...

Your porn name sounds quite exotic!

And yes uou were (which ever you may be?!) - now imagine a blond Mandy Kociemba! Wow! Success, my dear, success!

Carmen said...

tell ya what. I'll vaccuum your house if you come clean my bathroom. ;)

Guinness_Girl said...

Awww, you were adorable! (Heh. When I first started writing this, my finger was accidentally on the S instead of the W. Heh heh). My porn name would be Tabitha Manor, and I think that is perfect.

Janet ( said...

I think everyone worries about what others think of them, whether they admit it or not.

Thanks for visiting!

PreppyGirl said...

Oh my GOD! You have TWO Super Targets? No fair. I live 45 minutes from the closest regular Target. The coolest one I ever saw was near our place in Florida. A two-story Super Target with a parking garage and an escalator in the middle of the store. This escalator actually has a special feature so you could take your shopping cart up and down with you. Ammaaaahzing!

Go in peace to love and serve the Lord... TBTG.

schneids said...

I am walking distance from a Super i get some exra points? You were adorable as a blonde, Mandy!

Smittens Fieldcrest 2 cents said...

SuperTargets are the best!! Great list!

Thanks for visiting my site! Have a great Thursday!!

Knitting Maniac said...

I SOOOOO hate to vacuum. I would rather pick it up by hand if I had to.

Thanks for stopping by!

Tracy said...

Vacuuming sucks. Literally! :)

Great 13!

My 13 is up! :)

Yez said...

I have only good thoughts about you, -R-. But then, consider the source: my porn name is Lucinda Main - and if we take Lucinda's original name (which was rejected by my grandmother), I'd be Pocahontas Main. (According to the Powhatan tribe, Pocahontas was a nickname meaning "the naughty one" or "spoiled child".) And we also had Pocahontas' litter brother, so I could equally be John Smith Main! OTOH, Main St. was where we lived when I was born. The street I really grew up on, plus the diminutive of Pocahontas' second name, yields Cindy Summer :>

I propose that we determine our Native American name by our first pet's original name plus the second street we lived on. Those are the rules, because I would win: Pocahontas Massasoit :-D

don't call me MA'AM said...

I like living in the suburbs, too. And I'd MUCH rather vacuum than clean the bathroom. But I have kids. And a messy husband.

-R- said...

No Pet Sybil- that is an EXCELLENT name.

Spaw, I hope you get a Target soon. But you must pronounce it tar-zhay.

Carmen, it is a deal.

Tabitha, another excellent name. Asssssssss.

Janet, you are probably right.

Preppy, there is a Target near where I work with an escalator for carts! So cool! Alas, it is only a regular Target and not a SuperTarget.

Smittens, you get double bonus points.

Two, not a prob.

Knitting, I don't know if I would go far enough as to pick up everything. I would rather use a sticky lint roller.

Tracy, =)

Yez, you definitely win that naming contest.

Grumpy, yay for the suburbs!

stefanie said...

My disdain for vaccuuming is actually one of the honest and solid reasons I do not have a cat.

My porn first name is pretty good, but the last name totally kills it: Buffy Seven-Corners

-R- said...

Stefanie, I don't know. "Seven corners" sounds kind of pervy.

Yez said...

I think "Buffy Seven-Corners" is also a most excellent (Hollywood-style) Native American name.

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Good random list!!!

Thanks for sharing~

stefanie said...

Not that anyone really cares, but I can't believe I slipped the wrong pet name into that formula (particularly since I've done this little game many times before). Buffy was my second pet. The first one had an equally porn-worthy name, however: Poochie Seven-Corners.

OK, I'm done now. :-)